Mythical Verizon iPhone: Main Stream Media

By Jamie Pert - Nov 9, 2010

At the moment there are few extremely hot topics which come up pretty much every day, however the Verizon iPhone seems to be back in the main stream despite the fact that it has never actually been officially announced.

A recent article posted on ABCNews looks into what we actually know, and to be honest with you in terms of solid evidence there is pretty much nothing to go by.

Most reliable sources seem extremely confident that the Verizon iPhone will arrive in early 2011, one reason for this is because Android has grown massively over the last year, and one way that Apple can combat this growth is to release the iPhone on the carrier which currently offers a huge-range of Android-based smartphone (Verizon Wireless).

Analysts have previously suggest that the Verizon iPhone may well be officially announced at CES 2011 in January, knowing Apple if it is announced it will be released a few weeks later, if not Apple will probably reveal the Verizon iPhone in June.

The fact that the Verizon iPhone is always main stream news suggests that the Verizon iPhone will be a huge positive for Verizon customers and Apple sales, but for all we know this device may not ever be released.

Are you sick of the lack of solid Verizon iPhone news?

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