Kinect for Xbox: Children May Struggle

By Jamie Pert - Nov 9, 2010

There seems to be a lot of mixed opinions regarding Kinect for Xbox 360, some people suggest that it is the best thing since sliced bread, whereas others suggest that it is laggy and inaccurate, now we have came across an article which suggests that the real problem may be with children using the technology.

As you are probably aware children seem to grasp new technology quicker than adults, however a recent article posted on DailyGame suggests that Kinect may in fact be too challenging for young kids.

At the moment the Nintendo Wii is the console of choice for children, however Microsoft will be hoping that Kinect will change this trend, the real question is how will children cope with the accurate bodily movements that Kinect requires.

With the Wii, children can hold the Wii Remote and move around as much as they like, however Kinect will be tracking movements in a 3D space, this level of accuracy could potential be the reason it fails with young kids.

In DailyGame’s article the author, Jonas Allen, suggests that kids do not notice or care if their erratic movements result in poor scores in games, let’s face it as long as they see their avatar copying them they will be happy, I have to say I agree.

Do you think that Kinect will be a success with children?

Source: DailyGame

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  • K Waugh

    It is complete frustration with my 4 year old. He wants to play but it continuously loses him. Forget doubles. Two small children, crying and completely frustrated is not good. Sometimes I want to toss it over the fence!

  • Bob

    Our 4 year old daughter has trouble getting it to accurately recognize her hand, her abrupt movements seem to confuse the Kinect. She also likes to jump in and out of the zone. However, she is getting the hang of it relatively quickly and yes… she does like to see her character move around. Overall… we are highly impressed with the system.

  • Janet

    Trying to decide on wii or xbox/kinect for my almost-8, 4'2" daughter. We want this mainly for exercise (per her physical therapist). Which should we buy? Pros and cons?

    • Amelia

      We bought this and played it on Christmas and have to say we are all sore from playing it. I really think the exercise benefits is great.

  • Lars

    My 4 year old son does jump in and out of the space the Kinect wants him to be in sometimes…but the message on the screen telling him to move up/back/sideways is helpful and he's learning. Watching him jump around like a maniac and then posting the videos/pics to and then facebook is hilarious. It's completely different and not without some flaws…but stilll a great family time.

  • PS3wannabe

    I agree that "when they see their avatar copying them they will be happy" and PS3 Move is just doing the same as the Wil, silly controllers,mats etc are no longer needed, once they play Kinect for a short while and get used to it they won't want to use controllers anymore….

  • IT will sure as heck get the fat little lazy brats off the couch. I think I may have finally found a way to make video gaming allowable in the house. If it's just as much work to play "shoot em, kill em, rape em" video games as it is to go outside and do something – maybe they'll start getting their round little asses off the couch.
    I'm all for phasing out wii if the Kinect does this.