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iOS 4.2: Three Video Previews before Release Date

For those of you who are seeking further information on Apple’s impending software update to iOS 4.2, we have provided a few video clips for you to take a look at, giving you a good heads-up of all the new features included.

We still don’t know the exact time when the download to iOS 4.2 will become available, but we did inform you yesterday that it had been rumored that iOS 4.2 was now due to release between November 9th (today), and November 12th Friday.

While you patiently wait for iOS 4.2 to arrive, why not take a look at some iOS 4.2-related videos? We have three to show you now, each one taking an in-depth look at some of the features included in iOS 4.2, including the highly anticipated AirPlay and AirPrint features.

As always, we’ll let you know when we hear fresh details regarding the update.


  • Jan

    Download the GM version, Nick, I couldn't wait either. All I was interested in was multitasking, otherwise, I actually think it's a bit overrated, but that is just a matter of opinion:-)

    • Britney

      How do you download the GM version?

  • Ethan

    Please.hurry up. This has taken ages. Maybe it will be released on the 15th cause that's when it automatically checks for updates.

  • nick

    why taking so looong???


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