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iOS 4.2 Download Time Expectations – Today

We still have no idea when Apple is to make iOS 4.2 available for download, but there have been some reports that it could be either November 9 (Today) or November 12 (Friday). Having looked at the last few updates there doesnโ€™t seem to be any pattern.

iOS 4.1 update went live on September 8th, which was a Wednesday; iOS 4 was on June 21st, which was a Monday. I have tried tracking the times that these downloads went live, but have not had much luck with iOS 4.1. However, I do remember the time for iOS 4, which was 8AM PST, 11AM EST, and 4PM GMT.

We still do not know if Apple will make iOS 4.2 available today, but iPhone, iPod Touch and especially iPad owners will be waiting anxiously for the update. The reason for this is because the iPad is still running the old software, so does not even have multitasking.

What time and more importantly date do you think iOS 4.2 will go live?


  • Vic

    Where is it?

  • theangel

    ios 4.2 not yet ๐Ÿ™

  • Kid

    I think the update is not going to happen today ๐Ÿ™

  • Kevin

    I was too impatient and went straight for the GM release on my iPad. I hope the public release is today and will update to that then it is a matter of time waiting for 4.2 compatible apps to filter down.

    The iTunes beta is a bit crashy so I hope these issues are resolved.

  • I do not care as to when ios 4.2 arrives, just so long as when it gets distributed, that apple do it well… and the install does not screw up the my iPad that I have carefully looked after these past six months.

    I reckon I have spent over a grand on the ‘pad’, apps, cables and other accessories… I would hate to see it turned into a brick.

    Here’s hoping that it works…!!… Still I keep connecting to my pc and checking for the update… A bit like playing Russian roulette. The sweat is dripping off me … ha ha ha ha

  • xhardballx

    Dear Mr. Jobsy!! Give us indulgence!! Let us try this opportunity to use 4.2!

  • BottomSmacker

    Too right, was tempted to download the GM for my iPad, but I am pretty patient, so waiting for the public release ^^

    And then a further week to see if anyone is having any major issues with it xD

  • Alex

    If IOS 4.2 isn't available today. I'm going to sh*t on Mr Jobs.


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