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Gran Turismo 5 (GT5): Watch PS3 Intro Video before Release

We have some great news for Gran Turismo fans now, as although Gran Turismo 5 has yet to be released on the PS3, it looks like some people have already managed to get hold of the game.

The good news is that the person who already has a copy, has decided to upload the entire opening cinematic of the game, and it is pretty stunning as you would expect from the guys at Polyphony Digital.

The person who uploaded it even has a fancy Gran Turismo-branded driving wheel and setup too, we’re not gonna ask how he managed to get it all – either way this intro video is the real thing.

Check it out below and let us know your thoughts on it. Still excited about GT5 or have you lost interest?


  • Chris

    Does not mean that he has a whole copy of the game. Remember…that there were Beta Testers for the game as well as Beta/Demo stations set up around the world (Seattle, New York,etc.) for people to "sneak peak" the game in a polished version. The creator of the series has clearly stated that the game is in production as of last week. If there are copies of the game, they are pre-production copies/files not released to the general public.

  • minglebob

    excited bout getn the GT5 but that openin trailer looks crap. The game better not prove a disappointment. Surely not…!

  • strik3r

    If gran turismo is a Lamborghini then Forza is a Proton

    • Goo-Koo

      Yeah but protooooown be nice forza. Forza suck ball compare to GT5. GT5 kick forza in the ayer. GT5 bugatti veyron of car sim game.
      You know like a bic boi.
      Deri mwah de set un snipera, eh goo doi daddie

    • ant

      well, i'll wait and see. Ive got forza 3 on 360 and gt5 prolog on ps3 and IMHO the physics engine in forza is waaaaay ahead of prolog. Hopefully polyphony have realised this and improved things in the 2.5 years since prolog. If they havnt i'll be dissapointed… waiting…

  • ele

    I have that fancy GT wheel as already at home…just missing the game…whenwhenwhen

  • thomas

    great but still no game 2 play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cant wait for the game

  • Zak



    Just release it the Game is finished Give us a release date Kazunori Yamauchi

  • Jace

    That is epic! Roll on GT5!

    • jake

      roll on roll on


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