COD Black Ops Zombies: Nothing Else Matters

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 9, 2010

Every Call of Duty player will tackle the game differently from the moment they open the case, some will complete the campaign first before thinking anything “online”, and others will have multiplayer in their sights. For us, it has to be Zombie mode and the Pack-a-Punch weapons – see full list here – that will be the one and only place to go.

The reviews of COD Black Ops are interesting and seeing the graphics criticized means little for the “Zombie” player, this mode is about gameplay and teamwork to just stay alive as long as possible. Having the hardened edition with old Nazi Zombie maps only adds to the fun, and the World at War spin-off is the only way COD should be played in my opinion.

Giving the traditional multiplayer some time will certainly happen today, but that will only be for an hour tops. Call of Duty’s real success sits with Zombies, and I am sure other players will feel the same. Stop moaning about “Cartoon” graphics and get hands-on with the gameplay that Zombies offers you.

Call of Duty is not about great graphics, its gameplay that is the key ingredient with this franchise. Will Black Ops zombies be where you will be found most days?

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