COD Black Ops Reviews: Graphics Criticized – Better on MW2?

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2010

We’ve checked out a few of the early reviews for Call of Duty: Black Ops and we’ve noticed quite a few of them reserve a few lines to talk about the not so perfect graphics in the game.

This may not concern you in any way though, as Call of Duty has always been about the gameplay, but we were definitely interested when we read claims about the graphics being ‘better on Modern Warfare 2’.

Game-Pad has written a short piece on Black Ops and had this to say about the graphics featured in the game:

”Graphically MW2 is a superior game but the campaign of Black Ops is more intense and well told.”

Furthermore, we picked out a review from Dutch site PS3 Sense, who also had something to say about the graphics quality in Black Ops:

”In graphic terms, Black Ops is not much progress made on Modern Warfare 2, the graphics are generally equivalent in quality.”

Are they being a bit harsh on the game, or should we have expected better quality graphics this time around from Treyarch? Don’t forget that World at War wasnt exactly visually stunning either, and that game focused more on the gameplay aspect too. For those of you who are already playing the game, let us know your thoughts on the graphics.

Do you agree that MW2 has better graphics or not?

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  • afasanto

    I liked the grahics in Cod4. I think they should go back to the gun and reloading sounds from Cod4 too

  • Joshua

    Black ops graphics are horrible compared to MW2. I bought it because i thought i could get a better game, but MW2 is actually just so much better than Black Ops. It's supposed to be a new game but even COD Modern Warfare 1 are better!


    also activition took over infinity ward while they were the original and then activition brought in treyarch…..i can emagine how mad infinity ward was. 😛


    Well black ops on camaign has good graphics as much as modern warfare 2 but on live, splitscreen, and combat training it has worse graphics and Modern Warfare 2 has good graphics all around. Also black ops has zombies and a better campiagn, but the live was a big disapointment but is not the worst. modern warfare 2 has THE BEST LIVE out of all the games + it has spec ops.ummmmmmm so ya

  • Aaron Jepin

    what …………………… the graphics of the game is good………………….. but the gameplay is not that realistic as MW2 ……………. but still……….. i dont understand why peolple hate the graphic so much…………… WAW was good ……………… and so is MW2…………….

  • Mike G

    MW2 has been hacked worse than the chicks on a Friday the 13th movie. Yes, I do think the graphics are a little bit better on MW2 than they are on Black Ops, but don't you get sick of playing the SAME game over, and over, and over again? There are so many nearly cheating perks available in MW2 compared to Black Ops that it just makes MW2 not even fun anymore. As other posters have said about MW2, the quick scoping is utterly absurd, the melee's wayyy to easy, the Akimbo is too easy, the ability to have 2 claymores set..the danger close is absurd, the noob tubers are retarded, and dear God have they fixed that stupid Boulder glitch yet????
    All I am saying is that the more skilled players play Black Ops, its straightforward, and fun as hell. Sure you will get a dude that was an insane quick scoper on MW2 and brings that with him to Black Ops, but it is VERY rare, and when these guys try that crap, unless they were the best of the very best, they get absolutely WORKED on Black Ops, the prevalence of Noob Toobers is about 15% of what it was on MW2. Sure you run into them occasionally, but that's fine, because people who play Black OPS, hunt these guys down and slaughter them…eventually they say screw it, and get with the program. You will have campers on Black OP's too, which is also fine, their scores NEVER beat a run and gun expert like myself…Camp, shoot me in the back, that's fine, but in the end, I will always win.
    I loved MW2, but got sick of the absurdity, this game is much cleaner, and much more fun to play without the cheaters and babies who only know how to do 1 thing exploit the system.

    • LOL

      that hacking ref. made me lol

  • john

    Game looks fine to me. Ya'll are a bunch of females.

  • anddrewww

    gentlemen do you have the console version of the game? because i have the pc version and i play it on max resolution, extra texture and shadows and it looks awesome, just like modern warfare 2

    • Atlantis_silver

      yes console version sucks (Black Ops)

  • aamd

    piss off halo fan boy

  • Dylan

    guys it doesn't matter about graphics its about fun and black ops is way better then mw2 any ways and the graphics are about equal

  • Luke

    I really like black ops but I agree mw2 graphics are just better but I still enjoy black ops a lot even though campers are getting annoying

  • Justin

    The campaign on black ops is rubbish. It’s a game and games should be played, hated having to wait for the story line to pass so I can play the game.

    Graphics rubbish

    multiplayer rubbish

    only thing I liked the most was making own symbol.

    Regret buying the bloody thing and I’m now selling it on,

    not buying any games made by treyarch anymore.

    I’m back to playing mw2. Even WAW is better

  • MEDzZ3RO

    News flash,the last 4 Call Of Duties have essentially been running on the CoD4 engine,all be it modified.Graphics won't change drastically with a 4 year old engine.
    Gameplay beats graphics anyday,just look at Counterstrike or why the PS2 sold so well last-gen.The campaign and Co Op are undebatably the best in the series and the multiplayer is arguably best what with it being "de-noobified" (No stopping power,Commando,Double tap,Martyrdom,deathstreaks,tactical nuke,over-powered dual weapons…etc…the list is endless).The multiplayer is balanced and offers far more variety weapon-wise and gamemode-wise.
    The graphics aren't that bad,Call Of Duties never been up there with Crysis or Killzone;It's always had average graphics.I'd say the textures in Black Ops are better and has alot better facial animations;overall it's much darker and grittier.Don't believe me?,look at the flat facial expressions in MW2,it's horrible.
    Black Ops is up there with CoD 4 as the best in the franchise.MW2 is arguably worst alongside CoD3.

    • Micmatt513

      Just saying, not to anyone in particular, you keep comparing BO to the SERIES. The series may be good, but to say that the campaign is anywhere near as good as other campaigns (ie. Mass Effect 1+2, Bioshock 1) is ridiculous. The graphics are also more important than people give them credit for. You would expect that by turning down the graphics quality and sound quality, you might get better fps and more fluent gameplay overall, but this is not the case. The game lags and even if the multiplayer is balanced, in real life some guns are better than others. This isn't to say that the game doesn't have it's highlights, but the problems that it does have make it unattractive to me and it just sits on my shelf.

    • Mike G

      Totally agree with you bro….
      Im EIGERSANCTION on the PS3 if you wanna rock and roll.

  • MW2>BlOPs

    graphics on MW2 were amazing, some of the best ive ever seen……then i get black ops expecting the same thing but it looks like im playing a damn cartoon game. MW2 graphics made it intense, i cant take this game seriously at all

  • Kevin2010

    Wow you guys are crazy and stupid! Gameplay and Story is the most important thing about a game! Its nice to have great graphics but for me its more important that the game is fun! You guys are just a bunch of arrogant Gamers that don't even know what a good game is!

  • Dave

    Hello all. I have the pc version and the graphics are better than MW2 by a mile. The console graphics look like crap because your running a new DX11 game with all the bells and whistles on obsolete hardware. For the best experience try using a pc. Consoles are for little kids who can't afford a pc. My 2 cents.

  • JAson

    Im not a MW2 fan boy in fact Im a Socom fanboy my favorite shooting game of all time. However last year I played MW2 at my brothers house and I couldn't put it down so I figured I would buy Black OPs and its a big let down. Part of the fun with MW2 was it looked so damn good. Black Ops graphically sucks it does look like a ps2 game I dont know what they were thinking. I play Socom confrontation and the environments on that game are stunning and realistic like you are really there. Black Ops is like a cartoon. They should have worked harder on the graphics.

    I think they used an old engine and old graphics and added alot of customization and they knew it would sell reagrdless. I mean the graphics are not high def at all which is a big disappointment. I knew graphics isnt always everything but I think in a FPS graphics are very important. Especically in 2010 there are no excuses. I mean seriously grand theft auto 4 has better graphics and looks more real than this.

    I think after I finish the single player Im taking it back.

  • NotAMw2Fanboy

    all these comments are absolute bullshit, the graphics are fine, and the majority of it is coming from mw2 fanboys.

    go stick to your scavenger claymore camping while you look at the surroundings while playing your BROKE ass game

  • Rob.

    Black ops is too animated, and mw2 is really realiatic, feels like shooting a real gun

  • yftiyfiuk7

    i think mw2 is better all around. I get into it more and it doesnt look like sponge bob

  • Romulus16

    Has anyone who actually says the graphics are shit actually played any of the campaign or at the very least past the first level????

  • Frank

    I knew from right away after picking up the game at midnight that the graphics looked HORRIBLE and looked way much better on Modern Warfare 2. I said all along the guns look weird and "PLASTIC", and the people look smaller. I went back to play MW2 and I loved how the graphics looked and the gameplay was much smoother. In Black Ops you don't move smoothly, it fills kind of jittery.

    I wish I didn't purchase this game for the Xbox360 and the PS3, I rather have same my money and kept playing MWF2.

    Also on Black Ops, why did they listen to all of the complaints from little kids about having "one man army" or "danger close", they took away good perks and replace with junk. Everything they took out of the game to make Black Ops suck, they should have added new features but not remove the good ones.

    My recommendation, don't buy the game and wait for the next game to come out and hopefully it's by Infinity Ward.

    • herro

      actually the new cod (cod8) will be made by slegdehammer game not infinity ward activision has comfirmed it

  • BigD Cantu

    honestly you all need to quit b**chin cause the graphics aren't bad they're good and if your that big of a hater then go back to codmod2 where everyone only considers you to have skill if you quick scope… btw i play on 360 so i can't judge on ps3 or pc but still get over yourselves and be honest its fun and good no great so quit complainin -BigD Cantu

  • Mark

    I was expecting a 5 star hotel, instead I got Butlins in Minehead on a cold winters day.

    I appreciate what everyone above has said, both positive and negative, but the reason I got into MW2 was because I play like I have an actual affiliation, in that I don't want to die and if camping needs to be done because I have tactical advantage then so be it.

    Black Ops leaves me cold…I couldn't care less! and as pointed out by someone above, I feel no dread when a helicopter arrives. As for that stupid remote control car, I can't recall ever seeing soldiers in the heat of battle get a Early Learning centre toy out with a radioactive fire cracker attached!!!

    ps. I am starting up a new movement…its called "twatting"! in recognition of those players who run around like headless chickens and provide ammo fodder for "campers" (or players who understand that there is merit in holding tacticaly advantageous positions just like real life. If it wasn't, the "twatters" would not run in would they?

  • Tom N

    I was hugly disapointed with the graphics in Black Ops, looks just like COD4 MW if not worse! Really poor bringing out the biggest game of the year without it being properly finished.

    Would you buy a new Porshe with the body work batterd in?

    Also the respawnin on the combat training is terrible, without UVA your screwed as they respawn from all around you!

    Not even managed to get online yet as servers are overloaded and it wont connect, spoke to others and same problem!

    Played it for 2 evenings now and tonight i feel im going back to MW2

  • Tom N

    I was hugly disapointed with the graphics in Black Ops, looks just like COD4 MW if not worse! Really poor bringing out the biggest game of the year without it being properly finished.

    Would you buy a new Porshe with the body work batterd in?

    Also the respawnin on the combat training is terrible, without UVA your screwed as they respawn from all around you!

    Not even managed to get online yet as servers are overloaded and it wont connect, spoke to others and same problem!

    Played it for 2 evenings now and tonight i feel im going back to MW2

  • Systemic33

    WTF happened to the care for gameplay? If you want a realism simulator, then buy that. Call of Duty Black Ops is a GAME, as in something you play because its fun, not because its eyecandy.
    If you are so fucking obssesed with things looking stunning, you are NOT a gamer.

  • Mitch

    Massive disappointment was hoping Treyarch could live up to Infinity Ward's amazing game and I heard that is was using the same engine as MW2 or something like that so I thought it could be possible despite what I saw on youtube. Despite my hopes I was let down, the graphics are just dismal for no good reason that I know of, ruining what a great game it could be. Although it does partially make up for it with its multiplayer player features such as zombies, which basically replaced spec ops so no upgrade here, split screen online like halo, been wishing MW2 had this for ages, and the wider range of online matches with things like sticks and stones, those games that are lots of fun to play but you can only play them with friends in a private match or offline. These features do add alot to the game but despite this I still can't get past the graphics, the gameplay online I must say I don't like as much as MW2 but that's more of an opinion, better graphics would really pull this game together. One last thing is how ridiculously hard the veteran campaign is, running hipfire headshots basically instantly killing you.

  • browncub

    For the people who say GamePlay over Graphics its bullshit. Do you really want to play a game just because it has a better gameplay and it looks like a sack of sh!t? Really? Graphics and sound is a part of the as much as gameplay. I waited in the queue for nothing. I do accept the fact that it has more add ons to the MP such as wager matches (I really like this mode) but grphics ruin that fun. Sounds on the other hand terrible I am preety sure those are the same set of sounds were used in COD:WAW. I am going back to MW2 and wait IW to release the next COD.

    • browncubgayness

      every1 knows that ur a low life quickscoping hacking noob tubing noob if u play mw2 who want to get a nuke oh well call in harriers oh look u got a newk its just to overpowered

  • Game Lord

    Modern Warfare 2 graphics + Black Ops gameplay= Hell Yeah!

    • WatchDis26

      Mw2 and Black ops are awesome. One game ( mw2) has better graphics and the other has better overall gameplay ( black ops)

  • Game Lord

    MW2 graphics + Black Ops Gameplay = Hell Yeah!

  • PSGeneral

    Sad to say after playing Black Ops I'm sticking with MW2 because to me its more fun. Besides if you $60 for a game the graphics should look like $60. MW2 great graphics/ Black Ops great gameplay

  • fuzznuts

    Poor graphics in black ops. The gun you are holding looks like they carved it out of a block of wood. Put mw2 in after playing black ops for a couple of hours, looked way better.

  • climbersaurus

    What throws me off are the hands, and sometimes the gun – they look plain awful. However, everything after the first few missions look great… sort of weird to see that inconsistency. I feel that MW2 graphics are definitely better in some way but I'm unable to conjure up viable proof. I can't explain it but things look a lot less fake in MW2.

    However, BO is a fun game and worth picking up.

    • aaron jepin

      are you mad???? MW2 is the most realistic game ever dude!!!

  • mook

    I think its miserable….feel like im running around in a circle with cartoons. Atleast the remote control cars are fun.

  • Nick

    Personally i thought that Black Ops going to be game of the year once they going to come out with the, but the graphic is so dull, i feel like i'm playing PS2 not PS3…come on around this time when Halo and other good coming out with killer graphics you throw this at us??? WTF!!!
    MW2 has the best graphic in comparison to all COD

  • alcro38

    I agree with most here, MW2 has better graphics but Bops has a better story to follow and campaign mode is a hoot to play, however, where on-line multi player is concerned I feel extremely let down.
    Yes the maps are impressive and are great for the huge team games but the attention to detail with what you see and hear in front of you 100% of the time i.e. the gun is lacking, especially the firing noise. All the guns sound weak and don't give the same varied feel as MW2.
    And the commanders voice over for both sides telling you what's in the air or what's nearby gets a little annoying after the 3rd round.
    Come back Iinfinity Ward!!!!!!

  • Steve

    Looks like they coded it for the Wii and up-scaled it for the consoles and PCs. Never had faith in Treyarch since COD3. And people keep saying its not about graphics then your going to upset people who have invested in a nice PC setup or shelled out on a next generation consoles.

  • Pete

    Bring back Infinity Ward, i've got black ops but already dissapointed.
    I was hoping that there would be a huge improvement, instead I think they've gone backwards…

  • Eric

    ITs funny because before the multiplayer match starts i feel like it looks like modern warfareish but the second you start moving you know this is the WOrld at War Engine to the T.

  • crezo

    I have to say it's a HUGE step down from the previous version. Single player looks great, but multiplayer looks like something from a PS2 game. If the quality of models and textures were the same as MW2 it wouldn't be an issue. But in multiplayer the models are incredibly low polly, and the textures are horrendous, extremely low res, no definition and it just looks horrible to play (at least on the 360 version anyway).

    Multiplayer feels about 5 years out of date. Straight onto ebay for me, big let down!

  • aeroart

    I played the game and the graphics seem the same as MW2, I played it on the same graphic settings as MW2 and it is not much different, except it has some better shader and texture set up, other than that engine is the same.

  • BC2 Anyone?

    Not very impressed with Black ops – poor graphics, poor UI, slow confined gaming – feels incredibly unntatural. The open freedom of Bad company is much better in my opinion.
    Will be trading my copy of Black ops in.

  • diablo

    i agree big let down surely they must of know before they released it it was going to be a bit of a flop it shoulf cost more like 20 pound

  • Snake

    blackops graphics is comparable to N64's Goldeneye….cmon treyarch really………..

  • gman

    i guess ill pick black ops for pc. i have a powerful pc with an ati 5970 graphics card, i wonder if the graphics would look better compare to consoles.

    • Clarko

      Don't waste your money, high spec wom't make any difference

  • FluffyWuffy

    Graphics much better on MW2. But, Infinity Ward is the only CoD I expect much from.

  • Chris G.

    I certainly beleive graphic and sounds are part of the tangible experience of a game. I fail to get that feeling of excitement when you hear a chopper gunner aproaching or the anxiety you get when your being shot up and the sreens turning bloody. Or the visual enjoyment of seing dust kick up like a scene from a war movie when you lay a grenade. Instead the helos look like high school art class drawings, the grenades pop like little firecrackers, and when your gettin shot it’s kinda like “hmmm I guess I’m gettin shot.” I think sound and visuals are a major factor in the enjoyment in fps and black ops fails to meet that demand. I wasnt even expecting an improvement on MW2 but at the very least stay on par

    • Pepe

      In regards to graphics, I would disagree with everyone here, I dont see graphics been better or worse then MW2, I frankly see them the same and in some cases better, … but SOUND, sucks big time, I have a 7.1 DD home-theater system and I also use the X41 Turtle Beach headphones, the sound of everyting starting with the guns, asult rifles, etc. sound like Im playing back on my PS2, they did a HORRIBLE job on sound efects, I have to say, regarding sound effects, I have not seen anything better then the new MOH, of course MOH multiplayer sucks totally, but sound effects are awsome!
      Game play on campaign and multiplayer on Black Ops is totally AWESOME, its way better than anything in the past, …. but to all that have Dolby Digital systems with speakes all around the room, you will be disapointed with sound effect quality, … enough said!

  • Chris

    graphics aren't as good as mw2, but the game is better. Disappointed they couldn't use the mw2 engine, but graphics aren't everything. For me if they re-did mw2 MP and used the same perks/weapons/killstreak combo's BO has, added wager matches, I'd play that over BO. But as it stands, BO is a slightly uglier, but still more enjoyable online game.

  • George

    Idd gameplay over graphics, I still love Final Fantasy 7 old skool on PS1 and I would love it if I played it for the first time now (I appreciate at the time of release it was"revolutionary graphics", however that being said, I do think the online gameplay could be better (get directx errors and freezes and lags), campain is very enjoyable tho. However Im playing it on the PC on High settings, which apparently is just as good as MW2 but i dno.But still dont forget that if a game has epic gameplay its graphics only need to be good enough to tell the story and play the game.

  • Floyd

    all of you people saying black ops sucks because the graphics aren’t amazing are fucking idiots. Yeah mw2 looked a little better, not much because the textures were still shit, but the gameplay and story and absolutely everything else about this game is 100 times better than mw2.

  • big pape

    WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE WHINING the game play is awesome the online is awesome
    zombies ..meh but in the begging i couldn't even tell the difference. itz worse but no that bad its still better then most games

  • mike

    What a steamy p.o.s trearch made. They can’t even come with something original for themselves. Visually looks like a ps2 game. God of war 2 looked better than this steamy piece of rotten horse crap. They need to fire all of the trearch retards and replace them with people who give a crap about how the game looks. Modern warfare is not a perfect game but it is a million times better than any crap trearch makes. Back to Mw2.

  • Alex

    i dont think im going to by now 🙁

  • WJH

    Piss poor Graphics!!! Very disappointing. MW2 is way better

  • moe

    graphics is terrible its like freakin playin a PS 2 game wtf!!! game playi s great tho lol

  • MW2

    The graphics on this game are dreadful. I spent $120 on this game for it to look like counter strike which i could've bought for$40…. huge disappointment

    • jermaine

      Terrible game
      Maps are awful
      Lag is ridiculous
      Weapons look like crap, especially the pistols.. And what the &^*( have they done to the M16?
      I pre ordered this game for £50 and was pretty excited about getting it.. Never been so disappointed with a game, in my life
      Modern Warfare 2 makes this game look silly

  • Justin

    Ugh, I hate people. I don't understand how graphics can really be that important, if a game has good gameplay, why would LOLGRAPHICS really matter?

    I guess im one of a handful of people who don't really care about graphics. -_- Gameplay over Graphics is how it should be.

    • luis

      unfortunatley graphics are a big part of gameplay nowadays i understand they are not everything but they kind of add to he score if you know what i mean. i just hope they see it as a problem because with better graphics this game would be complete

      • Mark

        the game is complete garbage all around, theres a reason why almost no one plays or played world at war MP.

        and so far, i'm not even impressed with the zombies in Black Ops, WaW zombies played better and even LOOKED better.

    • CEDAR

      Graphics are what matter whne it comes to games, and I'm sorry Black Ops graphics are **** compare to MW2. It looks like it's a gaem from 20 years ago

  • copperautis

    Photo-realistic games are what we have seen from the Call of Duty franchise up to this point, each one WOWing us even more than the last (becoming closer to the realism we long for)…but then came World at War and it went backwards. I thought that was a hiccup in the franchise and this latest Black Ops would show everyone what Treyarch can do… and I guess it has… it has shown everone that they can crank out the same old graphics. Treyarch said during interviews that it is World at War's Engine, and that is nothing more than a heavily modded Infinity Ward 3.0 Engine. Older tech!! WHY IN THE HECK ARE WE BUYING “NEW” GAMES WITH OLD TECH??? Stop hyping up lazy developers and say what you really think!!! When you make the newest latest game, THAT is how it should look.

    • JCO

      couldn't have said it better myself…this makes me admire Bungie for building a new engine for Halo Reach and not using the Halo 3 engine…we need more developers like them. Activision has spoiled our eyes until BO came out…its like i feel like a virtual brat who needs a new CoD with better graphics than MW2 (which is the best graphically). I do however have to say that WaW had better graphics than CoD4, since it was updated, it was shinier…and in my opinion it looks better than BO.

  • Kwasi moto

    I think Treyarch should not be putting this game together.Unless they can step their game up in the color aspects and realism of the game I think I heard cartoonie

    • aeroart

      they did step it up, allot, but not in the graphical stand point of view.

  • Raize

    The graphics are rediculous, first time loading the game I felt like I was playing CS, I mean MOH MP makes Black Ops look 5 years old atleast. I hope Treyarch have some patches incoming asap for lag issues and the clunky movement. If they dont, I think it wont last…

  • Painkiller

    Graphics are a huge disappointment, mw2 is way better :-((
    This is my second big disappointment this month, first Medal of Honor MP that keeps freezing my PC (a whole lot of other people have the same problem but still no patch from EA or Dice) and now Black Ops with very bad graphics)

  • Mike

    Can you play in High Def? Does it play in 1080i at least? I have a 60inch flat screen plasma with a fat HDMI cable, will It take advantage of that? Are the rest of you guys playing low def?

    • mdw915

      ive played 1080i & its like you playing in a toy story movie especially in the map nuke town

  • Mr420

    After waiting in the cold new England weather for 3 hours after midnight launch at gamestop I nearly broke my ps3 copy on playing. Graphics were better on goldeneye 64! Game play is meh. Insert generic FPS tittle and you have black ops. Guns look cheaply modeled. People look generic. Maps don’t have an identity. In a “sniper” map your totally restricted to small areas. No wide open feel at all, all corners. All in all about a 6/10. Would have been lower… But there’s no hackers yet.

  • Wally West

    MW2 Is Way more realistic

    • greg k

      yes it was one man army getting noob every secong people lunging to knife you across the map very realistic man

    • SUMOTiago

      you mean to say it looked more realistic. Because I've never really seen a scenario where you can knife someone from 15 feet away, kill people who are barely visible with handguns, and not kill someone with a sniper rifle round to the chest.

  • nuke1

    Typical misinformed responses by about half of the comments here. It's not Treyarch, it's the sh*tty consoles which have 256MB RAM (2006 tech), which doesn't allow the consoles to load up superior graphics and all the customisations at the same time.

    So choose now, would you rather have had Modern Warfare 2.1, or a different take on CoD (i.e. customisation).

    If you guys think it's because Treyarch is sh*t, clearly you haven't played World at War. And I can also guarantee the PC players have superior graphics to even MW2.

    • Steve

      Misinformed? We have played Modern Warfare 2 and we have played Black Ops. One looks pretty good, the other looks like garbage. So keep talking about tech, but BOTH of those games are on the same console, and one pulled it off right.

    • GiBarotti

      I'm a PC player. 2×5870 and 4Gb of RAM, everything maxed out. Nope, graphics stills sucks. A game is not only about graphics but once once you move forward you shouldn't go back – specialy with graphics.

    • bob

      You are misinformed if you think consoles only have 256Mb of Ram.
      In-fact the PS3 and XBox 360 have 512mb, they also employ other techniques to improve the amount of real estate they can play with by compressing textures, normal maps, bump maps etc'.
      Then other technologies like streaming textures can free up allot of memory to.

      Fact of the matter is, despite the consoles having relatively aged hardware, graphics can get pushed farther on a console than on a similarly specked PC because of platform optimizations.

      • zach

        my ipod touch has 512 mb of RAM

    • Mark

      i have it on pc, and a good custom pc that i built myself, the graphics are terrible.

    • JCO

      hmm not really and im saying this because i run them on high on my alien ware and MW2 is better graphically. Customization is cool i guess, but having a MW2-like game with balanced gameplay will be the best FPS on the market.

  • Jon A

    Graphics are nowhere near as good a MW2.. its World at War all over again.. thought games were supposed to move forward?
    Have to admit, campain isnt TO bad.. but the graphics for the rest of it ruin it.. 🙁

    Good multiplayer concepts, i like the idea of split screen online play.. but really needs to be left with Infinity Ward to make it look good.

    and Chris G, its no better on xbox 😛

    • tony

      Bungie had online split screen concept back in 04

  • Mike

    MW1 has better graphics than black ops. FACT. Gameplay is very arcade like. fun though i guess

    • JCO

      nah i believe Bo has better graphics because i play all CoD's from the 4th to BO regularly. Heres a graphics comparison on all these CoDs. MW1<BO<WaW<MW2…yep after close observations, WaW has better graphics than BO…hopefully whatever the new CoD is next year will have better if not equivalent graphics to Mw2…i dont care if its something crazy like CoD: Space Marines…i just want to play a Cod with the best graphics. Over the years, graphics have blended with gameplay and not having both of them now makes a game like a CoD game incomplete.

      • gagio

        u are retarded black ops obiously has better graphics then WaW but it isnt as good a mw2

  • Phil

    Black opps graphics suck without hdmi cabel (my oppinion) but the gameplay and everything else is way better than mw2

  • Chris G.

    I just spent a couple of hours playing BlackOps and have to say that I’m pretty dissapointed in the graphics especially in the online play. I have the PS3 version and wonder if it’s any better on the XBox? The detail in the maps are pretty bad. I wish there was more attention afforded to detail.

    • Justin

      Nope its bad on XBox too. I want my $60 back!

    • nathan

      i've played black ops on PC its fine BUT!! wen playing MW2 ON PC it looks better like maybe 30% more details

  • sam

    when i first got on the game i was expecting a lot more graphics wise. The online of black ops is good. large maps but encourages camping. could be a bit of a worry..

  • Paulie-Paul

    I queued up for an hour for black ops…. My first impressions were that it looked very poor… I’m sorry but first impressions will always be viewed graphically, and to me it seems that Treyarch have no match to infinity ward’s game engine. Black ops looks ‘cartoony’ with the colours looking more brighter as opposed to mw2 where everything seemed to blend in with the environment, making it more realistic… Black ops really does look like a FPS we would have bought back in ’07

    • Jim

      Spot on mate. I described the graphics as cartoony too. Anyone else think the sound effects are crap compared to MW2? The weapon sounds in MW2 sound far superior.

      • Duke

        I agree with all of those comments. Really disappointed with the graphics and gameplay. I gave it about 30 minutes and put MW2 back in.

        • Scott Seddon

          yes i agree i wanted to give b/o a chance but after playing 3 online games i had to play mw2 again, the grenades sound effects are shoccking what grenade goes ” poof” pafectic that it was £40 i’ve seen better graphics on ps1 games than the 2010 treyarch game Engine, in my opinion waste of money guns are awful sound effects are shockingly bad and graphics are cartoony and just unreal, also the way the players respawn behind you 10 secs after killing them…… just not worth the £40 we’ve been ripped off.

    • Steven

      2007? did you forget that cod 4 was made in 2007, and it has better graphics then black ops, so i would say 2005 or so..

  • Tom

    MW1 had smother gameplay and better graphics its like playing madden 2011 then going back to 2006

  • Big Kev

    Okay good…I was wondering was it my television. I played MW and MW2 and have been playing MoH T1 for the past month, so when I fired up Black Ops this morning, I was wondering was my television game settings wrong…listening to you all, I guess not. Such a shame b/c if the game wasn't ready, they should have waited. I just think we are in a generation of games where the graphics is just as important as the game play….wait a second, better put the graphics is a part of the game play.

  • Div

    Graphics are Terrible, huge upset really, but honestly I was expecting the Moon with this game after being shown the stars in MW2. No point having a good story when you got no visuals to aid it.

    • JCO

      It totally agree with you, Activision published a game that spoiled us graphically with MW2, and just playing BO for its better and balanced gameplay is not enough for me, especially in a franchise that focuses on graphical superiority. ITs harsh knowing that i really need to wait a year and hope the next CoD game will feature all i want from an FPS from Activision and its developers, Awesome graphics and balanced and fun gameplay…no noobtube spamming and no running knifers.

  • Steve

    MW2 is graphically beautiful game even a year on, I'm surprised Treyarch didn't improve on it, BOps looks a fair bit worse in my opinion.

  • matt

    Graphics are terrible, probably closer to mw1 than mw2, huge disappointment, looks more battlefield than call of duty, leave animation to family guy

  • brettt

    Ive had the game for… 30 hours now 🙂
    Graphics are way better on mw2. Only thing this has graphicly is the 3d.

    3D is allright but nothing spectatular

    • bretttsdumb

      You're kidding right? Have you been playing the same game as the rest of us? The graphics look horrible. You would have to have eyes filled with cataracts or a severe mental impairment to think it looks 'way better' instead of 'much worse'

      • ‘Bretttsdumb’ is dumb

        you complete idiot. he said the graphics are better on MW2 not Black Ops.

    • Jordan

      If you like it, then who cares about the graphics. The graphics to me don't make the game good, to me it's all about the gameplay. Hey treyarch your doing a great job, keep it up.

  • nick lewis

    well treyarch already sucks so yea probably has worse graphics

    • dakota

      ok Halo Fan boy

    • mike

      i agree

  • john Doe

    The graphics should be almost the same as MW2. I t did not raise the frame rate to 120 mhz/sec because most current tv's sold have a 60 mhz/sec frame rate. It will take almost 3 years for this tech to succeed.

    • tom

      the Graphics are No where near modern warfare

  • Jon-Paul

    I don't have the game yet. But from the looks of the videos I've seen MW2 has better graphics. I believe that Black Ops will have a better game play aspect to it though. I prefer the game play over the graphics but I would like to see a little more effort in the next game Treyarch releases.

    • bob

      don't waste your money. the game is over hyped and the graphics blow. if you like the original xbox you will love this game. if you like up to date consoles than take the black ops cd from the case, wrap it in toilette paper and continue to wipe your a$$ with this garbage