COD Black Ops Problems: A Lag Fest

By Peter Chubb - Nov 9, 2010

Earlier we asked if you have been experiencing problems with Call of Duty Black Ops, and it seems as though some of you have. Gamers have reported that it is “a lag fest”. Those who joined Dedicated Servers (KZ2, MAG, BFBC2) found that the moment they were on they could see how laggy it was, and it does not seem to be an isolated incident.

The same issue happened when Modern Warfare 2 was released, but they went on to solve the issue – so how come it is back once again? The time when lag is noticed the most is while playing Wager matches, which also suffers from disconnections.

An article on gamrConnect said that he was almost the final guy, but due to lag did not make it. We understand that servers will come under a huge strain, but this should have been planned for – its not as if this has never happened before.

This is now the seventh game in the series, so how come lag and disconnections is not a thing of the past?

Have you had an issue with lag or being disconnected?

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  • TaZzZ

    This is unreal guys, huge lagfest, sudden fps drops, from solid 125 to 15, this is just to much.
    Hope something will be done soon about this, waited to long for this game, now I'm truly disapointed

  • cc101

    PS3 lag is joke! im sick to F***ing death of seeing that stupid F**Ckin plug and connection interupted message

  • scott

    I am disapointed with this game- lag or no lag it does not have the same look and feel of MW. The graphics are lacking and the weapons seem to artificial. MW set the bar and made you feel like your in the action- this feels just like a game.

    too much hype- you folks did not deliver

  • anderson

    the main menu lags and it freezes after intro. i have a laptop btw
    4gb ram
    21gb space free
    intel i5 core
    windows 7
    i want to play NOW
    pls help me ASAP
    im begging you

  • Mateusz

    My ping jump every 0.1 sec from 50 to 100 and can notice a lot of lag going on even on kill cams.

  • Flamer

    My computer MEETS and doesn't exceed the minimum spec's and runs the game perfectly well in 1920×1080, with AA 16x /w shadows.. The only thing I experience is a lag spot for around 4-5 seconds ever y3-4 minutes, apart from that, everythings fine! A Patch wouldn't go far a miss to correct some problems, but hey, enjoying it so far!

  • lolcats

    any one else not even able to find a game in multiplayer? i cant find a game after 10 min of searching in black ops and the same prob happens when i play mw2 but i can find like 1 game ofter 20 min searching in mw2 but in black ops it kicks you off after 5 min of searching so i cant find a multiplayer match at ALL im thinkin about takin it bsck for a refund

  • Black ops Sucks

    Infinity Ward > Teraych

    • COD LAG ops

      very true

  • COD master

    What the sheep dont see….

    This is all planned. If the game was delivered in a perfect working condition people would still complain about the VERY POOR graphics, sound, gameplay, multiplayer options, etc. Now the focus is all shifted towards the so called "LAG" problem… people will look past all the problems of the game as long as its just running. You are being undersold through strategic marketing… YOU ARE BEING UNDERSOLD THROUGH STRATEGIC MARKETING. I had to say that in caps so some people get it. Good day

  • Flyking

    YUP……..That was the worst gaming experience ive had in my young life …..AND I DIDNT HAVE ANY HYPE FOR THE GAME, I WASNT GOING TO HAVE THE HYPE OF MW2, NO!…”SURPRISE ME TREYARCH” I SAID “GIVE ME SOMETHING THAT WILL EXCEED SOMEONE WITH NO EXPECTATIONS”…..well….i guess they couldnt do that. The game looked good; but put an emphasis on LOOKED, as i was spectating my lag the whole time i played single or multiplayer. I’d like to play this game, but if treyarch blocks my pc from working and constantly freezes and messes, with a computer that can run MW2 on the highest settings, i believe i wont purchase another item from activision or treyarch, cause all they produce is mass marketed dirt.

  • -USM-10ft

    Played last nigh, no lag, all graphics on max and runs well. My complaint is not being able to play with clan members. Friends have different server list on browser. Sux but I like the game and will be there tonight. Played for a couple of hours last night and never had a disconnect. Not sure why a lot of folks are having them but not in Williamsburg VA.

  • ganni

    great value for money

  • Clickitysplit

    The PC version is so badly ported, it's like they ran the console code through a Japanese to English web page translator and then released it into the wild.

  • Clickitysplit

    The PC version is so badly ported, it's like they ran the console code through a Japanese to English web page translator and then released it into the wild.

    Many PCs capable of running MW2 smoothly with full eye-candy cannot run single-player cut-scenes or play combat training locally. MP is out of the question.

    I have fallen victim to this.

    I want my money back and I'll gladly consider a class action law suit if they don't release any patches this week.

  • quicknut123

    ppl always spawn behind you when you spawn it puts you right by the op team game is a sore dissapointment laggs graff look like n64 guns jerk mw2 was 1000000 percent better treyarc had the baisis for the worlds top selling game and competely mangeled it to almost golden eye lol to much money spent on this game for it to be almost impossiable to play if developers do not fix the problems i see the fall of treyarc's company in the near comeing months . Fans of the game will undoubtely go back to MW2 for there fix no point in playing a game that in desing seems to be out to get you .

  • awd

    I don't even have words for this failure! How could they let this happen… Im not going to buy another game from these ppl

  • MJA

    Yeah, It was horrible the lag, unable to play with friends and the game online just did not feel right.. What a let down!!

  • MPDE

    Played for hours last night on pc with out anylag whats so ever i also run fios as connection game is great much better than cod2

  • unix_dude

    Just bought it and wtf is this? it is unplayable I have an i7 920 clocked to 4.3Ghz 2x5870HD ati's 6GB of ram running at 2Ghz and I can't play it. This is a joke to charge 40 quid for a game that's full of bugs. Complete lagfest for me.

  • King1600

    Its clear that there's two issues about this lag. One has had the blame attributed to Treyarch for the cpu thing.

    However, there's also server lag which GAMESERVERS hasn't been willing to take the blame for.

  • c73

    Only 1 FFA game in the UK with a 40 ping last night and still lags like hell, also what was this buy any weapon you want whenever you want rubbish? still have to level up to unlock stuff and then buy it

  • Kyle

    Lag is retared and I run 8 gigs ram and have 4 core processor and I run a GTX 480 superclocked video card so yeah my pc sould be able to run this game with not a hint of lag. Yet It is almost unplayable!

  • FAIL


  • Guest

    what a f***ing let down.

  • Nick

    put the maxpackets to 100 and com_maxfps to 1000. worked for me – enjoying the game now..

  • Alec

    Horrid connection if you have another person. I brought a buddy on and he and I tried for 45 minutes to get into a game together. We would get on, then it would drop one of us or both. I almost took the game back to the store at that point. Then we played Zombies and somehow the handgun didn't work. We would fire endlessly at one guy and it did nothing at all. Once I was able to get into a MM (solo) game, it was fun. However, if these issues keep up for multiplayer (which is really why we play the game anyway) – this will go to Gamestop and I'll cut my losses.

  • keld

    my hardware is the best outthere – still there`s lag . Graphics are , compared to MW2 – oldstyle bad ! This is the 7Th Cod – and this problem still exist 🙁 i Dreamed this game should beat all we have seen in the past – i was very very wrong !

  • BlackOpsFail

    What a lag fest. It was unplayable. FAIL!!!

  • [AKA] Tinman

    Hey dont you mean COD Lagg ops !

  • [AKA] Tinman

    I robbed a bank to buy black ops………I am going to hand myself in !

  • Pelyma

    A patch will be made, and the problem hopefully will be solved 🙂

  • Chimera

    personally I experience little lagg on the multiplayer and no lagg on the singleplayer.(playing on max settings)

    I have an I7 930 and ATI HD RADEON 5770 CrossfireX tho…

  • Starz0rz

    Lag for life seriously.

    fps of about 5 on some moments, I haven't played online without a lag fest yet.

  • Caerbanog

    Game is laggy..doesn't do eyefinity properly, just stretches the 1920 x 1080 across three screens. won't scan above 600 servers in MP, sucks in single player. This is what happens when you don't public beta test. have consigned this piece of crap to the bin and going back to Battlefield BC2 and wait for the Vietnam expansion. At least you can trust EA to get it right.

  • Sherro

    There is a reasonable FIX for the LAG… go to CTRL+ALT+DEL and make sure you run STEAM.exe in LOW priority and Black Ops in HIGH priority. It helps.

  • toughkiddo

    PS 3-very disappointing,going back to mw2…..
    just waste of money as someone mentioned above.
    it shows lack of respect for players and mediocrity .
    shame on treyarch,infinity ward is way better.

    • sleepingmosha

      Ist of all had to turm most of the windows services to get it to start the install then steam wouldnt connect to verufy the game: And then it happened ubber lagg in single player WTF!!! like others i run MOH maxed out at 1080p this is just unplayable. As for others saying chill out wait for the fix we shouldnt have to if it didnt work it shouldnt be released. Greedy corporate F**kers should be shot

  • joshua

    very laggy, often i can't even find a game to join and i'm left searching for about an hour!

  • Peter

    But why did they release a version that is buggy and unplayable?
    We held up our end of the bargain and paid them our money, they have let us down.

  • Swatchy

    Hi Guy's i am from the Netherlands and it is F*CKIN laggy al the time disconnects its f*ckin hoopless i hope it is fixed before the weekend 🙂

  • Chillax

    You guys need to chill out, it's not the end of the world haha. Try going out to get some fresh air and let them fix it =D

  • Chill

    Guys it has bugs. Chill. They will be fixed. Calm down. Mw2 had lagging problems and they were fixed. Just relax and give it time. They won’t leave it as it is. Calm down and give if a week or so.

  • sam

    Biggest watse of money ever mw2 was far better than this a launch.the grafics of this game is like playing the sims but with weapons…. and wtf is with the lagging didicatided servers and steam are the biggest ass****s ever and treyarch were obv a one trick pony why the heck cant we get a good fps game these's days. ethier full with hackers or the developpers balls it up. well done again you should just turn off your cloud server and give up trying to make games that dont fucking work

  • Rhett

    very laggy for me, computer is well over the reqs, hope its fixed soon

  • AnteFate

    I'm averaging about 30fps with a GTX460, E7400 core2duo 2.8ghz and 4 gigs of ram. WTF?!!!! My rig slices through MW2 on 1600×1150 or whatever the highest setting is and I can barely stand this on 1280×1024 with AA set to 0! Come on Treyarch.
    Seriously disappointed.

  • ATu|Pud(NZ)

    Just fix the Lag-80 ping (for a kiwi to aussie thats not bad at all)continious lag threw game and 1 disconnect in about an hour and a half-Not smooth at all(120 plus ping on cod 4 plays smoother).




  • Mash


  • nilber

    got the game today. i hade high hopes for this game. but as soon as i started the game, problems began. lagging in solo mode, multiplayer all of it. even do i know that my comp is more than capable of handling the game. so now my expactations are more then down on the game. i hope treyarch fix this soon or they will loose a huge amount of players becuse of there irritating mistake.

  • [BRO]t

    just rename it to Lag-Ops and everythings fine :-9

  • Phillip

    The game looks cool….. if you can get into it. The multi player server SUCKS! I have tried and tried to join a match. WAITING FOR MORE PLAYERS! This is such BS! I've had no lag though. Xbox 360. Hopefully they will fix this soon before i break too many controllers

  • Tdogg

    Lag is terrible! I will not buy another game from these guys….don't know what they are doing

    • dan

      disagree w@w was amazing.

  • rob

    me to bloody hopeless I ,m taking my game back for a refund

  • I play BF BC2 & MW2 both at 1900×1080 full everything and 8xAA no problem …. with BO it doesn't matter what setting you have it at it lags & stutters for the PC. I can't even play it it's sooo bad. Hopefully they patch it so i can even play.

  • Matt

    What a huge disappointment. I've been looking forward to this game for so long now and the PC version for me has lagged me completely out of being interested. I'll never buy another Treyarch game again in my life. Going back to MW2.

  • kU$h3D!

    + I agree terribly made!horrible lagg and my riggs by far compatible,un-playable imo!fix it now Activision or you’ve lost all your fans lol!

  • Chris

    Very disappointing! Poor FPS – shuttering…lag….back to MW2 till this is fixed!

  • IAmSeanCole

    There will be an update soon, if not as early as tonight, to get the servers ready to handle the online traffic on a release as such. Please give it time!

    Follow me on Twitter @IAmSeanCole

  • Snufkin

    Little bit of lag every now and then but the biggest issue seems to be disconnections. The number of time's I've been dropped from a game is unbelievable. Seriously it's as if game developers haven't even heard of beta testing (or completely miss the point of it -_-)

  • lamefailjob

    very lame to experience the game and gain points this way

  • another jack

    played the first level over lunch and it locked my new xbox up. sucko.

  • Randahl

    My experience was the same. I spent the whole day trying to change my graphics settings and the like, I updated drivers, and much more, but it still is very hard to play because of the lag. I am using a faster CPU, a new graphics card and twice the memory than compared to the system requirements, so this has to be a bug in the game or the services surrounding it. I read at another site that Treyarch had said, it was because so many gamers are downloading the game, updating it, connecting, etc. – my question to Treyarch: Did you not prepare for success?

  • FireStarter

    im going to buy it for the ps3 as soon as i can get a ps3 lol, i played blk ops for like 10 min. and went back to mw2.

    • Bigg Benn

      PS3 is no better, plenty of problems there too

  • South

    Disapointed as hell.. so many bought this game and have to withstand crap like shit…. they totally failed this release

  • Goat?Warrior

    unplayable in multiplayer, unload a clip into someone and they manage to aooear next to you with a knife is there a teleportation perk now???

  • Z3itG3ist

    yup lagged to death ,dont know why i bother to pay for the 50 meg line .

  • jean

    i dont know what some of you people are saying it has no lag. it lags like hell and sometimes im frist and i disconnect so i dont get the cash . At call of duty 7th game people acpeted it wil have less bugs. wth is wrong with the creaters no offence

  • Jaso

    When i first installed it about about 24 hrs ago lag was crazy couldn't barley move. But seems like its coming all together now.. still bit laggy but getting better i think in a day or two there shouldn't be any problems.

    I play on PC btw.. not sure about ps3 or xbox

  • playing on PC

    GO GO GO pre-purchase our shitty-laggy game!!!!
    I feel dumb for getting excited about this game…
    Its unplayable for multiplayer… and somewhat too easy for singleplayer…
    Going back to mw2 :>

  • CntrlAlt31337

    Meh, was looking forward to Black Ops quite hard :< suffering from lagg too… I noticed that lagg is worse @ servers with a higher ping… When I grab the lowest ping servers available, I guess my fps is around 40-50/60… still not good tho… Some servers with over 200-300 ping, lagg is making my eyes bleed… standing still is ok, standing still and looking around is ok, nice fps, but when I touch the w,a,s, or d button ONCE, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! epic tactical lagg nuke exploded :/// and 9/10 times I get disconnected from a game…

    Singleplayer is better, and also the zombie think runs just as smooth as MW2 (more than 100 fps ^^)

    Come on TreyArch, dont be GayArch 🙂 Master the lagg >:]

  • denis

    Mine is so far beyond lags, its like a slow motion movie

  • Son of Bob

    This game sucks…nothing but massive lag. What a waste of $60. They should have spent more time developing the game and less time pimping it.

  • MaRdoG

    Total fail, I am running MOH on full without a problem, and I cant play COD BO even on low details, never experienced such laggy MP.

  • anon

    So disappointing… I desperately wanted to escape MW2 and all its German hackers and had hi hopes that putting server control back in the hands of the players was only going to be a good thing. At this time, I think I am wrong. My mouse movement feels like its on its thrid joint and yet again I'm sick and tired of being noobed by someone who can actually score a hit when ADSing… Treyarch.. Fail.

  • LSD Eindhoven

    patch friday but yeah graphics are a joke

  • k m dazzle

    sucks to be a PC player 😛 only problem with consoles is it constantly boots your friends when trying to play together but as far as actually playing online, no lag at al MUAH HA HA HA

    • mad

      lies xbox 360 is laggy piece of sh@t as well. played well over 50 games and only finished about 10 due to lag and not just normal goofy call of duty lag… im talkin LAG OPS lol its like the game is full of people with lag switches, ill be on a rampage then it will lag, fail and tell me the server is down, not to mention it takes longer to join a game of LAG OOOPS than it does for halo 3 and that takes FOREVER

  • Freddie

    There seems to be a problem getting onto multiplayer on line in the first place – anyone else experiencing difficulties??? A message pops up saying "server not available at this time. Aaaargh – frustrating. Fred

  • Mopdaddy

    Will not be playing for PC till they fix the issue my K:D is below 2:1 for this game.

  • Geo

    I have a lot of lag,
    and i have a 20mbit ?
    wtf ? and my PC is new ?
    server problems

  • jahser420

    to polished.. doesnt feel as gritty as the other games in the cod series.. besides that its the same game, nothin new, dissapointed

  • jiiooo

    call of duty Blaggg ops

  • jiiooo

    much laggs

  • The Cure

    STAYED HOME FROM WORK.. to play this crap!!!! I would rather have been up @ 5:30 am and went to work instead of picking up gama at midnight. S@rew this game a real big let down ..I dont think its right that they will fix this .. ummm it should have been right the first time..I understand little updates or patches are needed but this is ridiculous!!!! pi$$ed …


    WTF , how can they be allowed to release this game if it is broken?
    Totally unplayable multiplayer these cunts need to be hung upside down by their balls and beaten with a big baseball bat with nails in it.I swear to fuck that cunt JD is going to get shot i will do it my self ,fucking joke

    • shane3x

      If you could only release a game when "it wasn't broken" nothing would ever get released. The amount of different PC configurations out there in the world are way too vast. Obviously this isn't an excuse for poor quality work but it keeps things within a realistic perspective.

    • BigSmeez

      your a fucking idiot its the biggst selling game in a while when millions of people hop on to a server thats been tested with wayyyy les than a million people it may take time to fix, you didnt have to buy the game you fag maybe you should be beat with a bat…..dumb ass

    • Sham Wow

      Marketing needed to get it out for the Christmas holidays…


    LAG LIKE HELL, HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE IT. So typical – save money buy sending a game on the market that isnt tested porperly. Then have the consumers test it. F****** hell

    • Rick

      Uhh the game hasen't even been out for 48 hours. Everyone needs to stop the F-ing bitching. This game is awesome.

  • luanne

    hey Im having problems ! I have a ps3 and I have lagy sessions when Im running everything is laggin!! i dont know what to doo!!

  • Jack sparrow


  • heKz

    i lag like a bitch

  • Eric

    PC game this sucks we cant move . this game maker treyarch needs to quit making games. cod2 WAW and black ops all let downs. if they would have used the same engine as mw2 they might have been ok. they need to fix this crap.i will not buy another game from this maker….

    • shane3x

      Treyarch never made CoD2, which is one of the higher quality games early within the series.

  • Sam

    Got the game on ps3, no lag whatsoever…

    • Jason

      I'm with you Sam. PS3 owner, no issues, great fun. Problems are with PC owners who need bigger, badder CPU's

    • FireStarter

      what kinda conection do u use for the ps3, wifi?

    • nooblet

      ps3 here and no lag, wifi though i have seen a few small bugs here and there in single player but no lag online….yet

    • merlin

      duh dumb ass, it is only the pc gamers that gets the lag. wake up and smell the coffee. better yet, go off and die somewhere with your PS3 under your arm

      • MMMMM


  • B00mer

    Split second lag, where hits dont seem to register but you die. Your left thinking he should have died there or at the very least taken damage.

  • Hank

    F*cking terrible. Unplayable multiplayer, unchallenging and uninspired singleplayer and crappy AI. I'm going straight back to MW2 if this lag continues. Even if it doesn't, I probably won't play this game longer than a week. Infinity Ward is superior of Treyarch.

    • wristdeep

      MW2 had the same problems douch. At least on this one people cant hack into it and cheat and boost and whatever else. But you are probably one of those faggots that do that so thats why you like MW2. Stay with MW2 cuz we dont want you playing with us anyway.

      • Bob

        why u mad bro?mw2 is way better than black ops. at least you dont lag like crap and the graphics are decent. and its spelled "douche" not douch. learn to spell first kid then come argue with other guys

        • jesse

          CoD 4 shit on Mw2

    • anonz

      UnChallenging? stop playing it on easiest difficulty moron

  • RyTech

    Game is unplayable my pc should easy play it put it dont.The game seems to spike and use 100% of my cpu and i have a phenom x4 overclocked to 3.6 4 gig ram and overclocked 5870 1000/1200.I feel like i have just paid £40 for a closed beta of the game i fort Battlefield 2 was bad this is just pure coding error it should never have been put on sale

    • Trunx

      I seem to have the same problem , i got intel core 2 quad , q9300 cpu or whatever , gforce 9600 , so i should be able to play it (at least decently) and i cant get a freakin kill in most of the matches … dont get it :/

  • Jones

    Played about 10 games fine by myself last night, when I went into a party everyone got disconneted. On the other hand the game was wayyy overhyped. The game play is typical slow Activision, the granades are a (insert favorite swear word plus ing) joke. Last night I stood over a guy shot him in the head directly, got 13 hitmarkers before he shot my leg and I died on a 4 bar connection. Graphics….ha look like I should turn on my ps1 again. Horrible. All the reviewers sold everyone on this new buy your weapon when you want system, nope, its still unlock the weapon…..and now pay for it too….retarded. Contracts instead of just accomplishments is stupid. Not happy with this one. Teryarch/ activision proves again why it is just a B team. Back to MW2 in a week.

    • Chef.

      So true

    • richard

      I agree! Massive dissapointment.

    • Xbreed

      MW2 you must be playing a console and lack the true gaming skill that is the PC….The whole series was sold out with MW2 with complete lack of disrespect to true gamers there were no dedicated servers leaving little noobs like you to jump off the xbox or PS onto a PC and hack and cheat your way to prestiege.

      • Kyle


    • Jack


    • Jake t austin

      Go easy on em jones ur killin em lol so true back 2 mw2 again ppl

  • carlosra

    I played last night team deathmatch at peak hours i suppose, from 1 am to 3 am eastern time. It lagged a bit, the last match i played the lag was a bit out of control but still a good game, managed well.

  • Wes

    I can verify that the lag was terrible. In every server we tried. After an hour, every game we got into was disconnected after 10 minutes. Absolutely unplayable it was just that bad.

  • Jack

    My day off from work and parcel force still haven’t delivered it :L

  • Steve

    Massive problems for me, its barely playable a lot of the time, its certainly taking the fun out of it. Its like a combination of being drunk and having parkinsons, even in the menus. Single player and online zombies are fine, multiplayer is not….. My friend is having no problems at all, and our pc's are both more than capable of running the game. Also annoyed that the "unique and new co-op experience" is just nazi zombies, they have completely over hyped that to a level that takes the p** to be honest. Even if it didnt stutter and lag I cant see it being any better than any other cod, its exactly the same….

    • Sham Wow

      I think I know your problem.

      You purchased Black Ops – PowerPoint Edition.

      I seem to have the same version

  • john ross

    problems with mine and its not the lag its not letting my mate join my party for online and theres only me in my party waiting for it i waitin in a que with him last night for over 3 hours to get this game for this problem my other friends can join me but not my other friend

    • braydan

      hi john i am having the same problems. i cant join my friends online. have you worked out the problem???

      • James

        Yeah It's happening to me to any one know how to fix?

        • Chris

          NAT type guys

  • Alan Ng

    No lag for me, and I've actually played the game first hand.

  • Inderpreeet

    wtf …

    • Reaper


      After 30 minutes of playing the campaign to get a feel for the game I was getting upset. There was absolutely WAY too much (that's an understatement) cinema and plot video for my liking. I spent an hour doing this (maybe 20 minutes of actual playing) and the game was choppy to include the cinema scenes. Granted, i don't have a top of the line computer system but it's still better than average and it shouldn't have been this bad.

      So after I was tired of trying to get through the campaign mode, I decided to go to multi-player mode and play with the clan. I couldn’t find my clan server and couldn’t figure out how to enter the IP address for the server in order to get there. The only way I could get to the clan server was to have a member invite me. When I finally get to the server I added it to my favorites. I exited out of the game to reboot Steam and when I went to get back in, the clan server was no longer in my favorites list, WTF!?

      Multi-player mode was even worse than the campaign mode. I’m not sure what my FPS was but it had to have been single digits easily, maybe low teens if I was lucky. I finally just sat in a corner that gave me the greatest chance of hitting someone and I couldn’t even do that. If the opposing team member moved out of my direct line of fire as they advanced I was toast. When I would move my weapon to try and follow his movements to shoot him I would freeze up to the point that the next frame I would see was the kill cam and even it was lagging and choppy.

      The few boards that I got to “see” (through my choppy riddled screen) did not impress me at all. They were just to clean for the environments (and time) that each of those boards are supposed to have happened. I might have just been too distracted by not being able to play, watching the kill cams, and reading the bitches and gripes from other players on how bad the game is at the moment.

      After almost 2 hours of trying to endure this horrendous game I gave up and went to bed. I was pissed that I spent my money on such a horrible game! I was pissed (at myself mainly) that I stayed up past my normal bed time to try and find some redeeming quality about the game. I’m even more pissed that after all the hacking that I suffered through on Modern Warfare 2 (not to mention Steam, UGH!) waiting for Black Ops to save the save and it failed, it seriously EPIC FAILED!

      I haven’t thrown the game in the trash just yet, which took a lot of restraint last night trust me. My hope is that Treyarch will fix a lot of the stuff that’s so bad right now to where I can actually play the game as intended. As of this moment, the game is not worth playing and I would advise people not to buy it until they know Treyarch has fixed the game.

      I’m very, very, very disappointed in Black Ops and feel that I’ve been let down and I know I’m not the only one.