COD Black Ops Problems: A Lag Fest

By Peter Chubb - Nov 9, 2010

Earlier we asked if you have been experiencing problems with Call of Duty Black Ops, and it seems as though some of you have. Gamers have reported that it is “a lag fest”. Those who joined Dedicated Servers (KZ2, MAG, BFBC2) found that the moment they were on they could see how laggy it was, and it does not seem to be an isolated incident.

The same issue happened when Modern Warfare 2 was released, but they went on to solve the issue – so how come it is back once again? The time when lag is noticed the most is while playing Wager matches, which also suffers from disconnections.

An article on gamrConnect said that he was almost the final guy, but due to lag did not make it. We understand that servers will come under a huge strain, but this should have been planned for – its not as if this has never happened before.

This is now the seventh game in the series, so how come lag and disconnections is not a thing of the past?

Have you had an issue with lag or being disconnected?

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  • jim bob

    worst thing of all is that with bo2 out it has got no better. I can play. I am the best out of my group who will all agree, yet this game i am almost at my wits end. i can scope som1, shoot, get 2-4 bullets into them( you would have thought with 4 that they would be dead , but no) they then turn around and are able to pump 2 bullets into me and i am dead. it is really starting to piss me off, and to treyach give a rats ass, no. they have your money and thats all they care about.

  • bo victim

    ita an horror indeed  .i struggle  with this since 2 months .try everything disable enable a lots and lots of configs a new mobo and grafik card  nothing better  here lag freezes and missed texture when trying to get it smooth…fustrating

  • For some reason my lag has been terrible of late. It was never perfect, but at times I wouldn’t notice it. My internet is shared with my brothers, and to think that would be the only thing slowing it down? nope. I experience Class A lag EVEN off peak times at like 1 or 2 am with no one in my house on it… it’s so bad when using the M16, I fire 3 or 4, 3-round burst into their backs, they turn around and blow me away with 1 shot… I pressed select and seen the connections, on the other team, 2 or 3 will have 4 green bar (Excellent) connection, which obviously includes the host, and our team will be 2 or 3 at best and mine at 1 to 3… absolutely ridiculous, fucked up my Combat Record completely, including stupid Connection failures… No dedicated server means you are a cheap load of c**** Treyarch.

  • rudad5

    i know alot of these post are old but you would have thought by now that the problem would be fixed!?

  • jimmy2steps

    I dont know about everyone else but lagging was my problem it was a some little cracks in the center thats occur while playing just a few months. I have movie's DVDs that lasted longer then this game and i'd played the hell out of them over the year. Yes I did buy a warranty from Gamesstop for those overdrive is overloading but without there·receipt I return it….. Anyone else had that problem? I'd only heard of one other person complaining about the same problem at gamestop but he had a receipt.

  • david

    I play the game with nvida gtx 460 1gb, 6gb of ram, amd phenom ii 550 black series, 2tb harddrive, 700watt power supply and a 50mbit connection speed. Laggs like a shit WTF??!!! Even if i overclock it!!! Other games i play on full graphic and there is not even a little lag

  • LO9AN

    all in all, this game bl0ws. There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you've made it around a corner, then getting shot when you should be clear. I go back and watch the killcam, and it shows me dying before i even made it around the corner. There is about a 2-3 step lag that totally takes the fun out of the game. Sometimes my claymores go off, sometimes they don't. I just made a video today of me getting stabbed from behind while the guy is standing next to my claymore. it never went off. B**ls**t. sometimes you get grenade warnings, sometimes you don't.

    I consider this game to be a knock-off of MW2. and a very poor one at that. I think they had some excellent ideas, but they really screwed up when they tried to rush them. I will be boycotting this game, and returning to MW2. Everybody on my friends list has also stopped playing it, that will be the only way to get the point across that this game is S**T.

  • Helen

    Guys, the developers don't care if the game is laggy. They have your 60 bucks…. they don't give a crap.

  • JmD

    Unplayable, when all other COD games run fine. What the f…k, fix it please

  • Tim

    During the morning hours and about up till 1 or 1:30pm it's "ok"……(eastern standard time). But then I have to turn it off. Enemies I am shooting at dissapear and re appear with their knife in my head. Or they are running, dissapear and re appear 20 yards from where they were! I have snuck up behind people and unloaded a clip into their back and they have turned and killed me. When I run, I feel like Iam having spasms, and I jerk around uncontrollably. If I try to reload my weapon, it lags about 3 seconds behind. If I plant a claymore, it plants itself 3 times before it sticks. Sometimes my grenades will not explode, etc….. Before lag begins during the day, I can average about a 20 to 8 kill death ratio. Once lag begins, it is more like 5 to 15 kill/death. Impossible to play. No fun, thinking of selling it and pulling out COD 4 again. Black ops suffers big time from lag and it is not getting better. After X mas it will be unplayable when everyone opens their copy in the morning….. (by the way, I am on a PS3, wireless, with the router 10 feet away and a 100% signal.)

  • Nico

    Lag is always a problem, but i've also had problems with the campaign. Every time i try to search for a split screen zombie match on xbox live, something happens that all my missions go black as if i never played it, and also the map "five" and dead ops are classified. Anyone having this problem too?

  • Mike_and_Me

    Hi, I have loads of problems playing Black Ops online. It has a lot of trouble finding a game, if it does, half the time it kicks me of again or it freezes or there is a massive lag.

    Loads of games get a connection interrupted or a failed host migration. Kills are not registered, althouhg the points are rewarded, etc.

    I am thinking about returning to MW2.

    Are these uys idiots, that the release such a big game with its best feature being the multiplayer and then cant handle the online matching and playing?

  • bop hater

    fix the damn problem you black APES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • un-happycamper

    hey, I been trying to play black ops for a week or two… tried all the tricks to fix the lag… I have put so much time into fixing the lag that my player is nearly level 20… and that is MOSTLY from every1 else winning TDM and me soaking up the EXP… my computer should run this NO PROBLEMS…. my mate is playing on a lower rate computer than me and he has NO LAG worries… all formats of the game are lagging for me so it is not enjoyable What so ever!!!! however without this problem it could be really really fun BUT it is just so frustratingly F@#$ED UP!! I feel so ripped of that I paid 90buks for this game that I will never buy a COD game ever again!!! which is a shame cos I loved cod2 and MW2 but if they're gunna have these problems over and over and then take months to fix it I will not take a part in it anymore.. I am even considering changing my whole desktop system AGAIN just so this game is playable… so in affect the game will have cost me $1500 and that is just pathetic…. come activision sort your shit out

  • jp hibler

    Game runs pathetically in mp modes. Love all previous CODs —hate this one!

  • Matty

    From the midnight it was released I've had many internet problems. Lag, loss of host, connections, etc. And as of last night Zombies is now lagging out totally. My friends and I were at lvl 17 and lost connection to host. Restarted a new game and at lvl 20 on FIVE it lagged out. Pretty sure this will be it for me with Treyarch. Their quality of games is just plainly light years behind Infinity.

  • Lame Sauce

    I absolutely hate it. especially in sticks and stones. Talk about a lot of hype for a game that runs pathetically! 60 bucks right down the drain…. whether it is a server problem, or peoples connections, it needs to be fixed!!!! And the idea of hosts is so stupid, especially if it connects to a really slow operator… Not worth the money considering the frustration!!! By the way for those who are not lagging so bad its because you are most always the host so its really nothing special about your system or connection!!!

  • Wann Kerr

    Its a terrible game, 30+ shots needed to kill, getting knifed through doorway sides, weapons are all the same just look different. It is the worst game i have played in the last 10 years.

  • MEEE

    i am in uae and it has huge lag shots are coming very late
    i have 8mb connection it is not fun at all

  • John

    LAG a LOTs and I agree, MW2 better in almost every aspect.

  • David

    Have it on PS3 and it lags… the maps are just ok and I don't know .. just not as fun as MW2… so far anyway .. probably go back to MW2 until MW3 comes out.. and hopefully that does not lag.

  • [Fin]RunningMan

    Yeah, time to head back to CoD4. By now it'll have some nostalgia value…

  • snake

    tried messing with setting and task manager and this game is still clithchy/ laggy unplayable. what a pile! MOD is way to go

  • deebo

    got cod7 get nothing but lag and keep getting taken to training mode when loosing connection, phoned treyarch bloke on phone couldn’t tell his arsehole from his elbow he was no help at all

  • Dark_-_Angel75

    When I read about the game before release one of the things I specifically remember is the comment "We will make it easier than ever to play online with your friends and easier to join friends games". LAUGH SARCASTICALLY. I have only successfully joined my friends games five times out of about 30. It is an absolute joke.

  • Jack

    This is one of the most disappointing games i have ever played. Loved MW2, and was really looking forward to this but the lag is unbearable. If you don't have full strength signal it is impossible to kill anyone. Makes the game well unfair and i end up just being pissed off. Not fun at all. Zombies and wager matches are the only thing i am kind of enjoying, but the multiplayer is terrible. I think i'm gna sell this within a couple of weeks.

  • R3D

    Okay, when I first installed it, I thought yeah, this sucks. it froze on me 3 times before I got it installed and when I played? OMG, it was brutal. one shot killed nearly every time I spawned, I was thinking, "Okay Treyarch, I did want a game where I could shoot fish in a barrel, but I didn't want to actually BE THE FISH!!!". Gave it a week… Playing now it seems to have evene out a bit. not so much dying all the time and less lag. But the game wtill looks a bit like that MS Bad Company ****. That engine looks like it was some bastardization of MS Dungeon Siege….

    But I digress… Treyarch does need to come clean and make a very appologetic statement and make good on their promise of a game that will "rock our world", so to speak… MW2 was not perfect, but was a lot closer than BO… heheh, I said BO…

  • John Esposito

    my game got screwed

  • COD LAG ops

    what the f*ck have treyarch done! was playing lag ops @ friends house and we connected 4 like 10 seconds (which lagged all the time) and then disconnected. WTF!

  • FlashPancake

    This whole BO experience has been total balls. I moved from London to rural Canada a couple months ago, so I realise I can't expect the best connections, but it makes no sense to me that I can get consistent 3 bar connections in MW2 whilst getting consistent 1 bar connections in BO.

  • worm

    I want my feaking money back please? what a load of shit

  • i had 12000 points in COD bo went into a pro gambler match the guys LAG THE HELL OUTTA ME i got kicked. that message pop up saying my CoD points will get refunded. and guest what. NOTHING HAPPEN >_> then i look at their status and they was still playing in the game

  • 788

    The morons from Treyarch should be tied to a chair, ALL OF THEM, and forced to play this COD BO until the lag is gone, and the graphics looks like a year 2010 game. They should not be feeded, let to drink or go to toilet until this goal is achieved. Or rot in Hell!

  • outerlmitz

    bought it for the xbox. last treyarch game i will ever buy. infinite re-spawn on enemy ui again?? Bu11sh1t. bad lag all multiplayer games. match making is horrendously slow. anda currency system to upgrade your gear, but an't sell it back if you dont want to use it. a waste of time to try and get those lost points back. graphics feel like im stuck in a ww2 ps2 game. weapon sounds are generic. only good thing about this whole thing is the rc car i bought.

  • vincent elequin

    Cannot even get onto the multiplayer site. Completed the campaign with one crash that required complete reboot of my Wii. Can play zombie mode but that is lame. Just want to try the multiplayer.

  • Merlin

    Steam still sucks, but damn. I think medal of honor 2 and COD black ops should have had a go agianst each other. My money is on Medal of Honor 2. Mind you Duke nukem did better. Treyarch really, and i mean seriously REALLY, f#cked this this one up. It is so laggy and the graphics. OHHHHH do not let me start on the graphics. Was seeing so out to play black ops even bought the 3d vision glasses with a 160 mhz ACER screen, awesome by the way and another EVGA GTX 490 card that i am running sli. First black ops server i played i had so much lag i seriously puked. MMMMMMM is that what i was eating this morning. My honest opinion about this game. Treyarch this you should read: A BLIND PERSON CAN PLAY THIS GAME BETTER THAN ME WITH ALL THIS CRAPPY LAG. Definitly not throwing my MW2 in the dust bin yet.

  • dam

    pure crap

  • sam

    lag and nothing but lag. I thought it was my internet and video card wrong it's the fucking game

  • Peter

    I had trouble joining servers before the patch, now the patch is out it should work fine… BUT NO! Now 90% wont connect me so I can spend 5 hours in multiplayer by just trying to join a server, and when Im lucky to get in. I can play those 5-10 minuts before the map changes. So no the patch didnt fix everything… And I´m playing on pc.

  • Kyle

    Im not having too much lag where it is game breaking, though i am having problems finding matches, i get a notice on the top of the screen 'found 50 matches, getting game quality' for about 10 minutes sometimes before i join a lobby.

  • Manchego

    echo the sentiment. the lag is terrible. every single time.

  • stelios

    i am laging very much!!! i hope treyarch will patch the game for lag and quickscope!!! we want quickscope back!!!!

  • ismo

    Terrible LAG first game i ever experince it.

    Ismo Helsinki Finland

  • Mikko

    I have radeom 5870, phenom x6 1090T and 4 G ram. I tried mw2 on max settings (extra, 1080p) and I got fps around 45 – 60 in big maps with a lot of details and such. Then played black ops on medium settings 1080p and got 14 – 40 + super random lag even smaller map, but so bad you cant play it properly. I tried to lower the grapichs but with no remarkable result. WTF. And the the bo looks like the old cods. Im so pissed how they think just money and release it such a bad condition. If I knew this I wouldnt buy it. I was SOO stupid! You maybe got me now Treyarch but next time you wont. And btw.. the patch didnt help me at all.

    • Peter

      Patch did help me with one thing…Now 90% won´t connect me before the patch it was 100%….So does it make it any better? NO! I´m really disappointed about this game…. Campaign did work quite well, but I still can´t play online…. And a friend of mine just lost 5000XP because of the bugs…..

  • braydan

    i am pissed off with this game. i have a ps3, no problems with lagging but whenever i try to join my mates games it just takes me back to the start menu.. can somebody please help

  • GD!

    Bullshit lag is what it is. I can turn on MW2 play no problem… I turn on this horrible…. thing and bam I cant even get less then 100 ping on servers that are ded and pinging at 50… oh right thats fine and dandy… my buddy xbox version cant hardly find a game with over 600000 players online but nope thats fine… I hope u all treyarch enjoy ur vacations and shit from our money u f*$%faces.

  • ted

    Pissed off. Doesn't work at all on my PC.

  • Clickitysplit

    Hey everyone, look at Polman – complaining on a free site about people upset over the poor quality product that they paid for. Wow, Polman, aren't you so special?

    The bottom line, Polman, is it's reasonable to expect ANY product you pay for to work immediately as it was intended. In this case we all paid at least $60US, and for many of us it doesn't work. Those for whom it doesn't work are entitled to complain and/or return it whether you like it or not. If complaints don't cause the seller to remedy the situation, then, whether you like it or not, we may be entitled to legal recourse.

    Whether I like it or not, people like you will complain about people like me who are upset about getting screwed. Good for you, bolsa de douche.

  • Polman

    Hi guys, I´m from Spain, and reading all your comments I can only say:

    Why the hell did you buy this game knowing about the problems MW2 had?. (no dedicated servers, lag at first, cheats later…). I have lots of mates (and all of you too for sure) who decided to pre-purchase the game so I decided to wait until hearing their opinions. Seems human being its stupid as it is because this is the 7th game of the franchise and all the last ones had problems. Next time don´t complain and be a little more patient.

  • Sean

    This game is monstrously sluggish online with a decent PC and 6Mb cable connection – my PC is not new but every other game works great and this one blows. Crippling lag and occasional disconnects for no apparent reason.
    I could complain about the game itself, but some people seem to like games that encourage spawn camping and have lousy balance…games that do not promote or reward team play or cooperation. If they come up with some kind of less stupid way to handle spawning they might be able to salvage the online play.
    After they fix the lag, of course.
    Products should not be released before they are done and having to wait for them to fix what should be required of such a game is idiotic.
    I am so sick of beta-testing what is supposed to be a finished product…
    If you bought a car or a tv or a computer or a phone and it only sort of worked or worked very poorly would you keep it?
    Why is software (particularly game software) immune to any kind of quality standards? Can you easily return software that does not work after you've violated the package and installed it? As long as we keep giving these morons money to produce incomplete products it seems unlikely to that this situation will improve.
    And they are making a lot of money.

  • devil1ns

    MOH was a complete failure but graphics are way better. BFBC2 is way better. COD BO plays good but the game looks like it was designed three or four years ago. Graphics are horrible even on the highest setting 1920×1200…

    My System
    Two 2.26GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon "Nehalem" processors
    I can't remember the card model but super high end not the low end cards
    6 gigs of ram

  • devil1ns

    Lag is horrible and the graphics are terrible even on the max settings.

  • sam

    lags on bloody PS3. CONSTANTLY!!!!!