COD Black Ops: 15th Prestige Hack – Game Ruined Already?

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

We have some shocking news to bring you now, as although Call of Duty: Black Ops has only just been officially released a few hours ago, it looks like hackers have already found a way to hack into the game. We have a video which shows some solid evidence of this.

Judging by the video we’ve just seen, it looks like the guys over at are responsible for the hacks, or at least they know the person who has done it.

What you are about to see in the video, strong language aside, is hackers bypassing the game’s security and unlocking 15th prestige mode instantly, as well as unlocking and completing all of the challenges within Black Ops. They have also managed to gain access to a 15th prestige-only multiplayer lobby, which of course ruins the whole concept of levelling up in the first place.

It looks like Activision and Treyarch are already aware of the video, as they have removed the main clip from YouTube, although it has since been uploaded again.

Take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts on this. Are you disappointed that the hackers have exposed this, or annoyed with Treyarch for making the game so ‘easy’ to hack? It looks like Treyarch may now face a task similar to what Infinity Ward faced with Modern Warfare 2 when hacks started to emerge.

We’re disappointed about this, what about you? Check out some screenshots of the hack below, in case the video goes down.

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  • alajd

    Silver-1Moment add On Steam and send prestige hack pls
    Im 4th prestige lvl 45 and its boring.

  • Liam Underpants

    i want to get to prestige 15 now

  • guys, can you help me making the hack, i only find surveys :c

  • Chris

    hi my name is chris and i would like to do a hake

  • I’ve been looking for a ‘Stige hack that works and so far can’t find squat. I am actually alright at the game but I don’t have whole weeks to spend trying to prestige the legit way. Anyone know of any working hack that I can download, for theoretical reasons.  

  • Sn0wGl0be

    Why do you ppl give a damn if some ppl decide to 15th prestige the "non-legit" way? What so they're instantly "cheaters" and "hackers" who have no life and should be banned? Srsly, all you get from prestiging is more titles/custom classes, it doesnt actually effect the game. (rank does not trump skill!!) If they were actually hacking it like infinite ammo/health just for themselves/their team I'd understand, but really all you haters (including Activision) have to pull ur heads out of your asses and just enjoy the game. Personally, I'm a PROUD 10th lobby prestigist in MW2/WaW, it doesnt make me better or anything, but I know that I saved hours of pointless gaining/losing gear from prestiging over and over the "legit" way. When a game becomes nothing more than brain-dead xp gathering then theres hardly a point in playing. >___>


    ok so yea the prestiege hack is crap but the real bs is this check out this link these are real cheaters people dont just level up fast which dosent really afecting any one else besides leader boards but now are useing aim bots wall hacks and more check out this web sight ( and see just what is going on i wish a x box develipor or some one would get on here from microsoft and sue the shit out of these people. cheaters screwed up one of the best games ever (chromehounds) i will never forgive cheaters for the ch servers shuting down legit players need to form an alience and just refuse to play with cheating players any way check out the web sight and see what you think about cheaters now

  • Carb0nxD

    Yeh CL for Black ops no more leveling up in black ops and go back to MW2!

  • azozoking511

    able hack black Ops a4amdyk CALL-OF-DUTY

  • Guest

    Cheaters get bored with the game fast cause all they do is completely dominate, and constant winning gives no challenge so they get bored and stop playing sooner. The people who dont cheat get pissed off cause they keep getting their asses kicked. So, there are 2 groups of people, the bored dominating cheaters and the pissed off skilled players and neither one wants to play.

    • Puzzle1501

      I wish I had thought of that point!


    im one of the hackers of the game in one round on domination i made it to level 50 15th prestige thats how good i am

    • Puzzle1501

      Big whoop. You know how to take all the fun out of earning things in a video game.

  • ruben

    ya sorry treyarch try better next time

  • Jamie

    I wouldn't say it is game ruining, its only a level at the end of the day, although it is pretty rubbish that they can't get all their stuff legit.

  • jefferson

    hi guys ok you guys think that you should play the game like it was intendid but look at me im just a 20 year old guys that has a job and has a like but as much as i love playing cod im not realy good at it i mean come on by the time i finsh the 15th prestige im probably 50 years old because in never managed to finish modern warfare ither of them or any one of the cods and im looking for a hack because i feel left out on all the unlockerbles and i dont think its fear. im sorry for you guys that say other wise.

    • Puzzle1501

      That's understandable. I know it will take me a long time to get to the 15th prestige, Especially since I don't play Black Ops everyday. But the point of earning the 15th prestige is so that everybody has to start over to get to the next prestige. If people just shortcut straight to the end then they won't have the knowledge of knowing they earned it. And the only unlockables you get when your at the 15th prestige is certain playercard backgrounds. It just doesn't seem like a good enough reason to hack the prestiges.

  • SomaDuck

    For real though what is the point other then getting to prestige 15 in hacking does it help you battle at all as far as killing people easier? Not that i would ever do it but was wondering what the big deal is?

  • Puzzle1501

    Like many people have said before me, hacking just takes the entire purpose out of Call of Duty: Black Ops online. All the people who hacked this game just so they could have all the guns, face paints, and other assorted things have taken all the fun out of earning the title of the 15th prestige. I think that hacking is pointless. I've only had Black Ops for about a week or 2 and I am 1st prestige level 6. I didn't sit in front of my ps3 the whole time. No, I went to school, did my chores, and spent time with my girlfriend. I fully intend on playing Black Ops until I get the 15th prestige the way it was meant to be earned (without hacks!) If you want to play with someone who doesn't quite appreciate hackers, add me. PSN Puzzle1501

    • Puzzle1501

      Now prestige 1 level 12

  • Nik

    Cod is a great game and if hackers want to ruin it it's their fault. I am 2 prestige 38 and I like it

  • jordan

    xX ST33L30 Xx add

  • jordan

    i think hackin is cool lets keep hackin u guys