Call of Duty Black Ops: User Reviews after Release

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2010

After months and months of anticipation, Call of Duty: Black Ops has finally been released. For those of you who have only just got it, or those of you who managed to pick it up early – what are your initial impressions of the game?

We have been informing you about various reviews which have popped up early online, reviews which generally give a Black Ops an excellent report.

However, we’re more interested in hearing what you have to say about the game – has it met your expectations or are you slightly disappointed with the outcome? Black Ops features arguably the biggest amount of content seen before on a Call of Duty disc, without countless more hours available with Treyarch’s popular Nazi Zombie franchise.

It will be interesting to see just how many of you have decided to skip the campaign for the moment and just dive straight into multiplayer or even zombie mode. If you have managed to have a solid session on the game, let us know your thoughts on it so far.

Impressed with Black Ops or not?

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  • Stanislawa Szpak,

    Please tell me why ican not ge connection with back jack game????

  • neil-stoke

    Played Black ops now online for 1.5 days. as a game its ok, however, its not even in the same division as MW2, Its Graphics are basic, would not say that they push the xbox's capabilities at all. Sounds are tinny and childish, 18 certificate?, think it appeals more to a child of 13. The price of the game is also a rip off, Activision are simply creaming off the back of MW2. I just hope Infinity ward who have now left activision to start up Respawn Entertainment can release a similar game to mW2 in terms of graphical/sound quality and gamepley.

  • Steven

    i am really counting on black ops to be good cause im getting it for christmas. if it sucks i will bring it back to the store and get modern warfare 2 cause i hear its a really good game. I only have one call of duty game and its called Call Of Duty Roads To Victory and it is for the psp and it is awsome its old came out in 2006 i think but amazing graphics anyone have that game??????????????

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Joe

    Lol, you guys are all losers. I was saying right from the announcement of Black Ops that it would just be a pathetic re-skinned half assed job version of MW2. Basically everyone that has comment just fed the giant known as Activision without even considering what they was paying for. Thanks a lot guys, it's you morons that make sh*t ass games like this reach number 7 best selling game in the US. Hope your proud.

  • willijay

    I think Black Ops has the worst server of any game I have ever played period. I am constantly lagging out and losing connection which NEVER happened when I played COD MW. Trey Arc is a bunch of retards that wouldn't know how to provide a good connection if it hit them in the face. I have loved all COD games but they dropped the ball with this one. They are taking the money we spent on the game and buying houses and cars instead of fixing the problems. I will NEVER buy another game made by Trey Arc again.

  • charles

    i give black ops a 10/10

  • Logan

    You guys are hating way too much… Yea, the graphics aren't as good and the spawning is compete shit, but you guys seriously don't realize how much work it is to produce these games. Also infinity ward has a lot more field experience and probably more staff and a much bigger budget

  • Danny

    I'll make my review short, simple and, in my oppinion, as spot on as can be. First, the letter I can't be arsed to send to Treyarch.

    Dear Treyarch,

    Next time you want to make a game, please finish it.

    And now, my checklist.

    Entertaining single player: Positive.
    Multiplayer appeal: Negative (Way, way, WAY too many bugs, horrible spawn points, horrible teams setup).
    Relatively bug-free: Negative.
    Playable on a required spec computer: Negative.
    Post release patching: Negative/Not nearly passed.

    I can't begin to describe how utterly disappointed, even pissed, I am that the game I've been waiting for with so much anticipation, has turned out to be unplayable unless you have optimal spec computer to play it on. Hopefully I'll be able to have fun with it in 2-3 months.

  • Erik the Red

    I'd give it a 7 out of ten (since the connection patch came out recently).

    Note that I play hardcore, so all my comments are geared towards that.

    Aside from the not-so-great-graphics and sound, it's a pretty decent game. However, putting ninja and marathon in the same class together severely limits running and gunning since anyone with a turtle beach headset can hear you from a mile away. Also, Ghost is like a poor version of Cold Blooded and so it makes killstreaks absolutely rape in HC (since, unless you have Ghost Pro, it takes all of one chopper bullet to kill you). The guns are okay, but I feel like it's almost easier to spray an auto than it is to actually scope in. Also, claymores are severely overpowered in HC as they're just about impossible to escape from (I've been playing the game fairly regularly and I've only been nicked one – all the other times, they've killed me).

    The rewards system was definitely geared toward the casual player as well. While someone who wants to play a few hours of week may enjoy being able to fully customize their gun right away, I play a far tad bit more than that and I feel like i'm not really working towards anything. Granted there are prestiges, but it's not the same as being able to say that I've gotten a thousand headshots with an FAL by displaying a golden FAL title (a hard feat in HC).

  • guys stop talking shit zombies are the only main thing we wanted so stop hating on treyach for giving us what we want

  • Kenn

    Let's face it. Without the Call of Duty tag & the MASSIVE ad campaign this game would be a bargain bin reject.
    For over 10 years I've have played every shooter I could get my hands on; first on p.c. & then moving to consoles. Honestly, I looked forward to this game for quite sometime. (I pre-ordered in April.) All I can say is I wish I had not bothered.
    The campaign is ok; but there was nothing special or memorable about it, was basically a lame shooter on rails. I don't see how some people are saying the single player is awesome. I really can't remember the missions except that I flew a helicopter & there were a couple of really bad moments that were irritating to say the least.
    The mp is flat, stale, & not even close to what the hype would have us believe. The weapons all pretty much act the same. The only difference is the fire rate (3rnd burst, semi, or full auto) the camo's are lame; several look the same and you 'earn' new ones by prestige levels, what was wrong with head-shots? this at least gave some bragging rights.
    I am glad that they put the stop to quick-scoping; but at the cost of the sniper class being all but useless. The maps feel like the least talented developer got free range on a build your own. All the "add-on's" you can get amount to lame gloss. Oh yeah, more Nazi Zombies in a game that isn't WWII. WTF? How bout VC Zombies? Or Spetnaz? At least make it look like you tried instead of just porting sh*t you already had made.
    The graphic are terrible, the sound atrocious, and gameplay is seriously weak.
    In general a bad game that would have been passable 5-6 years ago.
    Stick to MW2, BC2, or pretty much any other shooter.

  • simon

    is any one having problems with being in a gang party and host trying to join a gm then it comes up with party no longer active but its ok with 2-3 mates

  • scorgasm

    black ops is terrible, the grenades suck, the sounds suck, the running sucks, the movement sucks…. the map lay outs suck, having to buy everything is a gay idea.. the killstreaks are not good. like come on, call of duty is one of the best names out there and they came out with this garbage? they dont deserve breaking the sales record in opening day sales.. infinity ward should be the only ones making call of duty games, stick to the modern warfare. sniper rifles power has been dramatically reduced, and so has the m16's, we cant get kills when it requires three bursts of the m16 to kill someone. they needed to include the nuke especially because it is in the cold war and the rc rover thing just pisses people off cause they are really hard to shoot and it is hard to build up killstreaks, oh, the knifing is just god awful, and about 90% of my deaths come from behind me.. they chose terrible spawn points.. the graphics of bullets coming out of the guns is the same and its just flashing light. when your getting shot, and your screen turns red, you have no chance of turning and firing because the movements suck and your screen shakes hard when your getting shot

  • Southpark 100

    Yes this game I give it 5 out 10 and I am very disapointed with black ops I love the campaign mode but the multiplayer killed the whole game , I was waiting two months for this game and was all hyped up then I got it early at 12 from gamestop went home and got on campaign mode it was good and 6 hours later I finished the game then went on multiplayer and I was very disapointed I just want to say I freaking hate it

  • mark84

    You have sniper spots and close quarter battles, what you dont have is maps ba nuketown that favour a class completely, again a little balance.

    No more sitting in a corner calling in the kill streaks as well and if you havnt got cold blooded not being able to move from a room for 5 one wants to use tactics anymore, everyone wants to run around blindly blasting with a shot gun and quick scoping.
    I for one are glad that treyarch have brought a bit of realism back.

  • mark84

    People are really flickle arent they, before release it was hate commando, hate quick scoping, hate noob tubing. all of these have been wiped out or reduced to a minimum thankfully.
    All i can think is the people posting are the ones with KDR's of 3.00+ because they sat on a map and quick scoped all day or noob tubed everyone.
    The graphics could be seen in every trailer and pre release video either on u tube or tv, yet no one mentioned them looking bad, i personally really like them.
    The guns are underpowered in terms of number of bullets for a kill, but the weapons themselves are all balanced so far so you have a variety. mw2 it was scopes, acr or ump, infinity might as well have got rid of 90% of their weapons, because they werent even used.

    • JOHN

      very dissappointed in this game online SUCKS , too much camping ,graphics are terrible ,guns sounds are bad, story mode ok ill finish the story and all achievements TRADING THIS ONE IN SOON .FORGET ONLINE YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME this is the WORST COD YET .I LIKE HALO REACH AND BAD COMPANY SO MUCH MORE NOW …COD A DYING FRANCHISE

  • floridaboy604

    F*** Black Ops Bullish, Garbage A** sh** is Goin Right Back To The Store!! S*** Can't Touch MW2!

  • joenfksjbv

    this game rocke my socks!

    jfk kicked the shit outa those nazis zombies

  • cperry

    Wow..where is infinity ward when you need them? Its like world of war all over again…I am taking it back and sticking with MW2 and not buying another one unless its made by infinity ward..get your sh.. together!!

  • Neil

    Have been playing Black Ops online on xbox for 12 hours now. My impressions are still the same, the graphics and sounds are generally crap, but In MW2 I could not shoot a pistol to save my life, i can now. Also I couldnt shoot a sniper rifle, I can now. Pitty a couple of the maps are nice but most are half baked, seems like Treyarch simply got Black Ops on the shelf using revamped and unfinished WOW maps. That ridge in the middle of the map with the capture point on looks familiar!!!

  • Mark

    Really dissapointed, why the hell Activision let treyarch get there hands on one of the best games out there. Do they think they are that big now they can just go ahead and rip people off with this amature bull s**t. How to shoot yourself in the foot, but you couldn't even do that with the pea shooters in this game. Guess youv'e had your day. I bought a PS3 because of the better graphics engine not to play PS2 style games on.

  • guest

    I should have known better than to purchase this Treyarch developed game. I've had Treyarch developed games before, and I've not liked them. In fact, I'm not even sure where those installation discs are anymore. I've got to say "ditto" to all the posts that say the game play, the graphics, and the sounds suck in this game. I was very, very disappointed. In fact, I feel like I"v been cheated out of 60 bucks. Give me the Infinity Ward developed games any day. Treyarch pretty much screws up every game they develop it seems.

  • funnybunnyhunny

    Hey I turned VSYNC on, this reduced FPS lag so that I could play the first round of zombies without getting pissed of by FPS lag. Then again, second round was unplayable. But i liked how the pistol looked like and sounded 🙂

  • TURK

    In the words of the famous Flava Flav, "Don't beleive the hype" On a 10 scale I give it a 3. And that's only because of new scenery. The maps are pretty, but that's it. Like the post before, the spawns suck, the running feels like I have three legs, and my mouth can make better gun sounds. Besides the kicked connections and not being able to play with my friends, I want to collect emblems and titles. I wish they would just come out with map packs for MW2 again. I would buy them every time. And I'm pretty sure everyone else would too. A game is supposed to get better with each release, What happened here? I should have saved my money for gas instead….now I'm walking to work. Thanks Treyarch, YOU SUCK IT HUGE!!!!!

  • MOD

    The multiplayer graphics are the worst of the series. The campaign and zombies graphics are spectacular but multiplayer is terrible. I am dissapointed

  • StealthAssassin

    This isn't progression, multiplayer is flimsy and cheap feeling, gun graphics sound are all shoddy, i'm annoyed to think i was looking forward to this soo much and this is what i get an exspensive cup coaster!

  • Roger

    COD franchise, WHAT DID YOU DO? Rush to market with a crappy game like this?
    All the f***king hype???? For what? I would be embarrassed to market this game.
    I want my money back. I will be selling me copy on eBay today.
    The graphics are like from an old game back in 2002. The guns suck, the movement sucks, the campaign sucks……everything sucks…………You guys rushed to market for the $$$$$$$$.

  • James

    I haven't gotten a chance to play single-player yet, but multi-player graphics were horrendous. It feels like I am playing CSS.. which isn't a bad game. But c'mon, this is 2010. 3D TV's are coming out and you give us this shit?

    Back to the shelves you go.

  • Neil

    Just purchased black ops today, sold out in asda morrisons pc world, finally got a copy from Game World for £44. Wish i didnt bother, the pace and graphics of modern warefare 2 are far better than this rubbish. Too many user definable attributes that sound good on a peice of paper, but in reality are crap. The guns make noises that i would probably expect from an early version of medal of honour from early 2000's. I think that this game seems aimed at a much younger audience, perhaps a 15 certificate would be more appropriate. I will Play black ops for a couple of weeks to see if online play gets any better. There is no way on earth that black ops is even close to modern warefare 2, which i shall definately continue to play. Long Live MW2!!!

  • death2ya

    okay i had this gam eon pre order.. then my friend had warned me after he had unfortunatly purchased it to come over before i wasted my money…i didnt htink he knew what he was talking about because he had never played a call of duty before. well when i got there and sat down for the first level i was dumbfounded to find out that he was 100% correct.. this game sucks for graphics..well i wouldnt say sucks u can definatly tell its triarch… then my other friend had came into the house and just glanced at the tv and totally thought we were playing fall out because of the graphics… the game play is very slow. reload times are sluggish. im dissapointed and will not be purchasing the game. i went out and pruchased model of honor the new one and am much more happier. sorry tri arch. im sticking with the infinity boys on EA.

    gamer tag: Death2ya (xbox360 connect)

    • aprad

      Please learn how to spell.

  • Valentin

    You gotta give it to these guys. Marketing and hype has reached new levels of sophistication.
    After playing the game for about 2 hours, I gave up.
    Put it bluntly, just another mindless, stupid shooter. No sooner you kill 3-4 bad guys, another 3-4 show up and it goes on like that scene after scene.
    The weapons have no feel, balance or weight. A.I. is non-existent.
    As for multiplayer, I wasn't impressed.
    Those of you who have and are still playing Battlefield 2-Bad Company, rejoice.
    That game is still in a class by itself.

    • Fritz

      I fully agree. Bad Co 2 is far better than any of the COD Titles. I feel absolutely violated after having bought this game especially after having reserved it, and still wait till the following day because the line was insane. The worst part is I, like so many other victims, paid full price and didnt even wait to pick up a used copy. This game is not even worth buying a year later for $15.00

  • Adam1983

    You people are entitled to your opinion, but I dont know what you are all crying about.Seems like many of you posting on here are too used to MW2. This game is designed to be gritier. The weapons are gritier and vary more between each one.In MW2 it was easy to use any weapon. In this you have to practice with the weapon to become good at it. I am very impressed with what Treyarch did with this game. I would say MW2 was much more arcadish than this with the commando knifing and running around everywhere. So far I think Campaign is sweet. The intro looks amazing. The graphics are different from MW2, but 2 me look better and more gritty which makes sense with a Cold War setting game. And Zombie mode is Awesome! Many people wanted all these changes to it, but Nazi Zombies is what made Nazi Zombies popular. They made some minor changes but the main focus is the same which is fun! Multiplayer 8.5 our of 10. Campaign 9 out of 10, zombie mode 10 out of 10.

  • Icannothelpit

    some people will moan what ever they get so the next one will see the same comments get with the real world and understand the limitations of how to get a game from story board to actual delivery.

  • Kenson

    Okay, normally I give things and people the benefit of the doubt, but this has got to be the worst call of duty yet. First off, if I had done my research and found out that infinity ward did not make the game I wouldn’t have purchased it in the first place. Second, i think everyone just assumed it was basically a modern warfare 3. Why is the franchise going way back in time again???? The graphics are horrible, the weapons definitely lost there authentic sound, and there is just way to much going on with the contracts and such. Mwr2 did the same without overdoing it. This game is going back to the store, and I will never buy another cod unless it is mwr3 and infinity ward makes it.

    • guest

      Amen, brother!!!

    • haha

      Sad geek

  • Ccnz

    Game is horrible! Everything about it feels horrible compared to MW2. guns look and sound crap, running feels terrible and spawn is rubbish.

    The graphics look awful!

    • StealthAssassin

      That was my feelings too, fairly sad cuz i was really looking forward to it, back to wow on my pc i guess

  • matt

    for pc the games storymode lags like hell. and the multiplayer so far isnt as bad, but still quite laggy. always the worst times for the lags too, i'll run around fine then in a firefight shit is hectic. dunno what the prob is both the first modern warfare, and modern warfare 2 is running smooth as can be with a great visual setup. even fallout new vegas.. did have to throw a mod on to fix up it's graphics also.. because that game also was running laggy as hell.

    dunno why these new games are comming out and failing, but it's quite sad.

  • Joshua

    Defintley didn't live up to the hype. Graphics are cartoonish and poorly rendered. Movement in multiplayer is sluggish. It takes too many shots to kill someone as well. 3 sprays from the M16 is too much to kill someone. Sniper rifle lacks power also. I only played two matches in multiplayer so I hope it gets better. It does have good ideas with the new match types (wager, one-bullet, gun match) but it lacks in other areas. I played the campaign for a while and that seems ok but that's only fun until you beat the game a few times. Multiplayer online is the real purpose people go with the COD series. In my opinion I give it an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • aceofskys

    ok here is my opinion cod black ops for pc lag fest bad graphics and meager playability after waiting in line for an 20 minutes at walmarf found out from clerk that pc version wasn't there so called around and found copy at thegamestof
    cool i thaught then after a long setup keyboard mouse and so on single player is ok no lag but boy go try and play online now thats another story but when you get it you will see graphics are meager and not so good i am running dual 295 nvidia with an intel extreme core 4 qx9650 4 gig's ocz 2000 mhz @ 1600 cpu is also at 1600 fsb 4 ghz raid drive array of 2 x 1.5 Tera bytes sata 3 the game will also take some time to get used again as they have added a couple more buttons now to map in for starters when you do got in in most games the lag is so bad rite now not for everyone i see but for me on roadrunner isp of 20/d and 3/up i haven't finished one game yet or had to reconnect not one round finished complete i should say without any lag

    • DakotaRT1977

      You should try learning how to write in english beofre you post reviews.; ever hear of a peroid or a comma? It'll work wonders in preventing you from sounding like a moron.

  • ddlcp

    didn't have high hopes for the game as its just another remake with some improvement.. so far its definetely fun but is not interesting enough,,,,

  • Lynette

    Does the Standard edition have Zombies ??????