Call Of Duty Black Ops Reviews: Affects On Buying

Call of Duty Black Ops is finally here, and for those of you who went to the store early to pick up your copy – well done. There are those of you who would not have rushed out to get the new game from the series, as they wait to get a gamers perspective instead of a journalists review on the game.

This has got be thinking, would these reviews honestly have an effect on your buying decision? The reason I say this is because the Medal of Honor reboot did not get great reviews, yet gamers still went out and purchased – although not as much as EA had hoped.

I have decided to not rush out and get the game, call me stupid if you like, but I know if I spent all day working and then my spare time in front of my PS3 I know what my conversation with my wife will be about. My brother did say to me that he is waiting for the real reviews to start coming out before he makes his choice, but he did say that he would not consider buying it until Christmas at least.

Overall the reviews have not been that bad, one said that the graphics were nothing like MW2, and another pointed to the fact that nothing had changed with ‘Zombies Mode’, but the latter has been met with some criticism.

How will reviews affect your buying decision for COD Black Ops?


  • kenny

    am deeply disappointed with this Game , installed and waited 22 hours for , it to be ready to play Clicked play and the Screen ran for 8 seconds then froze , It’s a Joke.
    I will be taking the Game back , this is of course the last game I buy in the call of duty series its just a rip off , I thought the idea is you a t least get top play the game , Why do I have to wait a day after purchase just to be notified the Steam server is Busy it’s a Joke

  • me and me

    it sucks

    • me and me

      approved meaning they have to like your response


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