Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3) – IGN Review Score 8.5/10

By Jamie Pert - Nov 9, 2010

There are a lot of game review sites out there, however over the years I have to say that IGN seems to pretty much always get things spot on, therefore if you only want to read one Black Ops review I recommend theirs.

IGN scored the PS3 version of the game 8.5 out of 10, they suggest that the voice acting, graphics, textures, soundtrack, gameplay customization options and longevity should keep gamers extremely happy, you can see their fully detailed two-page review here.

In IGN’s conclusion they say that the Black Ops package is great, you get a campaign with the best story ever seen in a CoD game, also the multiplayer modes build on the strong foundations set by MW2, finally if you get bored of the campaign and playing against other CoD players online you team-up with friends and take on zombies.

It is no secret that some people are not a fan of Black Ops as it is not as realistic as it could have been and the graphics sometimes appear a bit cartoon-like, however in terms of content, customization and presentation it is hard not to be impressed.

If you had to score Black Ops out of 10 what would you give it?

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  • prhbuilders

    Lucky for me EBAY prices are dropping on this game ,As a friend informed me ,This game sucks .£45.00 not me .Reminds me of BAST/// Blair ,Take it all in and then wait .Once your moneys gone start praying.

  • MBB

    its so glitchy and random that there is next to no enjoymnet in multiplayer. Here are jsut a few things ive noticed AFTER the recent update:

    Your gun is loud but you hear nothing from other players except the bullets hitting you….yet the killcam show them stood next to you gun booming away.

    Helicopters are virtually silentenades/bimbs dont doom

    Sometimes footsteps make noises, sometimes they dont

    Many guns just sound like pea-shooters and gr

    You can have somebody perfectly in your sites, let off several rounds and all will miss or theyll just walk off

    Your respawn in the same spot over and over again or in the middle of loads of enemies

    It is hugely clear that,when it came to this game (multiplayer at least) that Infinity Ward got what made the last 2 games great and this latest bunch of clowns have jut tried to copy the very minimum they can get away with….they knew it would sell and just though "ah what the hell". Ive had it since day 1 of release and wil sell it at the weekend as its so rubbish.

  • Kyle

    Its sad about people complaining about the graphics. all in all even the MW2 Graphics were bad. Yes i admit. the lag is quite terrible but come on. its been out for a WEEK. At least they’ve taken the worst perks out, the worst weapon attachments out and dampened down the power of weapons. in my eyes Black Ops is a better game then MW2. the whole game seems amazing in my eyes. but if you dont like it tough. it will be fun seeing you guys poking out lik a matchstick playing with overpowered weapons and noobtubes on mw2 while all the rest of us are having fun with Black Ops.

  • Tyler

    Personally I think when you look past the graphics its much better than mw2 due to it’s better gameplay, I would rather deal with worse graphics than always have a guy camping around the corner or having someone shooting noob tubes up your ass every 5 seconds

  • wayne

    to tell you the trueth i was really exited to play it. i played it for maybe 3 hr and couldnt stand the choppy as hell graphics that are so bad its laughable. i am truely mad so many copys got sold when every person i know wants there money back. bigest waist of 62$ ever. i litterally use the disk as a coaster for my dr pepper while i play MW2. i think im going to use it as a frisbie next. screw this game

  • rey

    In my opinion, the story mode wasnt like the other cods. i love playing cod because it was historic and was a linear set of events. the black opes story line was really confusing at first and also, it wasnt "black ops" as i thought youd be under cover and stealthy. while playing some missions, the narrator would be narrating and it kinda bugged me, as i couldnt concentrate on the game while listening to the story. i was hoping it would be like all the other cods where it was linear events, where you just kill and kill with awesome graphics and challenging missions plus a history lesson. blackops starts in the end, then follows up with flash backs, that wasnt very "cod-ish" for me. tho it is a superior game against cod 5, i just hoped the story would have been linear. who cares if its a mindless shooting game, i really enjoyed all call of duties because of that (except 3).

  • MW2 fan

    I also think that this was a waste of money. Campaign was rather good and zombies are lots of fun but the multiplayer sucks and the multiplayer was the reason why I bought this game. A huge step back from MW2. I recommend to think twice before buying this game.

  • Maggy1985

    I understand why people complained about camping, noob tubers, and QS (qs done properly in mw2 is a skill as is 360 throwing knife kills etc), but that is part of the online experience with mw2. But personally, when I get killed by a noob tube, or camper, I tend to take another direction on the map instead of running head-first into another death count. I've come to the conclusion that Black Ops should not be – nor is it even close to – the same class as the MW series. It is still a fun game, but not to be thought of as "the next chapter" in the mw series. Back to mw2 for me. If you are on the ps3 See you online.

  • Maggy1985

    Black ops is rediculous when it comes to this. Pick a gun, attatch your perks (which are sub-par in my opinion) but in-game it doesn't always kill the same way as it should. Perks are not near as good as mw2. The ablility to customize your player/weapon is a nice concept, but i feel that they changed too much of the format for the lobby (looking at challenges/creating classes etc). The last two mw games had almost the identical lobby screens, and when i loaded up Black Ops I spent about 20 mins just looking around. The killstreak options are horrid. I like the fact that the nuke is gone, cuz 25 killstreak is not hard to come by in mw2, but other then that I feel it has been changed too much

  • Maggy1985

    Third (now the not so positive), Multiplayer. Graphics are not even close to as realistic as mw2. I feel that the graphics are key in this franchise. It has been known for so long that the mw series is as realistic as it comes for a first person shooter. In-game action is sub standard as well. Poor gun selection, maps are ok, and gameplay is MUCH slower. The mw series is a game of skill. Pick a weapon you are good with, attatch your perks to enhance your gameplay, and gain XP.

  • Maggy1985

    I am a HUGE mw2 fan, and I feel that Treyarch was attempting to change too much of this game to make it their own. So Black Ops. First, The campaign was excellent. Great graphics for most of the game, great storyline, great missions. All in all a very fun experience. Secondly, The zombie missions are very cool, especially that you can tackle them with friends (and graphics are excellent for this as well).

  • Aaron

    I love it because I seldom, actually, never get to enjoy multiplayer modes due to my satelite internet connection. However, it seems that recent modifications in games like medal of honor's Tier 1 single player online mode and Black Ops combat training mode has finally given me the ability to enjoy the multiplayer experience. THANK YOU SO MUCH TREYARCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George Seguin

    I love this game. I don't know what everyone is complaining about. The combat training is awesome!!!!! Will definately keep me occupied until assassins creed brotherhood comes out.

  • Adeel

    The gameplay of black ops is great so is zombies. But multiplayer everythings fine until the graphics anybody noticed the guns detail. There is no detail on the guns WTF!!!!!!!!
    I am so dissapointed I'm even thinking of complaining to treyarch.

  • Castro

    MW2 it’s the best I fell like i am playing world at war but more in the late 80’S I lost my 65$ peff

    • Nate

      your a fucking faggot

  • Nate

    Honestly everyone that thinks MW2 is a better game. Please do the world a favor and go kill yourselves. Black ops is better in almost every aspect. The campaign is soo much better than MW2, all MW2 is is an overdramatic michael bay production bullshit cinematic movie with absolutly no point in all the betrayal and nonsense. The plot of MW2 was for general shepard to start a world war so that there wouldnt be a lack of volunteer soldiers. Research it if you dont believe me. Secondly Nazi zombies are by far 1000x better than spec ops. You cannot even compare the two, so anyone that wants to argue is just plain retarded. Ok now to the main peice of my rant. Black Ops multiplayer is far better than MW2 in virtually every way. First off, no more overpowered assualt rifles with no sway or firing recoil, in black ops you actually need skill to be able to get a kill. Also no stopping power, danger close, or commando lunge bullshit. O and one man army is gone so you noobs cant replenish your noob tubes. Not only are the weapons more balanced, but the killstreaks make sense, and are not overpowered in anyway, and killstreaks dont count towards killstreaks, so you cant sit in a corner and be a faggot once you get only 5 kills and just spawn rape the enemy team with your pred missle, harrier strike, chopper gunner killstreak set up. Also deathstreaks are gone, which gave shitty people an unfair advantage. the spawn system in MW2 is horrendous, and maybe the worste thing ive ever seen in my life. Infinity ward’s maps are absolute shit IMO, and i know lots of people tend to agree. Also now black ops basically got rid of “no scopers” or faggots who like to get stupid looking kills based on luck, that would never happen in a real combat situation. Black ops also doesnt give shotguns, machine pistols, and overpowered gernade/rpg launchers that gave campers and no talent ass clowns too much power. Some people are bitching about the graphics, personally i have no problems with black ops graphics, but if thats solely what you base your video game experience on, then your a faggot. I play games becuase i actually enjoy being good, and out skilling my opponents, and not using gay overpowered weapons or killstreaks to camp with. Like it or no Black ops is leaps and bounds better than MW2, the proof is there, and thiers no disputing.

  • ack Warren
  • ack Warren

    Oh my goodness! You are all idiots! This for is game of the year. The graphics are awesome and its one of the most intense single player campaigns ive ever played. The multiplayer is ace with the new currency system aswell. How can anyone say its so bad after its only bin out 2 DAYS! I didnt like MW2 until after about 24hrs of play. You have to give it chance.

  • pat

    the online ownt download on my ps3! anybody know why?

  • Damo

    generally dissapointed… expected it to be a little better on the multiplayer, seems a step back from MW2. It's obvious that it's supposed to be a multiplayer games, otherwise the solo game wouldn't be so short. Glad the RPG and tubes rubbish has been eliminated (almost), but the physics and general feel seem a little soft. Core mode is terrible, if you put a suppressor on it's nigh on impossible to get a quick kill. Almost a clip a kill unless you quick enough to get a head shot, then half a clip. Where's Hardcore Headquarter's gone? Haven't seen it yet, is it still in ? Why still on Hardcore teamdeathmatch is there a timer when killed, but not on core mode with instant respawn. All in all, a poor follow up, I can see alot of people trading this in pretty soon and going back to MW2. Shame!!!

  • john

    there is no cod this is the last cod

    sorry for dissapointing you

  • Eric

    I think the game is great! So many new features to mess around with, there is definately a lot to keep you busy. I like being able to have two people play multiplayer online together on the same screen. Now my friends and I don't have to sit and watch as much. I won't lie though, overall visuals are not as good as infinity ward. I don't mind so much though, the game still kicks ass but it's definately 1 step down from MW2 is some areas. All in all this game will keep me occupied until the next COD comes out.

  • Joe

    MW2 shits all over Black Ops.

  • Jeremy

    With a name like Black Ops I expected it to have a different, more stealthy feel, kinda disappointed in that regard.

  • john

    I am MW2 all the way…But come on complain complain complain complain….So the graphics are not great…. It is the same engine MW2 runs… It is the same game…All your lag problems is your connection…Not there fault…. There might be some framework issues….Everything the community complained about MW2 they listened….You complain about dying all the time from tubes and RPGs… Now you complain you cant get enough kills from them… Maps are to small well ADJUST… People camp COMPLAIN…People tube COMPLAIN….people rush COMPLAIN… you can never win…. Yall just suck!!! Glass half full next time…You can never win…

  • Dingle 300

    This game is not even close to MW2…..I feel like I threw my 65 dollars in the garbage. The graphics are horrible…. it plays like a 1980's video game. This game blows….. huge disappointment!!!!!!!!

  • jason

    Uhmm the graphics kind of suck.

  • ray

    happy i didn't buy it. now ima put my money towards assassins creed brotherhood. i knew it was gonna suck just for the fact that treyarch is making it. thank god i didn't buy it. now i have another 7 days to try to save up for ac brotherhood limited edition lol

  • Eenie

    Black ops suck was hoping to be equal or better then MW2, What a waste of money I felt let down and fooled!!!!!

  • Stephen

    The story mode looks class, but the Multiplayer is poor in my opinion. SOLUTION = Patch the maps and respawning, Patch the lag, and make the amount of bullets to death more. I feel like Hardcore Mode is the orignal mode

  • Stephen

    3. Now time for all the critisms. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE HITMARKERS WITH RPG'S. I got a direct hit with an RPG and got a hitmarker, i mmediately checked the damage rating of the RPG and it is maximum, that is clearly nonsense. I thought MW2's frags were dismal oh was i wrong. Black Ops have awful Frags that are equilavlent to a firecracker. The LAG is awful as well, i have heard so many excuses but i ignore them all. It's the most anticpated game ever. WHY is it lagging!!! And wehn trying to join your friends game or lobby it falls short aswell. BY FAR THE WORST PROBLEM IS THE MAPS. Oh my lord ''NUKETOWN'' is simply the worst COD map ever. 2 Houses, and a van in the road. No matter where you respawn your in danger. Awful, awful, awful maps. If you die you respawn in the same place making comebacks practically impossible. In Black Ops you still get planted in games where you have 0 and the opposition have 1450 in a team deathmatch. HOW CAN YOU WIN!!!! You can't! The titles and emblems have been ruined aswell. It's gettng too personal now, putting smiley faces on guns. COME ON!!!.

  • Stephen

    2. The unrealistic Mr. Fantastic commando stab of MW2 seems to be gone aswell as the poor event of cutting a mans face with a small blade whlst being blasted with a Spas and surviving this and picking up a kill with the melee kill. The ability to jump off cliffs and survive is gone aswell which is great, and taking tactical insertions from Free-for all games is a simple solution to the nuke cheaters of MW2. The killstreaks seemed very loyal to the time period also, Napalm Bombers rather than Harrier Airstrikes. Similar to World At War the lobby loading is very fast and the voting system in my opinion is better than MW2.

  • Stephen

    1. I loved it. The whistle of the bullets and the gust of the aircrafts. The guns had a more defined appearance and feel than in MW2. All the quickscoping nonsense and long range Spas kills seemed to have ceased. Then i realised the graphics looked similar to Rainbow 6: Las Vegas. That is disappointng. I understand Treyarch made this but in all fairness Infinity Ward and them can't be miles away from each other. It is the COD brand and you can see clear overlapping in the 2 games (MW2 and Black Ops) but key things have been missed.

  • John

    I want my money back, lol. The graphics send me back to world at war, it’s almost hilarious cause infinity gets the upper hand on this one. You guys made a mistake. I will say thanks for the zombies, that’s the least you could do.

  • TexasSaumurai

    Infinity ward…..I will never leave you again.

  • alaRobear

    I agree!… nothing close to MW2. This game blows in comparison. Feels more like World at War. MW2 is the best!

  • Cody

    Burning the 65 dollars i spent on this game would have been more entertaining. The graphics are horrible. MW2 is amazing please don"t buy.

  • munnan

    the graphic could have been a bit better, the multiplayer mode is not better than MW2. other than that its all great.

  • chocbatman

    I agree with you ian. mw2 is far superior to this offering. I hope they hire infinity ward back to rescue the cod franchise.

  • James

    Hoping it will grow on me! Loved MW2 was expecting more. Think they have tried to cram too much in that is not required at the expense of simplicity and usability. Going to give it a week or so and if i dont love it then i will be going back to MW2 to play on my own!

    • Tony

      When I first layed campaign on the first three missions the word ''underwhelming came to mind'' I play COD games for singleplayer and multiplayer but judging by the first three missions and the Multiplayer I have to say I like MW2 better

  • DERP

    who the hell reviews a game when it has been released i dont know- A COUPLE OF HOURS?!?

    • I agree multiplayer isn't better than MW2… with that said I will be buying my copy of MW2 back because I sold it off hoping this one would live up to the expectations.

    • Milky

      ……. You realize that companies like IGN get the games months in advance right? They probably played black ops for 2 weeks before they even bothered to review it. I think it was a great review.. anybody who says it isn't better than mw2 is either 11 or high off their ass. MW2 is the least realistic Call of Duty game ever created with the worst gameplay ever. I would go outside and throw a rock around and still have more fun then playing MW2. You know that feeling when you turn on the game and your blood pressure just rises as you hear the main menu music. That doesn't return in black ops. There is no noobtube to harriers to chopper gunner to nuke in 2 minutes and it just feels great. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I think black ops give more bang for your buck than any Call of Duty game so far.

    • blackopssux

      anyone with gaming experience moron

  • bob

    multiplayer no were near mw2

    • but bob. mw2 had ALOT of campers and NOOBTUBES and says alot

  • ian

    only thing i bought this game for is multiplayer so…… Multiplayer graphics are really sub-standard, low textures, cartoony feel, cant destroy anything like in bad company, its a step down from MW2 and thats saying something

    • PBSmooov

      I didn't buy for the the multiplayer, but I agree. It is definitely a step down from MW2.