Black Ops: Treyarch Warns Against Glitches and Hacks

By Jamie Pert - Nov 9, 2010

Earlier today we revealed a Call of Duty: Black Ops hack which allowed players to reach the 15th prestige instantly, now Treyarch’s Black Ops multiplayer designer (David Vonderhaar) has addressed all of the reports of Black Ops glitches and hacks.

Vonderhaar reassures gamers by saying that Tryearch’s constructive, measured, and well-managed live ops team will support the game as promised, he also suggest that a lot of the hacks (which may include the 15th prestige hack) do not work on the public build of the game, he also stated that dev builds do not connect to the same version of Xbox Live that you use.

Obviously it is inevitable that the game will have a few glitches, however Treyarch suggest that they will hotfix and patch any problems found, let’s just hope they act quicker than Infinity Ward, in my opinion IW took far too long fixing MW2’s Care Package glitch and the Javelin glitch.

Vonderhaar pretty much summed everything up with the following statement:

“I thank all of you who sent in polite, constructive messages without the hysterics. So here is my one and only public statement about it. I’m not going to talk about it publicly. We are disinterested in making mini-celebrities out of douche-bags. You better think twice before you glitch. You never know who in your game doesn’t like glitchers who reports you and saves the game in their File Share and tells us about it. Our forum admins and VIPs along with JD_2020 (Community Manager) will be managing the communication directly.”

It is nice to hear that Treyarch has a voice and are keen to inform gamers that hacks and glitches may not be as real as YouTube videos suggest, I guess time will tell whether they keep their promise of great support.

Do you think Treyarch will keep Black Ops gamers happy?

Source: NowGamer

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  • me and my bro just started playing black ops not to long ago and ..the game is nice like it how ever.
    cheats and boosters are realy bumming me out. why do they think they are the hot stuff..cuz they cheated or boosted there way up the rank list..yea thats why even with your cheats,gliching ,and lagging we still git kills on you!!..yea we only been in a little over 100 rounds and yea we are only rank 24 but you know what we did that with out cheatting!!!….and if you cheats say “hey i an’t a cheater level 23 10th pre” your that good huh…how come what mainly are noobs doing killin you 11 times in a mach! …lol u suck you..what i’m gittin at is them bums can use cheats,glichs,or what ever that stuff will not replace real skill and a live match shows it!

    my tag is sargentk7

    if you look over all my matchs you’ll see tons of rounds full of cheater and me still gittin kills on them fools
    ..yea they kill me pwn the hell outta me like 5-18 ,1-9,7-13…but hey i got them kills some place lol
    and to think how good i would be if i could plan in a real up right no cheating match …who knows

  • Dan31

    First of all Black Ops GREAT GAME! second im extremelly happy that Treyarch will be patching hacks and glitches and thridly i cannot believe the amount of complaints of this game, it makes MW2 Look shit Great designs great graphics i love everything about it and millions of others do to so if you dont like piss off and buy a new game and get over it.

  • !5th

    i have a 15th prestige hack but i dont usualy hack so im not sure if i should use it. I mean it is a crap ame and it is booring to lvl in it so i might aswell hack ! right? BUT i dont wanna get banned :(((

  • Simon Fox

    how far have you lot got your head shoved up your a**es try playing the game on the ps3 cos all you do is spawn and die and that is down to the hacks and glitches that the hackers have designed to give themselfs an edge and yes they are exactly how they are shown on you tube and as for support from treyarch what support if they were supporting honest gamers then they would give us an independant server instead of sticking us with all the hackers and if the scuttle bug is correct then they are still on cod 4 mw servers just an upgraded version which sucks

  • Ledgit 12th prestige

    Bo is a great game! No modded lobbies ( go play mw2 fa gget ull get demoted) and no hacks/ ull get banned. Even the guy above me is banned already. Treyarch is great with user complaints and have fixd more sh it infinityward has ever fixed. Oh btw treyarch is developing the campaign for mw3 google it. Yea thats wat i thought. If anyone rejects my opinion ur a fuc king booster and a fa gget 13 year old. Dont tell me u love hacking cuz ur not. Ur copying a 30 yr olds code from youtube u idiot children. Do u guys honesly think o respect u guys?

  • 15th hacker

    I am 15th prestige on black ops and it sucks that it cost 50,000 cod points to buy 1 gun yes fifty thousand to buy 1 gun just stupid

  • Trav10

    Black Ops is good, it just could’ve been better. MW2 was okay, I only found 2 modded lobbies over a 2 year period. But still, there should’nt be THAT many glitches/hacks available in a FINISHED RETAIL game.

  • jim

    think every one should not buy the new maps when they come out untill they fix the shit servers and other issues that are spoiling the game that might speed things up when they want more money from us

  • I honestly think that Treyarch has sort of outdone themselves in terms, but i say, and im guessing a lot of people will agree when i say, THEY SHOULD HAVE MADE A BETA, a beta would have fixed all the major issues in this game, and if that vondderhaar (i dont care how i spelt it) is going call people who stumble on a pretty big a douche bag, then id like to go up and punch the man in the face, like the pretty obvious prestige glitch that still exists, but made for COMBAT TRAINING, if this doesn't affect online gameplay (considering theres no matchmaking for it) then why ban someone for it? 2 reasons: 1: its Treyarch's fault for ever taking away the option of ever disabling the prestige option for combat training, and 2: A lot of people prefer combat training to online, and people who say: oh you only play combat training because you suck online, well im sorry but we don't play the game 24 hours a day, if i get banned in the end for prestiging on combat training their going to get a BIG complaint from me, Message to Treyarch: MAKE A GAME WITH A BETA, FUCKERS

    • random guy

      there was a beta for the game a non public beta for the game only developers side helpers game sites such as IGN Gamespot got in only to the beta or ellse they whoud leek the info os i think you have to make a second thought on that

  • david

    black ops is bull shit the perk system is gay and WTF no stoping power … so u shoot get 4-5 hit markers AND STILL DIE the completing three pain in the ass challenges then u use hard earned cod points to buy the pro version (GAY)

  • MOFF

    i hate this game waste of money too many hackers on leader boards . kicked all the time local connection so why at the top of scotland do i get french portugese spanish its a joke get ur finger out and get the game fixed so far the game is just alot of hype take the money and run thats what its like and what is the point of report buttons if you do NOTHING its a JOKE but am not laughing ALL WE WANT IS A GAME THAT YOU CAN PLAY ONLINE 5 WEEKS NOW AND STILL THE SAME AS DAY 1 MW2 WAS MUCH BETTER PS3 COPY IS HALF COMPLEATE .

  • Hackers=muppets

    Why are people so negative for this game. O.k, the first couple of days after release it’s was laggy and I also questioned whether it was a good purchase. But, I love the series so I gave it a chance, unlike most of these moaning fags! Little kids who don’t understand anything about the infinity ward-treyarch-activision relationship. It’s called contracts idiots. And as for the graphics issues? Have you thought about saving your pocket money and upgrading your toy story tv-DVD combo? The graphics are crisp, explosions are better than ever! The biggest problem people have is the guns are more realistic. For example, they are surprised that an assault rifle doesn’t really shoot like a water pistol from mw2!? So my theory is, 90% of the moaners and slaters aren’t even old enough to play the bloody game. And as for hacking, each to their own but what is the point? Call I’d duty used to be about ranking and showing skill, but you idiots continue to ruin the game. Until, you play a good first prestige player and they wipe the floor with you and make you look like a twatt. I will wait for the hate replies to this.

    Don’t be mad, you know I’m talking the truth.


  • bob mcready

    glad to read all the noob tubers and cammando whores from mw2 are unhappy, you stick with mw2 guys leave the shooting to us. black ops might just be the best yet if the lag issue gets fixed.

  • travis

    the party system is the worst thats what makes the game fun when your playing with your mates that for me is the biggest issue hope they sort it out…………

  • carl

    quickscoping as frustrating as it is to be killed by a quickscoper they should not have took it out the game ….cod 4 is a 3 year old game theres been 3 cods since and yet its still probably the most talked about biggest cod there is ..why….quickscoping if you go to cod 4 now play 3 games you will run into a quickscoper every game its that simple its what game the game its lifespan as people love to do and have fun with it …regardless that most shots are lucky it still requires skill to be accurate with the gun ….i couldnt quickscope but i dont hate on the people tht can just because they have the skill to do something i dont…and id rather be killed by a quickscoper than a camper …or someone spraying with a m16 any day …

  • carl

    personally i think they made a decent game has its good and its bad but name a game that doesnt?
    litlle mw2 bums wont like it because there used to being able to camp for killstreaks and run about with commando stabbing people from 15 feet away …..
    the m16 is the most hated gun on modern warefare 1&2 and yet it still makes it into black ops along with the g11 wich is so overpowered
    smgs are so overpowered i think if i have a stoner and you have a mp5k my gtub should be the more powerful not the other way round
    i like the way they addressed camping by not bein able to gain killstreaks from killstreaks and be able to use scavenger to get a new claymore everytime they kill someone

  • fafdaffdaadfa

    The guns are "old"? It takes place in the fucking 1960s retard.

  • cbruno1027

    Black Ops is a good game in every aspects… yeah the spawn system is terrible and pisses me off but in all honesty its a good game… wager matches was a great addition and the emblem designer gives you something to do when u dont feel like doing multiplayer, zombies or campaign… yeah sure there is still a lot of problems but not one person in here can say there is a game with no problems..MW2 fans just keep your mouth shut i liked the game too but you sure as hell know that IW did absolutly nothing to fix some of the dumbass glitches in that game

  • AndyRoo

    Personally I think taking everything into account black ops is the best cod game ever. Sure it’s laggy at times (buy a decent router dipshits) but zombies and wager matches are better than anything IW gave us. And I think the multiplayer matches, or even betters that of MW2 so overall it’s a lot better in my opinion

  • rene

    it takes so long to find a match in zombies matchmaking is faster but when the host quits on zombies it ends then that long ass cut scene shows, treyarch please fix that problem other then that the game is LEGIT!

  • Glen

    Ur totally right mate, hackers make this game shit i

    Dont get it my self if ur gonna buy a game n then jus cheat to get 15th prestige whats the point, hackerz sud be found out n fukd off xbox live for life! U hackerz must lead a really boring life shame on u ppl wankers!!!!

  • bob joe 12


  • bob joe12

    get over yr selfs wit out hacks on this game is good because ppl use aimbot hacke they play search and destroy all day the use aimbot u spawn bang yr dead be happy that is not in the game. u ppl who use 15th prestiege hack are crap u cant do it legit

  • Entity

    I was waiting for this game for a long time and now I can't wait to get my money back. The game simply sucks on PC. It freezes for no reason every 5 seconds, forcing me to ctrl+alt+delete. The game lags like hell (and I don't have a cheap ass connection and I've just bought a way to expensive new video card for this game) and everyone online is just plain nooby.
    The spawn system sucks, the maps+new gameplay features incourage camping, bunny hopping and general noobieness.
    The weapons suck, aiming sucks and the game takes no skill what so ever to level and 'earn' something. You got to level 50? Congratz, so did my 10 year old sister with an overall K/D of 0,02. Just join a server, go afk and the game will give you XP and money for doing absolutely nothing.
    I was a huge fan of Treyarch when they released WaW but after this I'm banning Treyarch games from my pc…

  • hackz 818

    fuck Treyarch they fucked up on call of duty black ops mw2 for ever so now they are trying to patch everything when they know its a fucked up game fuck that im now working on the files and im going to hack every single thing…

  • egg

    and for me the presentation of the game is lazy. the map loading screens with the name scrolling across it for example. just a little thing but it looks like it took 2 minutes to do. the guy calling out RCXD every five seconds begins to jar very quickly, would it hurt to record a couple of extra lines so they don't repeat so often.

    some people will love this game because its not MW2, personally even with the hacks, mods, noobs and other faults i think i enjoy MW2 more.

  • Egg

    firstly things that i like are no scavenging claymores, tube ammo. i like that kill streaks don't add to the streak. and wager matches + bot matches are a nice idea.

    unfortunately the things i don't like way out number the good points. main ones being…

    kills feel vague and ( nothing to do with my connection) and quite unsatisfying. i don't with pro gamer for me the weapons are imbalance theres almost no point using anything other than smg's. although i didn't have a problem with quickscoping the way they've approached sniping is bizarre. slow and very under powered.

    spawns are bad, very bad especially on the small maps. large maps seem all to be room, building based with short lines of sight.

  • sean

    i thought black ops was gojng to be cool this game sucks the gamplay is slow the guns are old and there is not enough maps if you guys want to make a game make one like mw2 and forget about the hacking who cares there going to do it so just deal with it dam think about it people who hack make your company money by showing all these kids cool things and then they go buy the game so wtf

  • abc's

    I have a two issues and a bit of constructive criticism. Issue one I believe everyone will agree with here. When I kill someone only to have him spawn 5 feet behind me. And yet I've watched a kill cam where he died, spawned behind me and killed me… That is just infuriating. I don't mean pull a mw2 where people can spawn camp the whole game, but a medium needs to be found.

    Issue two I guarantee few people will have noticed until they've read this. I decided to snipe one time so I camped my butt out in a building with a typical claymore by the door. Anyways I crouched to left of the window, watching the door (NOTE: I was NOT in view to anyone outside looking at the window) and I was killed. When i watched the killcam it showed that i was in view from the window, which i wasnt… I have tested this many times and validated my view on this. I don't know what to call this issue however I have been killed many times when i know for a fact that there is no way in hell anyone can see me.

  • cali

    game sucks cant put my clan tag on because no symbols, lag, campers, fake looking people, cant get a party in a game of regular core tdm, can get shot through like any surface, spawn issues, guns sound like crap……..2 many issues if i lose all guns and cod points ill be heated and go back to mw2

  • youngaa

    people hating this game lol
    this game has the best possible graphics (to be played on a 3d tv, its a shame i dont think u can change the settings for the best possible display on a normal hd tv altho i havnt looked. they should of at least gave it as an option when 1st playing the game)


    YOU ARE ALL DWEEBSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jason

    my issues:
    -i have comcast cable (12M) and have horrible lag. enemies see me a full 1/2 second before i see them. boom i'm dead. once in a while i get so pissed i resort to camping. i HATE that. but damn, i wanna get a few kills too. if it's a showdown, i'm dead. i can only kill then if i catch them while they aren't looking at me. i feel like i'm cheating.
    – i'm tired of spawning RIGHT in front of the enemy. over and over. 'cause then i die. over and over.
    – graphics are a bit "cartoonish".

    all in all i can deal with the graphics and sounds brought directly from WAW.. i realize this game is set in the 60's so it has to have an "old" look to it. it's just that the gameplay is so disappointing.. i used to play MW for HOURS. DAYS. i just can't get into this game as much. i'm pretty good at these games, so when i go 0-13, and there is a video of a guy going 105-7.. something just isn't right. LOL. after about an hour, i'm kinda tired of playing. but hey: we can't like ALL the games. i was just really looking forward to a new COD game. eh well. i'll probably go back to MW2.

  • pro gamer

    Black Ops good points.__no noob tubers. No quick scoping pussys, they have made the sniper rifels perform how they are supposed too, so to use them properly you have to snipe properly, not get a lucky no scope or quick scope when you run into trouble. Guns are balanced.__Killstreaks dont earn killstreaks so skill is needed now. no more bitches lettin there harriers get them a chopper gunner. Lovin the new equipment and wagermatch game modes. Contracts are a great feature as is the currency system and the customisation abilitys.__But the bad thing sort of ruins the experience to an extent.__ps3 has frame rate issues so people who have 4bar ping but still jumping around that isnt lag its frame rate. Party mode doesnt work or works poorly friends dont follow me when i leave or join a game. (if we get into a game that is)__Several times i have had error messages "disconnected due to transmisssion error" __Valkarie rockets just explde in face when trying to fire them if you die before using them.__Mics not showing in the lobbys. Leaderboards showing incorrect kill count .__A minor issue in my opinion but i have started falling through the map when i die.__

    • MR hanoyed

      Dude you must be crazed did you even play the game online NOOB TUBERS still exist in their thousands making games like domination or headquarters lame I mean its lame to pepole who bother runing capturing the damn things N/T should be bannend from all settings exept Team deathmatch you want N/T play T/D All you want =)

      • lulz noob

        yes really the valkyre missile auto blows in my face

  • Steam scks

    Nice work Steam ( again ).
    The Anti-cheat (Punkbuster) on CoD 4 is better then the bullshi* of Steam… I dont want to wast my money for this crap seriously

  • ian

    I like the game, but there are some problem I have found, getting in to a match takes way to long, if you have friends in a party, it wont load the match and just kick you back the the game lobby, (yes we all the same level, and we all wanted to play core TDM) it does this with zombies as well, it's not my internet conection, as I have the 50MB Broadband.

    and there is some lag, I can only assume that this is the sever conection as well.

    As for people saying about the maps look crap in colour, try and think about what year the game is meant to be set in, they didn't use viberent colours back then all the time.

    The spawns need to be looked at, MW2 spawns were better.

  • PJS100

    Don't buy Black Ops! It sucks!

  • asdasd

    OKAY, LISTEN: right click on steam on black ops, then click properties. After that, go to the local files tab and click defragmation (or something) it should start loading and your problem should be solved… i had this problem too, but it worked!

  • Dave

    These hackers will ruin what is already a game I'm struggling to like it to be honest. It lags really bad most of the time (yes my broadband is a bit slow but I have no other options!), an exanple of this came yesterday when I got killed on two separate occasions when faced with a blanket of smoke from a smoke grenade – couldn't see anything through it – watched the killcam and the smoke cleared completely for the players who shot me – complete rubbish! Also any time we have a party bigger than about 3 it constantly gives timeout errors or boots you out of games if you've actually managed to get in! I also agree that the spawn system is terrible, you spawn next to enemies and they spawn behind you constantly – dreadful! Chuck unlimited this and 15th prestige that into the equation and it's going to stink!! All in all I'm extremely disappointed so far…

  • alex


  • Andrew

    This is great to hear. Treyarch has seriously taken a bold step with Black Ops. All of the idiots posting in all caps clearly don't understand that not every CoD game will be MW2 or even CoD4. Treyarch will make the games they WANT to make and do as good a job as they can, and service their fanbase. That's more than Infinity Ward can truly say.

    • none




  • anonymous

    there are some perks that I like: money, contracts leader board info. But I have to agree that the spawns are terrible. What really makes me mad is "Ghost" perks does not work against helicopters. I spawn out in the open and I'm dead before I move. Another note is that drop shooting has not been fixed. We can still do it. Getting into a match is tough when you are in a party but come on, there are over 3 million people playing. What I'm really having a problem with is the camping. Core is ok but you need to shoot someone 5 or 6 times to kill them. Hardcore is 2 or 3.
    I have found that their are still players out there using a jtagged xbox that have downloaded the game. Also, not complaining, is that other countries got the game before US and have higher ranks, guns, etc. When where the leaderboards going to be reset????

  • bla bla

    Why is light weight so cheap?

    A person can strafe left and right and all my bullets go right pass him like it's the matrix.

    maybe hit him like 6 times… then on kill cam he shoots me 2-3 times and im dead? wtf?

    • tom

      cuz u suck

  • jonshrub

    Joe, I expect you are trying to play a style of game that you or your friends have not yet earnt the privilages to play. If you have a level 20 try and invite 3 level 1's to a game of capture the flag its not going to let you join, as the 3 other players have not earnt the capture the flag game yet. . Had the same problem with my mates until we worked that out – stick with team deathmatch.
    No probs from me with the game other than its a little infuriating on launch night as you get round a corner and stab someone only for them to shoot you. you watch your killcam and you dont even see your stab action. servers are a little slow but with that many people playing you kind of expect that.

    I love the fact that the hand thrown weapons are more realistic and the strength of the thrower is realistic. I love the smooth graphics and the addictive gameplay itself.

    Once it settles down and is not quite so busy this will be a really good game. especially the wager games..

    Well done Treyarch – now on with the development of the next one!!!!

  • Mike

    Wtf is wrong with all of u the game is great and i have been playing cod since cod3 xbox isnt laggy and i have no prob getting into any game. Maybe u all have cheap ass internet connections thats y u are having probs. So all u whiners go return your game and go play mw1 and i ll be happy playin the new shit

    • nessquick

      shut up mike you go have fun playin "the new s***" im pretty sure you have gotten pissed of at hmm the spawing system the lag getting kicked from lobby freezing up at loading screen or maybe even the party disbandments you take your pick but i know its happend to you so one again go have fun playing "the new s***" and when you get done take your disc out of you console or pc break it in half then slit you wrist with it.

  • anonymous

    its not even bad tbh. i can get into games with a party. no lag. no problems what so ever.

    • nessquick

      well apparently you haven't been playing very much lately

      • Matt

        i have over 3 days game play and im 3rd prestige level 30.. there was a few games i played with lag but overall the games not that laggy

  • ya mum

    This is my point of view –
    – I dont care if people do prestige hacks….
    – Its only when people use infections and wall hacks and aims bots… dont you agree with me? It just fucking ruins the game like ur on a 99 kill streak and someone with wall hacks, aimbots, speed reload, modded controller ect. comes along and kills you wouldnt you just fuking scream your heart out and rage quit????

    • K1LLAchris16

      i agree completely but like about the hack prestige its stupid to like hack it this early its clear to everyone if your already 15th then you hacked

    • bobby

      I agree i hate aimbots and modded controllers thats what make me mad not the prestige lobbies

    • Da Guest

      Excuse me. Did you just say 99 kill streak? sounds like you are doing a bit of hackiing yourself mate…my guess would be aim bot!

  • Joe

    Ok here’s my problem with this game since I played it for 12 straight ours multiplayer. Why would you change the spawning to a spawn system? I bought medal of honor tier 1 and brought it back the next day because of that very system. I can spawn and run and die within in a few seconds, because the game decides to either spawn me right into the middle of the other team or spawn the enemy behind within 4 feet from me! The promise for support needs to be immediate. Another huge issue is that you cannot have a party and get into a game! 5 of my friends including myself tried and we were either booted to the main menu or the party was no longer available. Those are the two major issues that should not have happened especially when you (Treyarch) have been testing and testing. It’s such an obvious issue I’m worried to know what else you missed. The final issue is in the emblem creation for the weapons. How can you let any resemblance of the Nazi flag be created for these racist idiots that unfortunately pollute the gaming community?

    • george

      When i join friends games it always comes up and then boots me with the same message, the lobby had not bloody closed because the game kept going, why the hell does it boot u for no reason

    • guest

      joe u suck balls dont like it dont play it and if i want to put a nazi flag up i will and yes im racist u boogies mess the world up and to tell u ZOMBIES have the nazi flag maybe i like the zombie game modes so there are things u are not thinking about

  • Ace

    weapons sound like a kids guns this is the worst cod if they wanted to balance the stupid game go back to cod4 with the scoping cod4/cod2 was the most balanced cod games alive. proof is in the pro pc gamers the tournys are mainly cod2/cod4 dnt here anything of cod3 or waw. bring back infity ward (shame they got the gooner and activision was to selfish)

  • x817x CHR1s

    i will be hosting 15th prestege lobbies for free 11/15/10 join my game if u want in!!! GT: x817x CHR1s

    • x817xCHR1s Twat


    • kieren

      im on ps3 add me IBeastttHD-

  • Nathan

    Black ops has the worst graphics and guns taking it back a day after I brought it so pathetic leave it to iw not treyarch

    • lulz noob

      u just suck IW is not a company it was fired by acivison u basicly suck if u like mw2 ur gay

  • Anonymous

    Loooool. This is ridiculous. Modded Lobbies are what made Mw2 fun. Mw2 is trash and so will black ops. Treyarch can't stop our fun. We'll hack till we die. Q.Q kids. Q.Q.

  • asdf


  • thirdman

    MP sucks. It lags whether i have four green bars or one orange. the guns arent as responsive. its too easy to get powerful guns. FAIL

  • dave

    i wish i could get my money back..

    • Joe

      I'll buy it from you 😉 £10 and u pay p&p

    • PJS100

      Me too. I work too hard for my $60 bucks to be dissapointed like this.

  • Noel

    I can care less. Black ops is a horrible game to begin with. I will be playing MW2 until something better cones out.

    • Martin

      Me too Black ops is a terrible terrible game……….Worst multiplayer EVER and my youngest son says it's a kids game………He's 10 !!

    • lulz noob

      woooow yea right fanboy mw2 is da shit all the frekking glitches in the game all the hacker noobtubes javling n carepacked glitch 10th prestige it basicly can be desrived with one word *CRAP*

  • ASH88

    Bad points:
    Finding matches
    No stopping power ( due to mp5 can own someone with a stoner63 or the fal) –
    Not many hardcore playlists
    very confusing system for those are used to the normal call of duty franchise, you often forget all your challenges are in your player customization.
    A new "roll/Jump" has been added once you start running and then go prone- this can complicate things as there is a delay between your jump and when you can start shooting.
    Not enough maps, though probably wont be long until they sting 1200 ms points off us and give us 4 maps from WaW.
    Grenade throws feel somewhat like throwing a paper ball against the wind. there is no real strength in your throws.
    Zombies have been added back to call of duty, a waste of a game mode- should have been cage matches instead.
    Customizable sights tend to obscure your view more than iron sights.
    Killstreaks are a little bit of a let down, especially since most of the levels are revolved around fighting inside buildings, making killstreaks like the mortar strike completely useless.
    I would have been more happier if they took the main traits from MW2 and made this game rather than WaW, overall if you like WaW, you'll probably love this game. However if your more of a MW2 addict like myself, this game is definitely not worth the wait and hype that you would normally expect from the cod saga.

    • Mowhawk

      The roll dive thing is to prevent dropshot, which where you run then prone and shoot at the same time.

      • ASH88

        People can still dropshot so whats the point in it.

    • chris

      he is right if you do like waw you will most likely love this game but its an all around good game.

    • kent

      mw2 was one of the worst cod games ever made! any scrub could glitch out of the map and kill ppl. also there was nuke boosting, care package glitch, javalin glitch etc. infinity ward took forever to fix them too. And really you want cagematch instead of zombies? that was just an invitation for ppl to get with a friend and boost. if you're a legit gamer who likes fair gameplay, you'll love black ops

      • ASH88

        I play fair,but i also love the tension of 1v1 that cage matches deliver, black ops has improved because of the latest patch, i personally have a few issues with the game now but that's mostly player based, like the good old dropshot and people leaving matches because they are losing.

  • BigGunz

    Great question: Will Treyarch keep Black Ops Gamers Happy? the answer to that question lies with whether or not Activision can keep Treyarch happy.

  • Zane

    Thank you so much Treyarch. You are actually doing something about the game, unlike the idiots at infinity ward, that let almost all the crap in that game stay that way.

    • Deano Machino

      Infinity Ward are no longer a company, thats why they never updated MW2, it's to do with not being given royalties or something, but thats the reason that so many things were never fixed. Lets hope Treyarch keep their promise to fix these though.

      • Optic

        Uhhh…..They hardly fixed any issues when they were still IW. And when they did, it took way too long. And half the other things that most players wanted addressed IW basically said "FU, it functions exactly how we wanted it too. Not our fault players exploit it".

  • simon

    hi all loaded black ops with lots of steam problems. now its takes me a hour to join a game then when in so much lagg its inpossible to play first inpressions of this game are poor theres too much wrong to say its enjoyerable they had a year to make a game thats at least playerable poor effert

    • jack

      you can't blame the developers for crammed servers it happens on most big releases.

      • asdasd

        actually… you have to right click on steam, then click on local files, and then defragmentation or something… i had the same problem, no lag anymore.

    • Mike

      Hey I am already 15 prestige so fxck u all u Winnie a$$ bixches I hack it ms I gt a ip changer so it looks likes it will be fin for me on black ops

      • lulz noob

        looks like the bann hammer is comming modder AND BILL GATES IS GONA KILL 4 UR MODDING he know where u llive and that IP thing will the covrement of intercommucation fix soo no running awway modder