X-Rays: History of X-Ray and Technical Advancement

I have been to hospital many times, but only needed to have an X-Ray a couple of times, but that is a different story at the dentist, I have had numerous X-Rays there. However, at no point have I looked at these machines and thought that they were 115 years old – well the invention anyway.

The X-Ray or X-radiation, which is its technical term was invented back in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen. The German scientist stumbled across the idea while running experiments with Vacuum tubes. It was then that he took an X-ray of his wife’s hand and started to show it about, the response from both the public and the scientific world was immense.

He had to give this new form of radiation a name, so settled with ‘X’, the reason behind this was because he had no name for it, as it was unknown. There were many objections over this name, but it stuck – cannot imagine it being called anything else.

There are so many misconceptions of the X-Ray, which NASA aims to explain in more detail. Do you think that this technology is one of the most important discoveries? I am sure that you have some amazing X-Ray related stories to tell us, just keep them clean.



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