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X-Rays: App Features and iOS 4.2 Update

In celebration of the 115th anniversary of the discovery of X-rays, which Google has a doodle of; we thought we would take a look at the X-rays app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. We can see that the application was updated on June 26, so we should presume that another update will be due shortly because of the imminent release of iOS 4.2.

The app itself has a number of X-Rays of the human body, so if you would like to know what you look like beneath the skin and all that meaty stuff, then this app is it. The app is not only fun, but educational as well, as you can learn to locate broken bones or fractures.

Then there is the weird, seeing X-rays of nails; knives etc in the human body will certainly freak you out. The worst one has to be all those nails in someone’s head. Take a look for yourself by visiting iTunes; then you will see what I mean.

The X-Rays app by Stroika is free but you do have the option to purchase a complete X-ray pack for just $0.99. iOS 4.2 is due any day now, so should the update for this app.



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