Wii’s Threat Is Xbox Kinect Not PS3 Move

By Jamie Pert - Nov 8, 2010

Over the last few months we have posted a lot of articles regarding what will be better PlayStation Move or Kinect for Xbox 360, however a recent CVG articles suggests that the real competition is between the Wii and Kinect, whilst Move caters for hardcore gamers.

This is the opinion of an analyst called Billy Pidgeon, he suggest that Nintendo should consider a Wii price-cut to combat the launch of Kinect, especially with Black Friday just a few weeks away.

I don’t completely agree with Pidgeon, obviously a price cut will help Wii sales, however I think that their technology has gone has far as it can go, perhaps they should concentrate on a Wii 2 instead, let’s face it if people wanted a Wii they would have probably bought one by now.

The launch of Kinect will in my opinion allow the Xbox 360 to accommodate family games and health-centric games, if this is the case Nintendo may be in for a real battle.

I do still think that the real competition is between Kinect and Move, Kinect in my opinion will initially be more of an attraction for non-hardcore gamers, however as developers get more used to the tech they will begin introducing it into games more suited towards hardcore gamers.

Do you think that it is about time Nintendo concentrated on a successor to the Wii?

Source: CVG

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  • DCirish7

    Its funny that people are arguing that the Wii is obsolete. Nintendo beat Sony and MSFT to the punch by4 years and left them scrambling to catch up. Nintendo already has a 4 year head start on whatever the next generation will be while the PS3 and Xbox are just now able to function the way the wii could 4 years ago.

  • dan

    Wii is the winner of this generation. Really, it's the perfect gaming console. For years now Wii owners have enjoyed innovative motion control games. Good luck trying to catch up with this odd peripheral Sony. Kudos for Microsoft for brining out Kinect (it's way better than better not mentioend Eyetoy – completely different), but it's also too little too late to catch up with the BIG N now… sorry.

  • Birnam

    PS3 has far better exclusives then XBOX. If all I ever wanted to do is play shooters I would have purchased an XBOX, but I like to play a diverse variety of games and therefore PS3 was the better choice for me. On top of which I do love watching movies on BluRay, and I HATE the XBOX controllers.

    • Radchek

      Funny thing is what you just said could be said about Dreamcast v ps2 or Saturn v PSX. The Sega consoles had less games but much better exclusives and a lot more diversity in their games to boot, so good in fact that people pay hundreds of pounds just to get their hands on them now, yet every playstation fanboy slammed those machines saying they were inferior!!!! They also had a higher ratio of games marked 8/10 or higher by mosts games reviewers than any of the PS consoles which is impressive when you consider the ration of games on each respective console.
      PS3 reminds me of the DC and Saturn, it's a fantastic console but what I don't get is that the same PS fanboys are waxing lyrical about the same things that they criticised Sega's consoles for. Grow up, get a life, an education and a brain. Constructive criticism from people who have done their research and know what they are talking about is interesting, the drivel you all spout is not!! All the current consoles are great and have their own strengths and weaknesses. LONG LIVE SEGA…….SOB…

  • ToXiK

    All you people hating on xbox it is just because you are faced with the reality that you bought a system that is already out.

    PS Move is already as good as it can get and so is wii.

    Both Playstation and Nintendo have had to rely on gimmicky stuff to stay in the game for years. Nintendo more so than any.

    Playstation will be around for a while because they are fast to through gimmicks like Blu-ray and web surfing but only because they can rely on game-play and good game titles. Blu-ray is nice and all and so is web browsing but I have a media center PC for that and I doubt I am the only hard core gamer that is like that. I would rather use the best console for gaming and leave the rest to something more capable.

    Nintendo is in for a world of hurt because no matter which console you compare it to, the wii just became obsolete.

    If Microsoft wasnt so money hungry and charging for every little thing the can (like raising the cost of xbox live or even charging at all) they could dominate. They have had their fair share of the hard core gamers all along and now with kinect they will steal a lot of casual and family gamers.

  • desmond

    PS3 fanboys are just so boring, as usual they list the good things about their console and as usual don't list any of the bad things about it.
    If you can't bring yourself to also list the weaker side of the console then you shouldn't list anything.

    I have a PS3 but thankfully I am not one of those fanboys listed above and I can say "Move is average and the games are just poor" making out its going to be some core gaming device is just nonsense, the people who buy it are exactly the same ones who would buy the Wii (I.e ME) I have had it 2 weeks and I am now getting rid of it and as someone has pointed out above it has to many hidden costs as we wanted it for 2 players.

    • ps3truth

      That's why it isn't getting support to "core" games like killzone 3 and socom?

      It isn't a core gaming device. It is an overall, and most of the line-up games are indeed not core yet. But it covers the wide range of titles, from RTS like Ruse, to PCS like LittleBigPlanet 2, to core like Killzone3 or Socom, to kids like Eyepet, to party games like Start the Party, then it's own unique titles like sorcery, echochrome 2, and tumble. It will cover all grounds and is meant for PS3 owners because not everyone who is a PS3 owner is a core gamer, or a casual, but a mix. That is why it has such a wide collection.

  • exxbot

    PS Move controller only cost $49.99

    • Galvatron

      per person…

      • Radchek

        $49.99 per person + cost of eyetoy

  • exxbot

    A glorified Eye Toy wanna be aint worth $150 with all its lag.

    Nintendo Gamecube Ver 2.0 has reached its limit and is going down.

    The PS3 on the other hand is just warming up.
    The PS Move offers the best of both worlds controller or controller free gaming for the next 10 years to come.

  • Guest

    fail! The new Xbox 360 beats the PS3 Slim in riliability , and system stability. Plus, all hardcore gamers prefere the Xbox over Ps3, cause the Xbox speciality games are way more awesome than Ps3, such as Halo Gears of War. P3 is garbage!

    • marcopodomus

      God of War (the original GOW)
      metal gear solid 4
      heavy rain
      i do agree halo was ground braking for console online play… (in 2004)
      but get real
      the only advantage the 360 has over the PS3 is the online service
      but you get what you pay for…
      and personally i like being able to play online with friends
      without being FORCED to pay to do so
      and i haven't had any issues with finding games online on the PSN or XBL

  • ps3wannabe

    LOL at these posts.


    Move is the only one that is truely 1 to 1 accurate. Wii comes in second (with the help of Wii +) and Kinect dead last. Kinect is an epic failure so big that I hope it brings an end to Xbox completely. See them go the Sega way and only do software.

    Move has hard core games, more accurate than Wii, HD graphics, plus every parent wants to get a PS3 for the blu ray and internet browser. I love browsing the internet on my 46" HDTV hanging on the wall, through a wireless signal to my PS3. Browsing wirelessly using my blue tooth controller. It's amazing.

    Move is amazing, blu ray amazing, PS3 games amazing.

    Xbox loses on all levels

    Wii and PS3 are the winning consoles of this generation. Xbox is nothing but epic failure, pay to paly, no browser EVEN WII HAS A BROWSER!

    360 is also the most unreliable console in the history of gaming.

    • Guest

      Ur just an asshole

    • Steve-o

      I have a PC, a laptop and Android smarthpone. All of these do fast HTML5 internet, the PS3 does not. I know what I'd rather browse on… my smartphone is quicker than that Sony pile of w*nk.

      The multi-plat games on my 360 like CoD Black Ops, Red Dead, Dead Rising 2, BFBC2 etc etc etc etc make the PS3 look like a PS2. The resolution on Black Ops is BELOW 720p on PS3, making the graphics look like dog sh*t on a blanket (Something that happens in 99% of games on your crappy system).

      The move controller is like holding a giant illuminated plastic icecream, and a pure copy of a Wiimote at that!

      The… ahem, 'winning' console of this generation is the PS3 huh? Thats why sales of the console are dwarfed by both Wii and 360? Even the Japanese don't want to buy PS3s!

      If you actually had any idea what you're talking about, your shameful dribbling excuse for a post would be filled with objective and critical comments, not inane babbling bullsh*it.

  • ray

    Kinect is garbage. Anyone who has played with the tech knows its not going too go anywhere.

  • Nintendo has already been working on their next home console and they said it will surprise a lot of people.

  • Emil

    Nice article…. I like your arguments.

  • Brian

    Move is nothing but Wii 3 years ago, Kinect doesn't have the responsiveness as the wii.

    Wii will win again. MOVE is already a failure.

  • Steve

    Kinect > Move

    • Gregg

      ps3 move has better ratings than kinect