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Verizon iPhone or iPhone 5: Apple Importance

While a Verizon iPhone device is seemingly confirmed for sometime next year, details regarding an iPhone 5 release in 2011 are pretty scarce. Considering that consumers would like to get their hands on both, which do you think needs to be released first from Apple’s point of view?

If a separate CDMA version of the iPhone does release during the early part of next year, it does seem a bit crazy to think that Apple will follow this up immediately with a brand new iPhone 5 device in the Summer. Having said that, they do have a habit of releasing new hardware every year, since the iPhone 3G came in 2008, 3GS in 2009 and the current iPhone 4 this Summer back in June.

Would it be more important for Apple to focus their efforts on the iPhone 5 release possibly this Summer, or focus on delivering the iPhone 4 to arguably the most favorite carrier in the US? Knowing Apple, they’ll probably surprise us and do both – Get Verizon owners warmed up with the iPhone 4 in January, and then tease them further with a new iPhone 5 at the end of June.

What are your thoughts on this? Which device is more important to Apple?


  • Los

    even though Apple has more money than God, Apple is still business to make money. So if it where up to Apple they make it available to Verizon because they are losing market share to Droid. A better question should be, will Verizon release the current version to all those customers who have been waiting for the iphone on Verizon get them hooked on a two year contract and then release to new version shortly after than?

  • Wing

    I do not think that Apple would release iPhone 4 for Verizon and then give iPhone 5 to At&t & Verizon later on in the summer. Verizon Customers who are desperately waiting for iPhone 4 will be more than pissed to see a new iPhone 5 on At&t and they are screwed and stuck with iPhone 4 and a 2 year contract. So I will say If apple were to release an iPhone CDMA for Verizon I would say is going to be in the summer for both At&t and Verizon. Verizon people have to be patient like they been for the past 4 years 🙂



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