Verizon iPhone: AT&T Dropped Calls and Growth

By Jamie Pert - Nov 8, 2010

If you are one of the thousands, maybe millions of AT&T customers who want a Verizon iPhone launch we have recently came across an article on NYTimes which suggests that this could in fact benefit both AT&T’s network.

As you are probably aware AT&T are currently upgrading their network in an attempt to keep their customers happy, however people are still experience dropped calls and annoying reception problems, therefore people feel that a switch to Verizon could be the answer to all of their problems.

NYTimes suggest that people leaving AT&T would take some of the stress of their network, which means people that stay loyal to AT&T may in fact no longer experience the reception issues which they are currently plagued with.

It seems as if Verizon customers are far more happier with their network than AT&T and their network, however a Verizon iPhone release could potentially have an adverse affect on their network, if millions of customers joined Verizon perhaps dropped calls and reception issues will affect them, it is thought that Verizon’s network will handle this extra stress, however you don’t really know until it happens.

We would love to hear your opinions on this matter, therefore feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Will Verizon’s network cope with an iPhone release? Will AT&T’s network improved when people jump ship to Verizon? What do you think?

Source: NYTimes

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