Online IQ Tests: How Do You Rank In Free Test?

By Peter Chubb - Nov 8, 2010

We are told that the average IQ of a person is 100, it was once hard to obtain your IQ score, but thanks to the power of the Internet, it has become much easier. Now you are able to visit certain websites where you can test your IQ for free, such as Free-IQTest.

I am too chicken to test myself; otherwise my wife might have been correct for all those years when she called me an idiot. You should test yourself, we know it could go good or bad, but you do not have to tell anyone – although I am certain you will if you get a better than average score.

Take the test now; it’s both quick and easy to see how clever you really are. On the website there are a few facts, such as older brothers having a greater IQ than their younger brothers, that does not look good for me then.

The test first asks for your gender and date of birth. Once you click start test you will see a series of questions, as I said I’m chicken, but how did you do? Take the test.

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