Monopoly Game: 75 Years – Your Memories

Saturday just gone marked 75 years since Monopoly was first invented, and over the years there have been many variations of this popular board game from Hasbro. The game was invented in 1935, which as we know was the year of the ‘Great Depression’, seems fitting that we have almost come full circle then.

Who would have thought that Monopoly would still be going well today? However, the game has stayed relevant by all the different versions, which you can see listed here. A few that spring to mind are Star Wars, SpongeBob SquarePants, NFL and many more.

I have fond memories of playing the game, I have tried some of the new ones, such as with the electronic banker and the Google Maps and Street View version, but nothing compares to touching that toy money and throwing it at your opponents.

I cannot put a number on the amount of ties I have played Monopoly, but I can tell you that my record of winning is low. I am certain that you have some amazing memories of this great board game, so please share them with us. Which piece do you prefer to play with?



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