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iPad 2 Update: TV Advertisements Ready

We know that the new Apple iPad 2 is coming, we just do not know when – although there have been those rumors of a Christmas release. I would have said that the idea of the new Apple tablet launching this year was never going to happen, but recent news may have changed my mind.

We have learned from 9 To 5 Mac that Apple had shot some TV advertisements last month in New York; it was British photographer David Sims who got the call from Apple. Some of his previous work was for ‘Burberry Beat’.

It is reported that current iPad’s were used in the shoot, so will require a swap during post production. We can learn a lot from this, such as the new iPad 2 will stick with the current size format – so Steve was telling the truth when he said that there would never be a 7-inch iPad.

We all know how Apple likes to keep things a mystery, but what I found surprising was why those taking part had to sign non-disclosure documents, as there were no new devices on set? How long do you think we will have to wait for the iPad 2? Could it be launched this year?


  • Sam Illingworth

    “The current Ipad isent released in Europe yet. So doubt it.”

    Isn’t it? It’s been out in the UK for months, isn’t it one European release?

  • abc

    wait for the new ipad. don't waste your $$ buying the current generation ipad. it's only a couple for months. be patient. while waiting u may save up $$ to buy the next generation ipad.

  • The current Ipad isent released in Europe yet. So doubt it.

    I bought mine in New York in transit.


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