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iOS 4.2: Release Date Imminent? – App Previews

We have some good news for those of you patiently waiting for the arrival of Apple’s iOS 4.2 software update, as we can reveal that applications with support for iOS 4.2 are now starting to appear on the App Store.

This can only mean one thing – the update is still due to land at any moment. Some of you had hoped that Apple would release iOS 4.2 on Sunday, but as we’ve told you in previous reports, a release on Monday 8th November is looking more likely.

As Pocket-Lint reports, eagle-eyed iOS users have now spotted certain applications which have been updated with support for iOS 4.2. One example of this is TheTrainLine app, as the screenshot below clearly lists iOS 4.2 compatibility as one of it’s new features.

All that is left for Apple to do is release the thing – what’s the hold up? Have you spotted any other apps which have been updated with iOS 4.2 support?


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  1. Nearly 16.00 here in UK and no sign of thing, really annoys me they obviously have it so get on with it Apple! I just want multitasking so sick of opening and closing stuff as I try and work.

  2. I heard it was the ninth since android is coming out then, and apple was planning to baffle the android expo with it's os 4.2 lame shot methinks, as I'd rather just get the update asap, not when apple thinks they'll beat the competition. On the same note the more ipads sold, the more investment in r and d, which means better software…..

  3. I think it will hit on the 9th, if you had synced your ipad with your computer in the last week ,no matter what day you synced it shows it checks again for update on the 9th. My buddy never syncs his ipad, he did last week 2 days after I synced mine and it says the same date to check for updates, I think this is a clue!

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