Google’s X-Rays Doodle: When did you have one last?

Google has once again surprised us with another of their now infamous homepage doodles. This time, the search giant is celebrating breakthroughs in technology and they have created a rather slick X-Ray design.

You are probably not aware, but the 8th November actually marks 115 years since the X-Ray was first invented. The honor goes to German physics professor Wilhelm Röntgen who discovered the use of an X-Ray way back in 1895.

Google doesn’t forget anyone though, and to celebrate, visiting their homepage will bring up a cool blue neon design. You may just think that this is a logo, but if you take a closer look, it’s actually an animation as you can see glows of radiation emitting from the letters.

The question is though, when was the last time that you had to have an X-Ray? Luckily, it has been over a few years since I last had one, but I always remember the strange experience seeing those X-Ray photos hung up on display. Let us know your experience of X-Rays below.

You can read a full overview at Wikipedia here.


  • Natalie

    My screen of google hompage is what i really know. I think this information made me dizzy because i came here before for googles twelve bhirthday!

  • superakh

    google comes up very often with interesting doodles, on great historic events 🙂

  • mich

    talking abou x-rays

  • Mitch

    does anyone else notice the obviious 69 in that doogle?

    • linda

      just about to comment on that

      very sneeky google

      • whatever

        yes saw it straight away

  • James

    Sorry, but Nikola Tesla already knew about X-Rays 3 years prior to the so-called 'discovery' by Wilhelm Röntgen.

    Honest mistake though. It's not the first time somebody else got the credit he deserves.

    • Yep, I believe the guy that they said invented the radio actually used Tesla's patents making it. He is my favorite scientist 🙂

  • Derek

    Phenomena are not invented, they are discovered.

  • Kendall

    I had my last x-ray in the Royal Children's hospital. I have titanium rods in my spine and i've had numerous x-rays on my spine because i had a curvature of the spine.
    My experience with x-rays are not that bad, the worst of them was in a hospital bed, when a board had to be put under my spine whilst i was laying down. The x-rays they take are send electronically to minimise physical x-rays.
    I've also had chest x-rays and a wrist x-ray.

    • Jeremy

      hey, guess how many people care?

    • George

      Too Much Info.

    • linda

      well the title does ask ' when did you have one last?'


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