Free COD Black Ops With Samsung 3D HDTV

What better way to celebrate the launch of the hottest game this year than by offering it for free? Well that is just what Best Buy is doing, as you can get a free copy of Call Of Duty: Black Ops when you purchase a Samsung 50-inch Class 3D Plasma TV.

That’s not the only surprise; the price of that TV is just $969.96. Best Buy is certainly bringing Black Friday early to shoppers with this deal, as the normal price for the TV alone is $1400. Two pairs of active shutter 3D glasses worth $130 and $50 worth of movies are also included in the bundles.

You will need to be quick with this deal, as we cannot see Best Buy stores stocking too many of these. What better way to enter the 3D market? Best Buy will be open at midnight for the launch of COD Black Ops, so if you had not planned to go, then maybe this offer could make you reconsider that? Get more details by visiting Examiner.

The game only has over an hour to go until it is launched in the UK, and already some retail chains have started a price war. Last year Sainsbury’s had the best deal on Modern Warfare 2, this year it looks as though Asda (owned by Walmart) has the cheapest deal. What’s the best price you have seen Black Ops for?



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