File Sharing Debate: Jammie Thomas-Rasset $1.5 Million Bill

Many years ago the idea of file sharing was considered ok by a huge portion of the online community, but how times have changed. This practice of illegal downloading is frowned upon by not only record companies, but by the artist as well. So when news like Jammie Thomas-Rasset getting fined $1.5 million for illegal downloads, they feel that this shows a good message.

That fine was for 24 songs, so that works out that she paid $62,500 per song – not so free after all. I wonder if she regrets taking the lawsuit imposed by Recording Industry Association of America to a jury trial? This is not the first lawsuit of its kind, but not sure if we will see anymore.

Thomas-Rasset should consider herself lucky; she could have been fined up to $150,000 per track, which she downloaded from Kazaa. As expected, she will be appealing the fine, but do you think that she stands a chance of winning that appeal?

The Recording Industry Association of America will not continue to hunt down every file sharer downloader, but they have shown their teeth. Do you agree with this fine? Where do you stand on file sharing? More details on Boston Herald.



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