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Fallout: New Vegas – Sales Surpass 5 million

Fallout: New Vegas has now been out for just under three weeks, despite its problems Bethesda Softworks are boasting some pretty impressive sales figures.

With Fallout 3 being such a success the anticipation for New Vegas was extremely high, there are undoubtedly some disappointed gamers out there who were appalled with all of the game’s glitches etc, that said Bethesda has managed to ship 5 million copies.

These 5 million copies have generated more than $300 million, therefore I am sure Bethesda will be relatively happy and will continue to use Obsidian Entertainment for game development in the future, its just a shame they haven’t done more to keep their loyal customers happy.

According to VGACHartz Fallout: New Vegas is 41st in the top selling games of 2010, also in the week ending October 30th it was 3rd in the weekly game sales chart, behind Fable III and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (PS3).

Source: USAToday



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