Eggs Recalled: Salmonella At Ohio Farm -Julian dates

Back in August we reported of an egg recall due to an outbreak of Salmonella, so we were shocked of yet another case. The latest egg recall affects Cal-Maine Foods, Inc., who get their supply from an Ohio farm. Thankfully there have not been any reports of illness.

The FDA found salmonella during a routine inspection, and the worrying thing is, the farm has ties with the two men behind a previous egg recall. 24,000 eggs in all will be recalls, which were packaged from October 9 to October 12.

These eggs are shipped under different names these are as follows: Sun Valley, Sunny Meadow, James Farm labels and Springfield Grocer. The Julian dates for these are 282, 284 and 285. For more details visit the Iowa Independent.

Another scare like this will not give the consumer confidence in the food that they purchase. Recalls have been getting more often, which is certainly a worry, why has the rate of recalls increased over the past couple of years?


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