COD Black Ops Zombies: Eminem Easter Egg Revealed

By Alan Ng - Nov 8, 2010

We have some exciting news to bring you now, as it has been confirmed that an Eminem song has been hidden inside Call of Duty: Black Ops zombies as part of one of many easter eggs included in the game.

We were tipped off with the news a few hours ago, and now we know its real with a recent video that has appeared on YouTube. When playing the second zombie map, ‘Five’, simply find and activate the three red telephones and you’ll hear a complete version of Eminem’s ‘Wont Back Down’ song over the airwaves.

We knew that Eminem had been a big part of the game’s official soundtrack, but to actually have one of his tracks hidden inside zombie mode is awesome. It is a shame that Treyarch picked ‘Wont Back Down’ though, ‘Till I collapse’ would of been more appropriate for the level, do you agree?

Check out the video for yourself below and let us know your thoughts on this. Do you like the Easter Egg or not? Remember where you heard it first.

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  • Corym1044

    I heard eminem is on the cover

  • Darknightwar58

    U did not find it yet u all don’t no the sory line because u hant found the clues me and my friend found the real easter egg for five ps3 names r darknightwar add me I no all the secrets

  • jowef

    fukin rolling stones u sad saad fuck

  • coreo

    i recognised this while playing on lvl 7 at first i thought it was someone on a mic… and i heard a different song aswell…

  • Luntyboi

    Hmmmm right bit off topic here aren’t we. Well done for finding easter egg. As for those who have different music tastes, wow that’s a shock, so not everyone likes the same music! Gee whiz whatever next. So u like rolling stones wow that’s awesome, and someone else likes eminem cool that’s great. Personally I don’t care what any of u like as I have my own taste in music, and this isn’t a music forum, its about a game. And an easter egg in said game. Its there, deal with it, and if u can’t, then give the game to someone more deserving then sit in the corner and cry yourself to sleep. 🙂 grow up and lets get back on topic shall we

    • Chroscillator

      Or you could just not activate the Easter egg. /logic.

  • Ak dude

    Hey “masterbate man” your a fuckin retard to think eminem sold a lot of albums because he’s a good business man. I would love to see Warren Buffet sell out more rap records than any rapper, wich by your statement shouldn’t be hard for a business man worth 50 billion. Have your mom or someone smarter than you read your shit before you post it and make an idiot out of yourself

  • chase550

    yo mr. is now clean dosent do drugs and not a business man he gave 91 persent of his money to cancer reasearch in 2009 so dont put someone down u think u know plus i hate eminems music but i when to just stfu and continue with my life so next time get ur fuckin facts right asshole

  • I actually loved the girl who sang.

    I think Eminem has some decent stuff alright, but her voice was a lot more haunting, and well, I liked the guitarwork, got all the songs downloaded.

    • jimmyman121

      eminem is a guy dum*** and hes the most awsome rapper ever so if you hate eminem **** you!!!!

      • Eoin Insania

        Easy there, kid.

        I was referring to Elena Siegman, the girl who sang "Lullaby For A Dead Man", "The One" , "Beauty of Annihilation" and "115", the songs from the old zombie maps.

        Like I said, I don't hate him-I prefer her. But, whatever, flame blindly before you read what I say. Makes you look intelligent.

      • 3m1n3m

        i love eminem but hillbilly trash like you makes his fanbase look horrible. plus a man is just a reflection of the company he keeps so being acting like this in public is only making him look stupid and hurting your cause.

  • bucketowater

    lmao this has just became an all out flame war

  • jimsays

    mr bateman fuck you

  • hmm


    • Mark

      yes you are

  • FartPants

    Rolling Stones? What are you, 70 years old? Use the custom soundtrack feature if you hate it so bad.

  • god

    eminem was used sucsessfully 2 years runnig to promote call of duty
    remember the till i collapse trailer and the concerts he played for black ops and wont back down trailer a insanly huge celebraty backs a video game and you guys complain this is what gamers have wanted for the past 15 years publice acceptance that what we play isnt just for kids and eminems status can prove that
    and why does it matter that youre a whit student so that fact makes you belive that every other white student must think exactly like you

  • mic10

    eminem = most sucsessfull artist from 2000 – 2010 and has the most albums sold in that period fact he is the greatest of all tme and just casue you dont like him dosent mean you should jump up and down about it he has established his own fan base of millions that enjoy hs music black and white all ages do some reaearch before just flameing someone you guys are not rap fans and dont understand te talent he has fair enough

    • blah

      you forgot he has more money then everyone on this page commenting combined.

    • 12345

      that fact is bull shit. get you're facts straight. pfft..most succesfull artist from 2000-2010? hah.. you wish.

    • Azz

      Eminem is Alternative Hip Hop….not Rap -.- Theres a huge difference.

    • Dan

      Just because millions of braindead people will shell out money for his records doesn't mean that anything he puts out has artistic merit.

  • Hermann

    Anyone recognize the real creator of this video had his account terminated?

    His account had EVERYTHING, good quality zombie videos and good easter eggs. Freaking retarded how he got banned.

  • Colwindblows

    Why is anyone comparing rolling stones to eminem? They are both great Only an idiot would compare so why would anyone take this idiots opinion?

  • EminemNo1Fan

    ******* rolling stones??? are u avin a laugh??? hahahaha u must b cuz im lmao lol, an eminem song suits this game, put rollin stones in the game, then the game wudnt even sell, their fags trust me LMAO!!!

    • Ryan

      lmao okay… It is in the game, Rolling Stones is great music lmao. Eminem is for idiots made by dumb angry idiots. Don't get me wrong I love rap as well but Eminem shouldn't rap. And the should put the rolling stones in the game ( as they have anyway 'Gimme Shelter') It suits the era the rolling stones were at their prime during the vietnam and early stages of the cold war the game is set in that era. Believe me it would sell I know many people that like that type of music, also I think you would find the majority of COD players are 30 years old and up so the older people will like that music a lot. Eminem is white white people shouldn't rap it doesn't sound right. This is coming from a 19 year old white student so it's not racist lol

      • che

        your f***ing retarded
        eminem is the best rapper alive
        and he isnt white…he's black

      • BrYaNpWeRtEl

        im not saying that the rolling stones are bad but eminem is very good. they are just for 2 different demographics. i think he is a great rapper who makes very catchy songs and it would be ignorant to say eminem is for "idiots made by dumb angry idiots." Also, white people can rap, its not about skin color, it's about social status. people in ghettos are usually black, but there are white people (eminem) and this fuels their music, which is why eminems early stuff is much better.

    • kenny313

      well said!!!!

    • pointless

      Look there both decent but trust me Rolling stones suit the game much better

    • ihateretards

      you must be either a hood thug, or a retard… or both (i take that back you must be a retard because there isnt a single smart thug) but do us a favor go back to school and learn how to spell, or maybe you couldnt understand that maybe i should put it….. yo dawg your spellns iz a joke go back to skoolz and learn to spellz yo

    • i hate you

      to bad rolling stones is in it fag

  • Willis

    That's awesome! Shootin from the hip, yeah boy i shoot to kill

  • yut0811

    if you notice the first comment and reply to that comment, the guy who uploaded the video admitted the video is not his and believes that the music is probably not part of the actual game.

    • jack

      it is part of the game i have done it my self and i was amazed