COD Black Ops Zombies: Death Machine Gameplay – Pentagon Five

By Alan Ng - Nov 8, 2010

We have yet more gameplay from the zombie mode within Call of Duty: Black Ops to show you now, and also a confirmation that the death machine gun from standard multiplayer mode will be appearing in zombies as well.

For those of you that are unaware, the Death Machine is a weapon which can only be obtained via a care package in multiplayer. It is essentially a beefed up minigun, with the ability to wipe out foes in a second.

We’ve got a video to show you now, which confirms that the Death Machine will also be featured in zombies, as one of the game’s new powerups – there are now two which we know of. The video shows the Death Machine in action on the Pentagon map called ‘Five’, and as you can see, it is pretty powerful, but it doesn’t last very long.

We can’t wait to try it out for ourselves. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on it. Have you already used the Death Machine in Zombies? Don’t forget to view our Pack-a-Punch weapons guide here.

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  • bobby knowles

    get as many points as you can then open the white door. and pick up the machine gun. then get more points. then open the elivator. then get in the elivator. then go to the next floor. and then after that shoot some zombies. and then get back inside the elivator again. then go back to the other place where the machine gun is. then after that kill some more zombies. and then if you can get some more machine gun amo. and then get back inside the elivator. and go back to that other floor. ( try and get the death machine).

  • 222444

    im better

  • jaxsun65

    Black ops zombie five is the most addicting game I have played ever.

    Teamwork is the key. Problem is most people I have played with don’t

    Play as a team and it frustrating. Make friends with a bunch of good players and play with them. The game is amazing.. 8 hrs of play goes by

    Thanks whoever. I would like to know what other zombie games are

    Available. I’m addicted better than drugs even sex.

  • anonamouys

    to get the third map type in 3arc unlock

  • ={ sad

    it has been taken by katanzier so i didnt get to whatch it

  • Tristin

    I would be willing to play with anyone on zombies so here is my gamertag if you are a hardcore gamer:ZombieOwner117 please add me!!! !!! !

    • zombiesmustDIE

      xbox or ps3

  • fernando

    is their going to be more maps???????????????????????

    • zombiesmustDIE

      probably not to many

  • Joe

    umm.. i can't the death machine i mean what does it mean by get all the power ups

  • mack

    you can unlock the last two zombie maps all you have to do is break free of the restraints at the main menu go to the computer and enter the code "3arc unlock" it give you the final 2 zombies without beating the campain


    I am thouroghly impressed by every inch of this game. However, I was a diehard zombie (deriese) fan b4 the new zombies on black ops. My internet is out till wed when the doomas cable guy can get here to fix it. I’m attempting to get this unlimited ammo death machine w/ my son. Oh I’m talkin bout on zombies FIVE. Anyone with suggestions or more cheats please lemme know. I like to play fair but, I also don’t mind a lil cheat help from time to time. If u know anything u think I may not please contact me. :gamer name is same as one listed here. SAINTSfanMANNNN. Heck if u just wana play with another diehard and your willin to play with untimate teamwork feel free to add me up. No-one younger than 10 please. God Bless Gamers.

    • anger34

      ill add you if you have ps3 do you got ps3 or xbox

      • zombiesmustDIE

        whats your name on ps3 i have ps3

    • zombiesmustDIE

      xbox or ps3

  • Black Ops,so far,is the best call of duty.I mean,it has zombies,splitscreen online and BOTS!(Combat traning)

  • tyler

    so u basicly can get pentagon zombies after u finish the campaign? what about the 3rd map?

    • kaleb

      i think th third map is stupid i wouldnt even worry about it

    • dutchy

      theres a computer behind you when ypou are in the menu pres the left and right trigger to go walkning in tha room en go to the computer an then pres DEO then you unlock deadops arcade its pretty fun

      PS: srry for my languege im dutch

  • Lolzor

    Black ops cretar your a fuck tard aren't you. I have a mate that was actually part of the activison designer team he got it for free And a additional 4 copies.

  • i hate idiots

    says the whiny bitch like you looking up cheating sites. god loves a hypocrite like you.

  • black ops asucks

    a hate the nazi zombies in black ops

    • IV appl3 VI

      zombies is amazing i now how to complete it

      • wonderer


  • hahaha nooob

    hahaha you got fired nooob

  • Truimphant Asian kid

    I was just wondering is the harden edition 79.99$ or 89.99$ cause i have 90$ dollars and i don't want to look stupid when i buy it

  • Johova your mum up

    I already got it from asda I got delivered today. Woooooooo it is amazing and the zombies are flipping crazy it’s the best

  • ruben

    at black ops creator. your and idiot.

  • TerryMMA85

    i live in the uk and i got the game today.i preordered off zavvi last week but i have not put it on because there is a mixed response to wether you get banned on xboxlive so i dont want to risk it.i got hardend edition for £65,yes i did pay just for the zombie maps but what the hell having 6 maps to play is better then 2 even if they are the old maps

  • Blnko

    I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it. I wonder how many people will be calling out from work tomorrow because of this game. I will. How about you?

    • Anonymous

      Got it last night at like 8pm i waited on line at some gamestore for 7 hours

  • Black Ops Creator

    This will be taken off soon but i am part of the Black Ops zombie creation and was fired because i leaked 5 copies to my familly and got cought! The zombie mode in Black Ops will be back there will be the pack a punch and a heavy machine gun and alot of new weapons be quick to read this

    • hazzer12308

      what is that dollar sighn at 3:30

    • shut up liar

      shut up dont lie

  • yaright

    OMG This looks amazing, cant wait till i can buy it :D, and may be stupid question, but does zombies come with all black ops editions? Normal, hardened and prestige?

    • COD FAN


    • bob

      yes 🙂

    • fgaerghaegr


    • Coty

      no i believe only the hardened and prestigous come with them otherwise you have to pay and download them.

    • Blnko

      Yes but harden and prestige come out with WAW 4 Zombie maps

  • Tom

    No, you do not have to complete single player. You get one map at the start and one map after you complete it.

    • timmy

      For ps3 users:

      break free in the main menu when you are sitting down in the chair.
      Press L2 and R2 buttons a few times and you'll get loose. walk to the computer (on the right) en press SQUARE to use it.

      type in 3ARC (space) UNLOCK and you will unlock the other zombie maps =D

  • How good does that look!!!

    Do you know if you have to complete the single player campaign to unlock zombies?

    • averagejoe

      no you get up at the menu via mash lb rb and go over to the computer in the corner. type in 3arc unlock and youll get it and the arcade zombie game. yes you can get it by beating campaign but the code is much simpler