COD Black Ops Zombie Mode Review: Nothings Changed

By Peter Chubb - Nov 8, 2010

Earlier we mentioned that Wild Gunmen had required the talents of a video game journalist to offer her review of Call of Duty: Black Ops, and for the most part Sara “Moses” Chin loved the game. I thought I would dig into another part of her review, the section that looks at COD: Black Ops ‘Zombies Mode’.

She states the obvious when she says that it is a lot of fun; all of those who played World at War will know just what she means. The main part of the game takes a lot of skill and is very serious, but ‘Zombies Mode’ is like an escapism when the pressure from the main part of the game gets too much.

However, Sara is about to upset fans of the franchise, as she said “nothings really changed.” So what exactly does she mean by that? She states that the maps are now much larger than they were in World at War, as well as new zombies thrown into the mix, but it is still much the same.

I do not understand why she says that not much has changed; firstly there are those new crawling zombies – get ready for a few surprises there. Then what about that “Eminem Easter Egg” that has been reveled? However, the biggest change is with those four new characters that we recently mentioned. What do you think about what Sara “Moses” Chin said?

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  • Joe

    Um…. That's a good thing.

    Why change what is pretty much perfect?

    Don't fix what ain't broken.

  • Mike

    From the original article:
    "…unfortunately, it feels as though nothings really changed.
    Levels – The levels are much, much larger than the previous Nazi Zombie levels were in World At War and there’s a few new types of zombies trying to kill you but otherwise again, not much else has really changed. Even the sounds have all remained the same, “Max Ammo!” “Carpenter!” “Double Points!” The Pack-A-Punch and Perk-a-Cola machines are also back along with the mystery box and its little haunted creepy teddy bear companion.

    Conclusion – There’s two ways to look at this I guess. Either A, not much has changed, but that’s a good thing because the Nazi Zombie mode was perfect as it was, or B, Treyarch dropped the ball and failed to inspire a new generation of Zombie warfare. I’m not sure which I think as of yet."

    Having actually played the Black Ops zombie mode, and while I enjoy it, yeah while it has had SOME tweaks, it does by and large, feel and play a lot like the der riese and in that sense, nothing really has changed a whole bunch. That isn't to say this is BAD, I have a A LOT of fun with the zombie mode in Black Ops. Also , this is one person's opinion about the mode, and she's not THAT far off the mark in her opinion. Nonetheless, love the sexist and macho drivel going "SHE'S A STUPID GURL!! WHAT SHE KNOW ABOUT DEM DER VEDEEO GAMES??" Way to advance becoming more to the opposite gender being involved in the industry. And you wonder why they complain about boys and their toys, eh???

  • Alex

    Shes a girl and shes reviewing a video game. Of course shes not going to know what she is talking about

  • A-True-NavySEAL

    This lady must not be a true fan of the game then. They were not about to change any of the key areas. Oh and before I forget, check out the 2 hr of video of black ops here: The video shows just how sick the weapons and game play is.

  • cod fan #2

    my glass is half full even though if its empty on this game. Zombie are zombie and you just blow them to pieces… how different can it get?

  • Mr M

    Shes clearly a few rolls short of a picnic. Clearly it has changed, i doubt she has even played the game. Im buying the game at 12:00 tonight, ill give you a first hand review as im sure many will if we can pull ourselves away from the game that is.

  • ricky

    She really duznt kno what she’s talk n bout then, w@w didn’t have turret guns or the Zeus cannon, of course they ain’t gone mess with the key structure of the mode, that’s what made the the game

  • gav

    thats her opionin , and its fine.
    how many ppl will think shes an idiot tho

  • MJ

    Can’t wait for zombies, it’s gunner be the nuts!

    And the girls thoughts on the game, a girl playing computer games

    enough said

  • fdsafdas


  • Brawl

    What about the Pentagon Thief!?

  • Sam

    @Cod fan, i couldn't have said it better myself

  • Kevin

    So she admits that they are new maps which are much larger and a new breed of zombies but yet she says that "nothing has changed". Makes no sense what so ever.

  • cod fan

    her glass is half empty