CoD Black Ops Xbox 360 Leak: Mass Ban Imminent?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 8, 2010

As you have probably already heard the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops leaked last week, last night when I was online I saw quite a few friends who were playing Black Ops, which got me thinking, will there be another mass ban?

Almost exactly a year ago today Microsoft banned modded Xbox 360 consoles from Xbox Live, this was mainly due to the fact they were playing pirate versions of games online before their release date, therefore don’t be surprised if the same happens again this year.

At midnight tonight Call of Duty: Black Ops will launch, in my opinion this is the biggest day of the year in terms of gaming, therefore people will be keen to play Black Ops online as soon as possible, I wouldn’t be surprised it Microsoft carry out a mass ban within 24 hours so that they can benefit from all of the Black Ops hype.

I know people who have modded their console’s to play copied games, they accept the fact that they are doing wrong and would buy a new Xbox 360 and a legitimate version of Black Ops just to get online, therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft take this huge opportunity to gain console sales and get rid of pirates.

On the other hand Microsoft may perhaps wait until after the Kinect launch, if not they could potentially lose Kinect sales as people will not be able to afford a new Xbox 360 and Kinect in the same month.

Do you expect Microsoft to carry out another mass console ban soon?

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  • vardan

    pleas somebary help me i can't play black ops on xbox …it says unreadable disc error …i bought another disc of black ops but it still the same problem ….but all another games is is perfectly playing..please help me …..soooooooos

  • SamIam

    Microsoft Xbox is a crap system that encourges hacking…It is just like their virus ridden OS "Windows"…..If a 12 year old kid can hack or mod an Xbox or some red neck hacker, it just sucks!!!

    The people posting are right, thety banned the xbox consoles and made big money bc people had to buy new consoles and now they are banning accounts and will make big money off people having multiple accounts….Buy microsoft stock….people love crap!!!

  • dAnnyBoyDooch

    Modding an Xbox360 CONSOLE is pathetic. Nothing more. Going on line with Black Ops thinking that you're beating anyone is a sad and lonely life in your mom's basement and the overall experience is ruined by these people whatever age they are. Microsoft has an occasional press release telling you (pick a figure) have been banned, but I don't believe it.

  • The Grits

    Most people werent kicked because of playing the game early, as stated. It was because Microsoft knew who had modded consoles.. I have one myself and was never stupid enough to play them early. They knew for a long time and chose to sit on it until the release of MW2, cause as everybody knows, they ban the xbox, not your account. They got huge sales from it, they also got a lawsuit started for the manner in which they did it in, doing it before the release. There were still tons of people who got banned who never did anything wrong, im curious what ever happened with those people and their xbox's. Hopefully not too many people did it, cause this is the worst COD yet, mostly cause of all the online issues.

  • emptyaddy

    Massive amounts of modded boxes on Call of Duty Black Ops multiplayer right now as I type this. Pathetic really. And these are not kids either. Several games in a row everyday I run into them. Ever since the recent v6 release and the patch on torrents it has gotten ridiculously bold to play the current mega title. Last week various friends have been encountering "good ole boy" teams all on the same couch of 20-30 year old losers rolling on one or two mod box backs for wins. Profiles are either 48 hour or robin hood sign-ons (i.e. with +10k gamerscore, 2nd prestige, only multiplayer games on the list and haven't been on xbox live a year) or worse. Having friends join said rooms after people leave so they can DHCP snare these IPs and lay down feedback bots on just the fruitcakes with a bajillion gamerscore and seeding off the modders – the mod boxes go free, because the only way you're going to stop these losers is by going after the ones who care about their profile. We keep them in recent and join again in a week and usually its the same losers after spending more money reinstating their profiles with the same jocky mod box helping them.

  • dAnnY BoY

    I have a copy and hack the shit out of the Xbox, fuck you moron, bet your a geek with no family, over 40 years old still playin with his tadger online, why spend the money when you can get it for nothing??
    You just dont know how to do it, or you would……

    • Daniel "Terretzz"

      Do you not see something inherently wrong in taking something that is not yours? Theft is theft regardless of getting away with it. As to how to do something, this is the internet. Almost anything that someone has done can be reproduced because the true hackers and modders share their feats on the internet. At that point it is just following a recipe and voila modded xbox. Morality is askew with today's young people. If a video game is crap and not worth 60 dollars donot play it. The only reason they charge that much for an item is that people will pay it. Supply and demand. I do not want to sound callous to people who are not making a muchmoney, but the true is if you cannot afford something you should not have it. Especially something like entertainment. It's not like you are starving you just cannot afford a game. This does not mean that you can steal from the company as though you are entitled to play games. Some of these thoughts are not responses to you Danny, but I think that they are inertwined with you post

  • Bill

    Long live the pirates!

  • xbox lover

    thats not true about the jtag ~ everyone is online ~and everyone with flashed xbox,s did panic at the new update but its jus a dashboard~ playing free games is the way 4ward as most games are jus pure hype ~and not worth the money its simply jus dont play early and get flagged ~ thats how people got band as long as u steath check patch your xbox games your cool

  • Rook221

    nothing like going to a realease party getting home popping the game in at a halfhour after release and being in a lobby with 1st or 2nd lvl prestiges…..

  • Jim Bob

    Just because people play free copies of games doesn't make them and their families pathetic. Not everyone can afford to pay $60 a game. And I can guarantee that you have downloaded a song from a file sharing program. Quit being so dramatic and childish.

    • Mark Llama

      Exactly!!! AntiTheft You're a Douche….

  • Spencer

    Its already happened. Last week the new dashboard update made it impossible to get jtagd xbox online. Those who.tried were immediatly banned

  • ste

    Microsoft are to lazy to bother like the swearing little kids on there who mess up all the fun for us teens who want to play it right. they should be banned. but are they? fkxxxxk no!!!