CoD: Black Ops – Xbox 360 Graphics Better Than PS3

By Jamie Pert - Nov 8, 2010

You may remember a few days ago we posted an article where Microsoft’s Xbox director of entertainment suggested that the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops was better than any other version, well now we have some proof which seems to suggest that Xbox 360 version’s graphics are better than the PS3 version.

If you check out this link you can see a wide-range of interactive screenshots which compare the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops side-by-side with the PS3 version, at the bottom of the page their is a poll and at the time of this post 60% of people thought that the Xbox 360 version looked better, 25% of people thought the PS3 version looked better and the remaining 15% of people thought there was no difference.

For some reason the comparison features screens captured at 720p via HDMI, in all of the comparisons I feel that the Xbox 360 images have a much richer depth of color, in some of the screens the PS3 versions do not look as crisp as the Xbox 360 release.

I would love to see a 1080p comparison, because let’s face it if you are looking for graphical differences you have to compare the highest resolution images to make your decsion.

We have embedded two screen below showing the Xbox 360 version compared to the PS3 version, what do you think looks better?

(Below is an Xbox 360 screen from Black Ops)

(Below is a PS3 screen from Black Ops)

If you would like to see more screen comparisons check out the link below.

Source: LensOfTruth

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  • OrganizationXIII

    PS3 has a horrible screen shot.. turn the brightness down an take screenshot on ps3.. you should have a diferent opinion.. ps3 is superior by far.. get over it :/

    • Christian-mak

      but this has nothing to do with the screen’s brightness. the comparison shows the xbox360 and ps3 versions on the same screen with exactly the same adjustments on it which means that the xbox has better colours and shading by default

  • awsome

    and i think we can all agree that the wii definatly has the worst graphics in the world

  • awsome

    my frind has the ps3 and i heard complaining about the same things. like ppl popping out of nowere and stuff like that

  • awsome

    i say they are the exact same… i have both the counsels they look the same. but i think the xbox is just on an high deff tv… i mean that could make anything look better

  • albee213

    I have both systems and the same game on both and really the graphics are better on the Xbox, I seen blocky explosions, strange effects and shadows that pop up out of no where on the PS3, none of this on the Xbos… Look I know that the PS3 is more powerful and has yada yada and some other do-hickeys but really it does not matter, if the games cant use it then its really a waste. There are things I like about both systems but I have been so frustrated with the PS3 and what makes it wose is the fanboys of the system that will over look any flaw becasue they think its better. I can make a list that is too long for this site of why the PS3 is lame and just a few things that suck about the xbox.

  • erik

    ok well I was playing black ops on my friends ps3 and the graphics were just terrible. like I couldn’t tell who I was shooting at. But I have black ops for xbox and it’s great on 1080p and i can see who im shooting…it amazes me on xbox. The ps3 can’t match up to it.

  • klawk

    Haha someone cranked up the brightness way to much on the ps3, I like the xbox and the ps3 I just prefer the ps3 because it has blu-ray, playstation move(so i dont have to loook gay playing kinect), i dont have to pay to play my games online, and i dont get a ring of death after a year

    • Derrickscopion

      See down below wasthing yourmoney well your a ding bat for blue rays wow here news I own both ok as for the 59$ a year worth it if it mean I don’t have a server crashing down and better graphic and game play oh and the slim version doesnt get it your dumb end of story Ur welcome from mlg player

      • TheBoob

        That’s just it, you are paying for use of internet. The cost adds up so Xbox is more expensive.

    • FOggER

      do you remember YLOD ???!!!

  • ur mom

    xbox360 is 4 playing online and playing call of duty games and halo and ps3 is 4 wasting ur money and playing gay games like god of war litter big platet ect

  • Sevet888

    The graphics of CoD:MW2 are better than Black Ops………..

  • MatriXz

    Multi format games are made on the pc then ported and scaled down for consoles,xbox 360 still renders in direct x 8 my ati card in the pc is dx 11. I don't pay for a childish basic online service ,I can pick servers to play on,I don't have to put up with kids screaming at me who arn't really old enough to play anyway.If u want to see the game in full graphical glory get a pc. no comparison

  • AdrianFault

    Bull straight Bull.. check your visual settings.. bulll… PC wise it depends on your graphic driver, whether or not its good or bad. Since each graphic driver has different limitations and output it's more versatile than a 360 or ps3. No offense but i like controller over mouse… mouse is for leet people who can aim accurately.. i just use the controller cuz i'ma lazy person and like to move my hand the least amount lulz. The real test is when place for video shots, since moving and a standstill object cant be compared. so umm go fetch a vid clip of i… and dont be using no craptastic vidcapture and change the quality of one of em. otherwise you epic fail and should resign from making anymore reports.

  • Enlightened

    doesnt matter which looks best, the ps3 has the better hardware internally. At that point its treyarch/activision fault for making the 360 have better graphics if it is. And what pictures was taken?

    Was it in the highest HDMI output the ps3 has via hdmi cable? probably not. Mine looks wonderful in 1080P on a sony vaio HD tv.

  • Trevor

    I just played black ops in 3D on my ps3 and its pretty impressive ! What’s the 3D like on the xbox ?

  • Screwed

    Play the pc version if u all care so much about graphics….

  • jdigitalseven

    LOL@mooooooosays trying to justify his $50 a year he pays to MS on top of his internet costs just to play online…..not to mention if he downloads ANY digital game, then he wont be able to play it unless he keeps renewing.

  • illusion

    its funny how you freeze te shot at exactly the right frame for both consoles… so you have nothing to do.. and thouhgt lets make a war and photoshop this ***** screen…


  • illusion

    its funny how you freeze te shot at exactly the right frame for both consoles… so you have nothing to do.. and thouhgt lets make a war and photoshop this F*CNG screen…


  • fuzznuts

    Doesn’t matter. This game looks like shit on both systems. Poor graphics engine.

  • Noneyabiz

    I dont have $3000+ sitting around for a LED tv. So, I have a Vizio 32″ 720p. I noticed from the beginning the lack of “crisp” of Black Ops on my PS3. Im not comparing it to the 360, but compared to my MW2 there is a huge difference graphics. Especially in the cut scenes! Cut scenes are suppose to look 10x better than in gameplay , but they are both pretty much lange in Black Ops. I kind of feel ripped off. Lets see if the story in Campaign will make up for bad graphics and I will see how online is soon. They both better be good! Grrrrr.

    • Noneyabiz

      Ok.. So I changed the settings on my tv and it worked like a charm. It looks great on my PS3, shit, compare it to my PS2 this looks amazing! hAHa.. :))

      I believe I had my tv settings suitable for GTA. For those who own that game know wtf I’m talking about fosho! lOl

  • Kage

    Haha, someone hasn’t changed the HDMI settings on the PS3 to optimise the picture *head bang*

    No difference what so ever. Just brighter because of this mistake

  • Jon

    whoever posted this is bias. the graphics are the same, the brightness on the PS3 picture was turned up. thats all.

  • heath

    xbox holds cod back. if it was a ps3 exclusive then oh my could it be amazing.

    *if u dont understand what im talking about look at the alpha footage for killzone 3, killzone 2, or uncharted 2, hell uncharted 1 absolutely destroys 99.5% of todays game graphics

  • wolfman

    the thing is, you never really notice the difference. If you do, i will advise you change your tv (LED more preferably), or visit an optician…..

  • Meowmmm

    I'm fed up of the '360 has better contrast and deeper colors'. I have both versions which I can run side by side on my 65" Plasma TV, and can tell you that at 1080P (And both setup for the same visual settings) the PS3 version has slightly better textures, and way better cut scenes. When you turn the brightness up on both versions, the 360 version washes out (happens in most games). I think this is why MS is using the deeper contrast to hide this. Uncharted 2 proved last year that the PS3 could beat the 360 on graphics when programmers took time to push the system.

  • marhorn

    Xbox 360 wins! ps fails! end of!

  • jimbob

    as an owner of both consoles i think we have the right to speak to me both versions will look the same as it has been proven that the xbox 360 and ps3 are about the same power wise so thats that and yes ps3 online is ok but xbox live is awsome but the online side of things is that both will play exactly the same so stop moaning fan boys there are hi's and low's to both consoles for the xbox it's having to pay to play but u do get good quality and why !!! because we pay for it thats why but sony updates the psn all the time so to me it makes no diff just have more friends on xbox so there is no need for all this moaning rubbish mine is better than you'rs crap get over your selfs i dont matter who prefers what at the end of the day we all get the same call of duty anyway.but i do like to talk to friends in party so we dont all have to play the same game thats it

  • Josh

    Its like going back to the days when GameTrailers used to purposely make sure the PS3 wasn't configured to look its best, arguing the Xbox 360 didn't need configuring when you first buy it- so oh so naturally it was 'only' fair not to configure the PS3 for the screenshots. Actually ridiculous. Configure the friggin PS3, get it looking its best on that particular TV, then do some screenshots!? No… Didn't think you would :-P.

  • Blaaaaaat

    I'm buying this game used anyway, after shelling out full price for MW2, I think Activision owes me some cash back for a sub-par COD, so I'm going to buy this used off ebay.

    I know, I know.. IW made MW2 and Treyarch made BO, but i don't give a fiduck. Activision is the publisher.

  • Name

    LMFAO, there's settings for a reason. wow, seriously people these days…

  • D..

    I own all three systems, your wars are silly to me

  • vader02

    You cannot capture these systems at 1080p. There are almost no games which are actually rendered at that resolution. Most games are rendered at 720p and like another poster said above, capturing at 1080p can only REDUCE image quality, not improve it. Not to mention Black Ops is actually rendered at even lees then 720p and is sub-HD to begin with. For the brightness, if captured at "source level" the PS3 will always be slightly brighter. Tweaking settings from the source level would leave you with an unfair comparison.

  • Rawrskill

    FFS! its COD not the exactly pushing the graphical benchmark of either system. why dont you compare 'pong' on both systems? Either compare something where graphics actually matter or STFU.

  • hudsmack

    A 1080p comparison would make no sense. The game runs natively at 720p so a 1080p comparison would be a comparison of upscaled images. In the long run so what, the game looks great on both consoles and nitpicking over a few screens is a waste of time.

  • steve

    i have the ps3 version and it looks like the 360 version put your twatin tv and ps3 settings rite and c for yourself

  • PaulyG

    the first photo is more dark, but you can chose this when the game starts with ps3, maybe skipped that? :p

  • John

    I dont even know why people are bothering to talk about this. Everyone knows which machine produces better graphics, if the graphics are better on the xbox then thats down to lazy ass developers, simple as! When an xbox dev creates something on par with Ratchet and Clank then u can start talking! I would have mentioned Drake, MGS, GOW but the xbox can’t reach those levels so theres no point!

  • Ray

    Who gives a crap? Let those Xbot trolls have their sleightly better multiplats. The rest of their games suck. This is the best as it gets for them. When KZ3 comes out they won’t have anything to gloat over.

  • bullet

    I got both copies of the game for both systems and honestly I can say that both are identical in graphics. The pictures above is showing the ps3 image on a ps3 in which the rgb is limited versus full rgb. When you set the ps3 on full rgb, the graphics looks exaclty the same as the xbox 360.

    • steve

      nice one

  • ddlcp

    by jst having a deeper depth slight dark etc doesn't make it different.. it jst stupid.. the surrounding and realism of the graphic make difference..

  • pajj

    honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the same version of the game (both 360)

  • Mark

    The more stories this site publishes the more stupid it looks… keep it up!

  • blandylfc84

    to be fair i think its bs. who cares anyway im not gunna rush out and buy a 360 just because some randomer shows me one pic that looks slightly better. some ppl like getting fucked in thye ass by microsoft, me personally i dont my console is sony and my laptop is apple, enjoy your ever rising supscription costs, but hey its worth it because one frame of blackops could look like it has more colour than ps3 yeyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • BukkakeTime

    bahaha poor tardies, who cares anyway..get a life and get both consoles!
    The PS3 stick wins HANDS DOWN, way more impant than to turn your tv's brightness up.

  • Bishop

    Point is you don’t need to adjust it, it’s a hassle when you do specially when you owned both, why should I change my tv contrast also if I change the game it just throws me off even more, xbox 360 is just better for shooters and I’ll play my movies and music on my ps3 and play games that are really made for ps3 which they make better graphic when it’s exclusive like uncharted and god of war…. 360 all day for online better ppl and I know that for experience, you get what you pay for online

  • Ryan

    Yay that old chestnut. Of course they will be 'better' because it was made using the 360 and ported over.

  • Tran

    These were captured in 720p because thats the native resolution you dimwit…do your research

  • Dude

    PC kills 'em both anyways, who cares?

  • Mohsin

    I’ll show you how much this guy has no idea what he’s talking about. He wants to do a comparison in 1080p?well sorry to break it to you but both console versions are sub 720p (as all recent Cod games have been) so upscaling them to 1080p will only REDUCE image quality. I’m sure when MS was talking up the 360 version they totally forgot about the PC version right? If you wanna talk superior graphics PC wins hands down every time.

  • DumArticles

    it's brighter, not better. Turn the brightness down idiots, ps3 has more contrast, and is better.

  • Ian Jones

    These images are different how can you compare the soldiers in the background are we. awearing different color meaning their could be different motion in graphical delivery system causing distortion in one of the images more than the other

  • john

    i use an xbox but would definately have to say thats just a brightness setting screw up…reconfigure ur tv settings it'll probably work better.

  • paijj

    graphics don't even look better just looks like someone cranked the brightness on the ps3 version and said look how much better this looks

    • andi7

      swallow it ps3 fanboys!!!

  • The reason why is because of DirectX on the Xbox, opposed to OpenGL on the PS3.

    • BubloZX

      The ps3 can use directs too. It’s simply just a poor port

  • angelo

    I for two won’t be purchasing either one…let’s see…we will make the 360 version look better even though the ps3 is capable of better graphics cause its cheaper for us to do so…more money for us…then we will take cash from Microsoft to get dlc first…even more money..let’s sprinkle in some tweak to mp to justify another $60 one year later…and we ll give u a whopping 5-7 hour campaign…No Thanks…these two money grabbing leeches make perfect partners…bending over all u sheep and giving it to you…no thanks…ill stick with uncharted 2…MAG…reach…and the killzone 3 beta

    • concretebody

      Lol. The same ish I was wondering. bs

    • mooooooo

      Lol. PS3 doesnt have better graphics. it has a tiny front end bus with a cpu that isnt up to snuff. Even better, the PS3 has a WEAKER gpu, all the way. The PS3 is not well rounded and has horrible networking. PSN is pure crap. Love the framerates on the PS3 to boot. PS is for blueray in my house and an occational exclusive. For the rest, the xbox will do (and a pc will do better). I have both systems and think the pc makes them both look 3 years old. 😛 By the way,

  • andy

    I call a BS on that !

  • Evilhomer

    Lol at the two ps3 owners there… A tad upset are we? ! Diddums. U stick to ur crappy ps network and poor online gaming (and I have both consoles so CAN comment :o) )

    • John

      and yet u choose to be an ididot!

    • Guest

      my console has actual exclusive games coming out
      your has kinect LOL

    • Anders

      I don't see what's so bad about the PS Network. No connection issues. I too own both consoles, but I play CoD on my PS.

  • Bill Gates

    You twats, 360 all teh way.

  • If you don't know why they are both running at 720p you have no business writing video game reviews.

  • everyone knows that the PC graphics are superior to either of these consoles anyway.

    • Nathan

      gay PC is for old people like my father who plays and is 61

      • DvR

        yeah, PC is for people with standards, consoles are for kids and douchebag jocks.
        like you nathan.. just like you.

  • daMan

    what a noob… who eva posted that two comparrsions here ob had to much brightness in the ps3 version. noob.. next thing you gonna tell us is that you rate games for a living…

  • FFS who cares!?!?!

    This will no doubt start a fanboy 'debate' and i for one won't be purchasing an effing 360 just because they're slightly better graphics.

    • Sam

      Totally agree. Anyway, I've seen a lot of those pictures about a game being better than another, I then tried to make a comparison between my PS3 ans my friend's Xbox and I never saw the freaking difference. There is like millions of different HD tvs, withe different settings, different colors. There is just no way to see a difference if you're not some hardcore trained game tech

    • PS3Xboxowner

      Well the game was developed for the xbox on an xbox, then ported to the ps3. doesn't prove that the ps3 is worse, just that game developers are lazy. xbox can't handle the 1080 version, and if i'm not mistaken the ps3 which could. 1080 isn't available. wouldn't surprise me if microsoft had something to do with that. $$ no what i mean.

  • redneck008

    lol biggest BS ever.

    • andy

      you can say that again.I don't believe that for one second.