COD Black Ops Stock Review: Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys

By Gary Johnson - Nov 8, 2010

With only a few hours to go for the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops, supermarket giant Asda has declared it their biggest games launch of all time. But will Asda and the other retailers have enough stock to meet demand?

James Batchelor of MCV is reporting that Asda says it has unprecedented stock level for the imminent launch, and far beats any video game released so far. Asda’s games buyer – Alastair Islip – posted on the company’s Aisle Spy blog that “We are putting more stock into store than we have ever done before on a gaming launch, so hopefully no-one will be disappointed.”

He added “Clearly we can make no guarantees but it has been our mission to make sure that we don’t go off sale on COD at launch.” The supermarket has decorated several of their stores entertainment departments with COD-branded display units, and are offering Black Ops for £36.97.

We reported recently that rival retailer Sainsbury are offering the game for only £27.97 if you spend £30 or more instore, with the standalone price of £37.97. Tesco are offering the game for £39.99.

Let us know what the stock levels where like at your local store.

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