COD Black Ops Stock Review: Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys

By Gary Johnson - Nov 8, 2010

With only a few hours to go for the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops, supermarket giant Asda has declared it their biggest games launch of all time. But will Asda and the other retailers have enough stock to meet demand?

James Batchelor of MCV is reporting that Asda says it has unprecedented stock level for the imminent launch, and far beats any video game released so far. Asda’s games buyer – Alastair Islip – posted on the company’s Aisle Spy blog that “We are putting more stock into store than we have ever done before on a gaming launch, so hopefully no-one will be disappointed.”

He added “Clearly we can make no guarantees but it has been our mission to make sure that we don’t go off sale on COD at launch.” The supermarket has decorated several of their stores entertainment departments with COD-branded display units, and are offering Black Ops for £36.97.

We reported recently that rival retailer Sainsbury are offering the game for only £27.97 if you spend £30 or more instore, with the standalone price of £37.97. Tesco are offering the game for £39.99.

Let us know what the stock levels where like at your local store.

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  • dillan

    need black opp cheapest place to buy plz

  • scrw blackie

    black ops is crap get another halo

  • rubbish

    cod is boring now cant wait for gow 3!!

  • Craig

    Mine was 4.97 from Asda when trading in Fable 3. Bargain.

  • sniper

    everyone is a rip off think

  • Wayne soper

    Tescos call of duty black cop £25 wen you buy 2100 micro soft or 3 months gold membership for £17

  • james

    hi is there any stock left in sanisubrys in barstaple i cant find out last year it was 25 pound from sainsurbrys the first day for mw2.

  • jMES
  • SgtSCooTERBoY

    Got COD this morning for £7.99 @ HMV when traded with Medal of Honor, v. happ

  • crazeef00l

    Straight up price of 29.99 at best buys. No catch either.

  • Andrew

    Buy all your Christmas presents now from Argos. For every £100 spent they give you £10 gift vouchers. Then use these free vouchers to bring the game price down, I spent £200 so that £20 off the game price. You can also use the reserve online feature to check whether the game is in stock. Winner

  • stevie

    tesco at lowestoft, 2 psn card in store, massive que clearly not enough for everyone, and none of the staff informing anyone of how little they have in stock, didn`t get it for the promo price had to pay 39.90, not impressed and i was 3rd in line for ps3.
    wont be doing the tesco route for next copy

    • rob

      my suggestion a massive complaint to their head office or trading standards.. They went to press with this deal.. 2 copies is not enough

  • Andrew

    How much is it in Sainsburys

  • Josh

    if you're prepared to wait for delivery… £25 from tesco entertainment online, when you buy with £20 PSN card.

  • NickN

    Is sainsburys open at midnight for black ops?? Come on people i need the information quickly

  • sgtbanjo

    Morrison £29.99 when you buy any other chart title.

  • MRC

    I did this trick last year for MW2 ……

    walk in ASDA at 23:55 see 2 huge Lines of people(xbox or ps3), then theres the pre-order que but thats ok they paid to be there. what do I do to solve this situation?
    Go to security guy and ask wheres PC line? He goes "PC?" goes to desk, returns and says "ok u go first" 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 (Fapping in public was first thought but I overided that before I did something I would have deeply regretted).

    So I'm sat here posting at 23:20 instead of joining the que.
    At 23:55 I shall arrive at ASDA and return to mash up some zombies by 00:05 and enjoy servers and free DLC. Oh and it's alot cheaper, fallout:vegas was £25 for PC.

    Gunna go make a sandwich to kill que time 😉

    • black op

      haha will you be sat up at attention soldier on your computer desk too while were all chillin lounging back on or corner sofas all warm and cosy trittons on head and vibrating controllers on our laps? 😛

  • The Camel

    Pre-ordered mine last night at tesco's, gonna pick it up soon. Hope it's not too busy.

  • anonymous

    its called downloading people you should try it its alot cheaper rofl

  • Mikey

    Heard that Tesco are reducing price to £25 if you buy either a 2100 MSpoints card, 3 month of live or 3 months PSL which are all about £17 each

    • dave kemp

      mikey what the hell is PSL?? playstation live in your made up mind? get your facts off, its a free online service.

    • Gav

      I got that deal at midnight, what a treat!

  • sebastiaan


  • Rory

    Pre ordered from game. Had 16,000 points on my game card. only cost me £4.99

  • ahmad

    is there any store where its 25 pounds or 30 pounds with no deals & stuff

    • Chris

      "the biggest game of the year" …….. I doubt it

      tescos £25 when u buy 2100 micropoints or 3 month gold or PSN something.
      thts ur best bet

  • tigerjones1

    is dere any were where the game is 30 pounds or less just da game no deals like sped 30 pounds & game 27 pounds?

  • Stephen

    I'm going to my local Sainsbury's in an hour so will post back!

    • links

      local sainsbury’s don’t sell it only big shops

  • brook


  • hup

    MOrrys or sainsbury come on guys I needs this info

    • bryan

      tesco £25 quid when you buy 3 months xbl 🙂

      • Gwar

        not very helpful if you already have an xbox live annual membership. its pushes the purchase price to 42.50, better off going Sainsburys after all everyone needs to eat?