COD Black Ops Review: Pros And Cons

By Peter Chubb - Nov 8, 2010

The game that we have been waiting on for months is almost here, and we can now tell you that the first reviews for Call of Duty: Black Ops has now started to appear, and the early signs look good. The review on Wild Gunmen has been written by Sara “Moses” Chin, who is one serious gamer.

Sara starts the review off on a bit of a downer, by saying that the Black Ops campaign is a little like Medal of Honor in the way that it is a bit confusing. For those of you who do not mind jumping in and out of different characters on the narrations, then you will not have any issue with this.

However, the plus side is that Black Ops will eventually get you up to speed and fill in those missing pieces, something that Medal of Honor did not. Sara might upset a few fans of the franchise after her conclusion of the ‘Campaign Mode’ saying, “Campaign is good but not great.” She picks up on the fact that the AI is nothing special, but do you agree with her?

However, she does redeem herself by saying how great ‘Theater Mode’ is, saying that Treyarch has done a great job. While reading the review I get the feeling that she did not play the game, but I could be wrong. What do you think?

Read the review on Black Ops, do you agree, especially with these pros and cons? Are you ready for the new Call of Duty game, we know that Xbox 360 and PS3 servers are?

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  • Biondi

    Totally agree with knight…I bought this game cs i got caught up in the hype MW2 craps all over it and its obvious so Im struggling to find a negative review for this game ..
    theres so many gliches i feel like throwing my 24 inch screen out the window.. OMG wtf is with these loading times and having to stare at a blank screen, treyarch can suck my left testi and i will always have the urg to piss on anything they make.. they destroyed this game


    COD Black Ops is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Knight

    I've yet to play a game more frustrating than black ops since WaW. What I don't understand is why every review of this game is great……. And then followed by scores of bad reviews of actual players. This game sucks. Treyarch sucks. Activision has dropped Infinity Ward …… So I'm sure the rest of the series will suck. Hopefully IW will take over the medal of honor series ( they helped on the last one….. Hence why it was by far the best)…… And activision and treyarch can have a miserable existence together selling games with nothing more than a fun zombie mode. Black ops is going back to wal-mart……. MW2 back in the xbox.

  • xoxRANDOMxox

    I think COD Black Ops is only good ,not great . The graphics and sounds could have been better and the way you unlock stuff is just stupid. One great thing about it is they made it so you can no longer quick scope,drop shot,or boost.So all in all its not a game i should have gone to the midnight release for,that was a wast of time.

  • walkerwm

    I have to say that I was very exicted for this game. Unfortunately … I feel that I could have spent my $62 a litte better. The map graphis are terrific but game play feels a bit slugish. After playing for several hours, I kind of missed Modern Warefare. They did so some impovements on being able to wager, purchase upgrades, and the ability to form a party ( and communicate ). My suggestion.. Save your coin or wait till it drops in price.

  • guest

    bull shlacka i love this game i just picked it up first copy it was amazing.

  • jim

    I picked up the game last night and played the multi player. graphics were the same as MW2 but the game play was choppy. the consept of the game and the changes to how things are aquired is good and long overdue but i must say that the game lacks umph. Medal of Honor graphics are much better than Black ops but the game play is not as good. so i guess it is a trade off.

    • walkerwm

      That is a really good assessment….I could not agree more.

  • Nick

    I just got black ops was playing it last night I have to say I like the maps as far as multiplayer I don't like it its too much like WaW and WaW was my least favorite of them all. attack dogs? really? and the helicopters shots don't even make a sound thats just unrealistic. Also the grenades sound like little fire crackers I'm going to put my MW2 back in my xbox starting today.

    • Jones

      I agree my friend. I said I'll give Black ops a fair 1 week shake. Then it will probally be back to MW2 for me.

  • red1fire

    COD is best game series ever created… and all these blogers feel the same way or they wouldnt be online chatting it up.

    • red1fire

      I pick up my copy in 2 hours. : )

  • Mack

    Black ops campaign is about 70% that of MW2 in terms of Graphics, sounds and AI. The enemies walk around like robots and if u get close to them they run into you lile a robot. Graphics arn't as sharp and not rendered as well. Install the games and compare the space used.

    I dislike the silly flashbacks, just give me a campaign and let me play it. Campaign is but too short and I'd trade zombies for a special ops section like mw2.

    • guest

      i dissagree the graphics are amazing you just dont know games yoou need to get up and get awake bec i helped crete the game

  • Jay

    Why is the jumping in and out of charactors confusing ?
    And why compare that to MOH ?
    In modern warfare 1 and 2 you constantly change the charactor you are playing as.
    Has she even played a COD game before ?

  • sdfghjl

    i feel like the reviewer bags on the game the entire review and then calls it the game of the year at the end..

  • Guest

    How could the campaign confusing in Medal of honor. 1st your a Navy Seal(Teir 1 operatives) doing intel missions. Then your a Ranger (Elite Army Forces) doing heavy fighting. Then back and forth yadda yadda yadda. How is that confusing in the least. You would need to be a retard to confuse wat was going on.

  • Alex

    That ‘redeem’ piece makes you sound like a fanboy, i wish an rpg fan would review COD so that then people could actually get a decent unbiased review. I seriously think the only reason people buy COD is because all their friends do, thats the only reason i buy it. IMO!!!!!

    • Hunt

      i get it because i love the multiplayer, each release has a certain technological advantage over the other, and its always nice ot get a fresh perspective on the series/

    • cameron

      yess finnally someone who knows how to review a video game i tottally agree with you!!!!!!

  • downloadsnolimits

    there is no downer,i have played the full game (it was leaked) and the first few missions kinda reminded me of the best of metro 2033 and all the best from call of duty 6.
    the story line is really good and you must really pay attention to it but i will admit i did get lost in the story at times but in the end it made sence and the zombies mode is really funny at times.
    overall finish the game on story before online play.

  • bishop

    This is ridiculous OF COURSE ITS A FAKE REVIEW! Some random gamer would not be able to obtain it early enough to make a review unless it was stolen. Game developers dont just give away there products, especially ones kept as secret as black ops has been. Besides this has bogus written all over it, because the only bad game like COD she can compare it to is MOH so she had no other game to compare it to. BOGUS!

    • stephen

      You do know that people in austraila have had the game for a few hours….so it could be an aussie review.

    • orc

      Actually – some pre orders arrived on monday…

  • Jason

    I'll only hate on the single player if it's less than 5 hours like Medal of Honor was. As far as "jumping between characters", this has been happening for a long time now. If you can't figure out that you're not playing the same person from the mission intro… well.. maybe you're beyond help. Treyarch has the ball right now, but Activision is letting the success of the series blind them to what made it good, as they did with MW2.

    I mean really – "YAY dedicated servers" from ONE company for PC. One company. Unreal how they're only letting a single company host servers. Not to mention Gameservers has a horrible reputation for performance and stability. So this one company is going to be able to meet the demand? Yea, look forward to a week of horrible servers. This could be worse than BC2's release issues.

  • Michael

    "She redeemed herself"? Really? I don't think having a different opinion than you (someone who hasn't played the game at all, apparently) is something worthy of "redemption". You should really go in and edit that. It makes you sound like an idiot.

  • Ronnie

    She didnt redeem herself. She already stated something which is wrong "campaign is good but not great". The campaign is more than great. Saying something that is right after that doesn't change the fact that she screwed up the review.

    • patrick

      I just finished the campaign, I thought it was horrendous. A brainwashed main character???? It makes no sense to me at all

  • JIm

    Terrible game,too short and samey,Cod is dead i'm afraid,time to axe this overdone tired series.

    • matteus


  • gamer

    No one should have to "redeem" themselves for stating something negative in a review. Its supposed to be as unbiased as possible. If features are crap then it should be stated in no uncertain terms. If something works magnificently, same rule applies.

  • gary oak

    Yeah you need to redeem your review of her by allowing her opinions to exist.

  • Frankie

    She hasn't played the game. I've completed it already and I can say that you only play as 2 characters on 1 mission each and they last very short. So she's wrong in that department.
    The campaign is better than great, far better than COD 4 or MW 2, probably only COD 4 could rival it. Shooter of the year

  • person

    she redeemed herself by saying something is good? It is a review…there is nothing wrong with her if she doesnt like it