COD Black Ops Review: Pros And Cons

The game that we have been waiting on for months is almost here, and we can now tell you that the first reviews for Call of Duty: Black Ops has now started to appear, and the early signs look good. The review on Wild Gunmen has been written by Sara “Moses” Chin, who is one serious gamer.

Sara starts the review off on a bit of a downer, by saying that the Black Ops campaign is a little like Medal of Honor in the way that it is a bit confusing. For those of you who do not mind jumping in and out of different characters on the narrations, then you will not have any issue with this.

However, the plus side is that Black Ops will eventually get you up to speed and fill in those missing pieces, something that Medal of Honor did not. Sara might upset a few fans of the franchise after her conclusion of the ‘Campaign Mode’ saying, “Campaign is good but not great.” She picks up on the fact that the AI is nothing special, but do you agree with her?

However, she does redeem herself by saying how great ‘Theater Mode’ is, saying that Treyarch has done a great job. While reading the review I get the feeling that she did not play the game, but I could be wrong. What do you think?

Read the review on Black Ops, do you agree, especially with these pros and cons? Are you ready for the new Call of Duty game, we know that Xbox 360 and PS3 servers are?



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