COD Black Ops: PS3 Hands-on with Nazi Zombies

By Peter Chubb - Nov 8, 2010

Some gamers have already had the chance to play Call of Duty: Black Ops, but most of you will have to wait until tomorrow, well midnight – which is not too long for some of you. However, to keep our appetites wet there has been a number of hands-on videos of zombies mode uploaded to YouTube, so what do you make of it so far?

In a recent post, one reviewer said that COD Black Ops Zombies Mode did not have anything new to offer, but that has already angered some fans of the franchise. Only time will tell, and I am sure that you will all have an opinion come tomorrow.

We have located two videos, which are parts one and two on the gameplay of zombies. The moment you start playing the game you will start to remember those eerie sounds, oh this will bring back memories.

I do hope that your reaction times have improved, because the pace has been increased on certain parts of this creepy mode? You need to watch the second video, 5 minutes and 48 second in; there are those new crawling zombies that we mentioned a few weeks back.

What are you looking forward to the most, the normal mode or zombies?

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  • DrPinkies

    LMAO, I can get farther then those four on my own. Easily.

  • Ramskillian

    They certainly do not know how to rake and waft…. i would definetly "Run The Show"…

  • jimmy789

    Any body know how to get the power on in zombie mode on black ops? played it for ages couldn't get it. btw the grphics and gameplay of Black ops is terrible! mw2 is the way forward

  • sully

    i played mw2 why cant all the people who had mw2 get a free copy of cod7 delivered my game tag is numan2k10 ps3


    Damn what the hell r those things crawling on the floor really fast

  • hahah

    Isaakm15 and zer0sub they suck hard core

  • isaakm15

    These guys dont know how to play zombies.

  • zer0sub

    These guys really suck! Especially the one who had the most screen time! I mean, turning on the zapper, watching a zombie die after walking into it, then walking into it himself? Dude!! LSHCCOMNAIWEDC!!- laughed so hard, coke came out my nose, and I wasn't even drinking coke!!

  • lefty5794

    Are these players retarded?

  • i'm sure they will be on the Playstation Network in a couple of weeks hopefully with everything lookin' at least a bit better than it did and i agree with martin on the fact that gamin' should go back to bein' fun and not full of 10 year olds "owning" and to my understanding were'nt game age ratings actually meant to mean something because Modern Warfare 2 was an 18 age rating why can't these be looked at the same way as alcohol because either way their still showin' young kids violence and gore when they were apparently trying to pull the audience the other way so to speak……

    • mikeice

      i am 15 and i play cod and 18s my little bro is 10 he plays them all age ratings r guide lines no 1 cares

  • Beast mode

    dood i think these maps are great just one thing the guns look alittle wimpy and slow reload hope slight of hand is in zombies

  • they have put the COD5 maps with the hardened edition you get them free lol

  • rob

    i hate the look of these maps. i hope they make the ones from COD 5 available to download , because its not really fair that people who own the hardened edition get them

    • Ricardo

      People who buy the hardened edition paid 20 extra bucks…i don't see how that's not fair.

  • Martin Tucker, UK

    Treyarch… Still just chasing Infinity Ward and really IW havent got all that much right at times with online players – no dedicated servers, a frustrating amount of bugs and a general sense of superiority that bleeds into the 10yr olds playing it, who post youtube videos of themselves "owning". I think gaming needs to get back to being fun and sadly the zombie feature is a good idea, but not well-executed. Take a long look at Dice and Battlefield series (forget Model of Honor) and you will see an amazing FPS.

    • Kurt

      Frankly i think dice can go die because bad company sucks and so does the new medal of honor. Treyarch is doing a great job so stop being so ungrateful.