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COD Black Ops: PS3 Hands-on with Nazi Zombies

Some gamers have already had the chance to play Call of Duty: Black Ops, but most of you will have to wait until tomorrow, well midnight – which is not too long for some of you. However, to keep our appetites wet there has been a number of hands-on videos of zombies mode uploaded to YouTube, so what do you make of it so far?

In a recent post, one reviewer said that COD Black Ops Zombies Mode did not have anything new to offer, but that has already angered some fans of the franchise. Only time will tell, and I am sure that you will all have an opinion come tomorrow.

We have located two videos, which are parts one and two on the gameplay of zombies. The moment you start playing the game you will start to remember those eerie sounds, oh this will bring back memories.

I do hope that your reaction times have improved, because the pace has been increased on certain parts of this creepy mode? You need to watch the second video, 5 minutes and 48 second in; there are those new crawling zombies that we mentioned a few weeks back.

What are you looking forward to the most, the normal mode or zombies?



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