COD Black Ops: Nazi Zombies Review – New Changes Will Delight Fans

By Alan Ng - Nov 8, 2010

Earlier on we reported on a brief review of the Zombie mode within Call of Duty Black Ops and if you read it, you may have been disappointed with the outcome. Luckily for you, we’re gonna tell you a few reasons why Black Ops zombies will be even better than World at War.

We told you earlier about how the review at Wild Gunmen criticised zombies, saying that ‘nothing has changed’, but we’re thinking that the reviewer didn’t spend enough time with the game. We understand that the game is not due out until tomorrow, but most people have it anyway.

I’ve had a good look at the game, and I’ve seen a lot of the new features within and believe me, there are many. We’ve heard a few people say that it gets boring after a while, but true zombie fans will disagree. Think of everything you loved about World at War zombies, i.e teamwork, mics, powerups, monkey bombs etc.. and multiply it by 2.

For starters, dont forget that World at War only contained one zombie map before Treyarch started charging for extra maps. Black Ops will feature two new zombie maps on disc and also a separate arcade mode called Dead Ops. There are even more weapons to choose from, which means more pack-a-punch outcomes as well.

You’ll also get new crawler zombies to fend off, and a new buyable turret which will automatically shoot at any zombies within range. Treyarch has also added a couple of powerups into the game – these include the Death Machine weapon from multiplayer mode and also a new unique ‘sale’ powerup which will make all the mystery boxes appear for a while, and offer you discounts on weapons that you buy.

These may just be simple changes to zombies, but why change something so drastically if Treyarch already had a winning formula with World at War? Black Ops Zombies will offer you a great alternative to multiplayer mode, and with more maps likely to follow via DLC, fans are going to be kept busy over the holiday season.

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  • Neptune47

    Every day at prime playing time Call of Duty Black Opps hangs up when we are trying to get into the game. What the hell is going on just after the game get put in the box yo can tell  when the disk is going to freeze just after the activision part when the helicopter is shown then it crashes freezes or hang up . What is strange is the game works just when playing what would be considered odd hours, during the working hours of the day or late at night,. I live on the west cost California near the Silicon Valley what the hell is going on with activision??? or is it play station network? Is anyone having the same problem??

  • jiggamanz

    i just wonder if they are ever gonna release the WaW maps as DLC….. it would be nice to have a chance to play them, since i couldnt get hardened/prestige edition in my area and no one would ship it…. plus im sure the ppl who have the special editions might like more people to play with

  • Undead Tanks

    The new zombie feature is fantastic if your good at it ! , AT FIRST I WAS TERRIBLE AT THE GAME BUT NOW I PWN ! i found that on five the shotgun is the most effective gun on the entire map!

  • Tankerdude

    It's like Capcom releasing a gazillion Street Fighter II's lol

  • Nj Snow

    Gun is just apreferance thing though, i like the wunderwaffe, the ray gun is strong, but a suicide weapon at close range, i like having an LMG and the wunderwaffe for backup.

  • Nj Snow

    I quite enjoy Der Riese, it is fairly large, hense the english translation "The Giant" I just think it is a great map. 😀 enjoy

  • jamel

    whats the best map?? n whats the best gun to use? dont comment unless u got pass level 30

    • zombiekilla

      lvl 49 solo on five BY FAR THE EASIEST just stay in the first elevator & use it whenever you get overrun

  • jamel

    whats the funnest map? and the best guns to use?

  • leon

    In zombies on five well the hell is the mystery box and how do u get power up and where?

    • Dylan

      Go Down The Elevator. Then Go Down The Other And It's Usually Down In One Of The Rooms

  • call of duty black ops zombies is has so many,zombies will attack through window and on the 5th round and 10th round etc dogs come to attack.and many more changes

  • lansed

    on the wii its a separate game in the main menu.
    nothing like the cod part. has its own storyline and game play.
    i still havent played the main game. zombies rocks me that much.

  • alekito1981

    So let me be clear on this once I finish the campaigne mode I get another map pack for zombies?

    • Sam

      There's a new zombie map that you DEFINATELY get for completing the story, and there's a psuedo zombie map called 'Dead Ops'. Arcade zombie killing thing, quite fun.
      Shooting the heads off all the dummies in Nuketown to get something cool is a myth, don't waste your time.

  • guest

    BOunding boxes, or hit boxes arethe area on on object where is it effected by damage. It is also the 3d space you/the object is in and nothing can pass through it.

  • its only 20 bucks u cheap a** people and its worth it new guns in box its the sh**

  • DrVenkman

    The main reason it’s worth buying the Black Ops version of the old N.Z. maps is because of all the tweaks they’ve added to the new version. I’m not just talking about the weapons or the new Gollum-looking gas-zombies, but also your character’s increased movement speed and smaller bounding box. These subtle changes have improved the game-play SO MUCH. No more getting snagged on corners or stair-banisters. Now, you can actually weave through zombies without getting stuck on the invisible edges of their bounding-boxes.

    If you ask me, getting to play on the old maps with these new improvements is worth a few extra dollars (I only wanted Der Reise anyway, so for me it was pretty cheap…)

    • mean machine

      so the gas gollum zombies are in the new der reise map? And can someone explain "bounding boxes" please? very interested….

      • jamel

        whats the best map?

      • uncle buck

        bounding boxes are the way the game was made. basically, there is an invisible box around your character, & every zombie. this stops you passing through walls, zombies etc. however, in WAWs case, those boxes were too big. the box counts as the player, so if the box cant get through a gap, nor can the player, regardless of the size of the actual player.

  • dead ops is fun

  • why does the dude shock you.

    • shuni na

      dude i reckon even if dey had a code we should at least be able to buy demm from the playstation store or sumthing…

  • Shekijoe

    i hope that they make new maps and just because you bitch so much they dont let you buy them. its a real shot in the dark but count on me crossing my fingers for it 🙂

  • vinny

    My feeling is treyarch did an awesome job with black ops especially the zombie mode the same maps from w@w are better the 2nd time around i love em and am happy i bought the prestiged with everything included i find no fault with treyarch for anything. they gave us a great cod game and we should all be happy with this is definately my favorite of the series again great job treyarch!

    • jiggamanz

      sounds like someone has some treyarch morning wood…

  • mark

    omg thats bullshit in other words they want us to pay again for being fans of nazi zombies and reward those who either didnt buy the last treyarch game or the people that waiting that is so un fucking fare

  • Alan Ng

    i agree with Tanner, it's a bit disappointing to those loyal fans who paid for every map pack on World at War. I'm in Hong Kong and they are not selling the Hardened Edition, plus I found no online retailers willing to ship.

    The least Treyarch could of done was to give those who downloaded every map pack, a free download code for Black Ops. . I'm sure I am not alone on this one.

  • the 4 "free" zombie maps you get with the hardened addition is total BS. I've already paid treyarch $30 for those extra maps for World at War. Why do I have to pay an extra $20 to get the hardened addition and get the maps i already paid for.

    It would be like Rock band trying to charge me to redownload the songs for each new version of Rock band. quick nickle and dime'ing me Treyarch.

    • Random Person

      Because its in better graphics, and you can use the black ops guns on the map.

      If you don't wanna get it, then don't. You don't HAVE to get the hardened edition. And if you already have WaW, I don't think $20 is worth it unless you have money growing on trees.

      • LOL

        Better Graphics? LOL. They are the same infact…a little more cartoonish

        • lloll

          i agree

        • Travis B

          You have to understand that all games change. Its never like any games graphics stay t he same

    • braedon

      just do you fricken cheat code on black ops and get all the maps (duu)

  • joseph holbrook

    there is gonna be zommbies or tallerbands n it you will have to ahhhh compleat it again like cod 5 and i saw a pic where you see 4 differnt people from differnt countrys and 1 from america and the other 3 i dont no and i will give 5 pounds if there is and plz like

    • Jack

      There is 3 from America and 1 from cuba

  • william

    it'll be on all of em, but for normal edition you'll probally have to beat the campaign before you can play it. the hardened addition from what im told will have it already unlocked and 4 previous maps. the prestige addition the same way plus ll the other stuff

  • no lol theres like 4 free zombie maps free, the on u get already, the one where u complete campaign and theres on where u shoot all the manicans heads off in nuketown nd another

    • Mesh

      Errrrr no music plays when you get the mnakin heads

    • Mikemaster3123

      there not even free harden edition makes u pay more for the game so it wouldn't technically there not free

      • Frileymjhj

        how do you get der rise zombies with a cheat

  • tom

    Black ops looks sik, but what format is zombie nazis on is it harden or is also on normal edition?

    • Alex

      Tom it comes out on the PRITT addition! hope this helps 😀

    • alex

      im prety shure that it is only on hardend mode. but we will find out.

    • you got to unlock with out hardened but for zombie veruct shi no numa and der rise you need microsoft points

      • Harry

        the waw maps only comes with hardened edition :/