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COD Black Ops: Nazi Zombies Review – New Changes Will Delight Fans

Earlier on we reported on a brief review of the Zombie mode within Call of Duty Black Ops and if you read it, you may have been disappointed with the outcome. Luckily for you, we’re gonna tell you a few reasons why Black Ops zombies will be even better than World at War.

We told you earlier about how the review at Wild Gunmen criticised zombies, saying that ‘nothing has changed’, but we’re thinking that the reviewer didn’t spend enough time with the game. We understand that the game is not due out until tomorrow, but most people have it anyway.

I’ve had a good look at the game, and I’ve seen a lot of the new features within and believe me, there are many. We’ve heard a few people say that it gets boring after a while, but true zombie fans will disagree. Think of everything you loved about World at War zombies, i.e teamwork, mics, powerups, monkey bombs etc.. and multiply it by 2.

For starters, dont forget that World at War only contained one zombie map before Treyarch started charging for extra maps. Black Ops will feature two new zombie maps on disc and also a separate arcade mode called Dead Ops. There are even more weapons to choose from, which means more pack-a-punch outcomes as well.

You’ll also get new crawler zombies to fend off, and a new buyable turret which will automatically shoot at any zombies within range. Treyarch has also added a couple of powerups into the game – these include the Death Machine weapon from multiplayer mode and also a new unique ‘sale’ powerup which will make all the mystery boxes appear for a while, and offer you discounts on weapons that you buy.

These may just be simple changes to zombies, but why change something so drastically if Treyarch already had a winning formula with World at War? Black Ops Zombies will offer you a great alternative to multiplayer mode, and with more maps likely to follow via DLC, fans are going to be kept busy over the holiday season.



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