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CoD Black Ops Launch Event: Live Stream Link

As you may already be aware Activison are currently holding the official Call of Duty: Black Ops launch event in London, it started at 6.30pm, therefore you have missed the first 2 hours or so, however it goes on until midnight.

If you check out this link you can watch the event live, at 9.30pm (UK time) a celebrity tournament will take place, at 10.00pm the Countdown to launch will begin, at 10.50pm there will be interviews with guest and celebrities, at 11.00pm some US footage will be shown, at 11.30pm the cameras will take to the streets and talk to people queing at the GAME store on Oxford Street, London, at 11.45pm they will show the unboxing of the prestige edition of Black Ops.

To watch the event you must have a Facebook log in, once in you can also see all of the latest intel, watch previous videos from the event and check out photos from the event

Personally I will not be watching the event as I want there to be some surprises when I begin playing Black Ops in a few hours time, are you watching the event? If so, what has impressed you so far?

Source: CVG


  • the zombies in black ops kick some serious ass cant wait to play it again


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