Call of Duty Black Ops: Blockbuster’s rock-bottom 99 pence

By Jamie Pert - Nov 8, 2010

Up until now we thought that Asda’s £4.97 price tag for Call of Duty: Black Ops would not be beaten, however Blockbuster has recently revealed that you can get the highly anticipated Treyarch title from them for just £0.99.

Like the Asda deal you have to trade in to get the game for such a low price, however Blockbuster are demanding two recently released titles, they have to be two of the following six games, Fable III, Fallout New Vegas, Medal of Honor, F1 2010, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II or EA Sports’s MMA.

The deal goes live at midnight tonight and customers will also received a £5 credit to spend in store, at the moment it is unclear how long this deal will be available for, so if your interested you should perhaps head to to your local Blockbuster store tonight at midnight.

Personally I would much prefer to take up Asda’s offer and trade in one game and pay £4.97 rather than trade in two games and pay just £0.99, which deal will you choose?

Source: T3

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  • John

    Of course…you'll take a worse option…because you are an idiot!

  • D3d

    I'll choose Gamestation's buy a chart title and get Black Ops for £25 of course.