Another Call of Duty Black Ops Review: Not Perfect

By Peter Chubb - Nov 8, 2010

With just hours to go until some of you will be waiting outside retail stores to get your hands on Call of Duty: Black Ops, the only thing you can do to keep yourself sane is by reading a review of the 7th installment of the franchise. We already have the opinion of one reviewer, who for the most part loved the game. We have yet another review for you, so always good to get another perspective.

Michael Menzel from Game-Pad points to the fact that COD Black Ops is meant to be the most complete game from the series. It is no secret that when it comes to FPS games, Call of Duty is usually the benchmark, so this latest game has a huge weight on its shoulders.

If we were to pick out a couple of key elements of this review, then it would be how he states that the graphics are nothing like they were on Modern Warfare 2, although they are still better than other FPS games currently on the market. However, the larger maps and being more aware of the character you play makes you get more into the game.

Apart from the issue with the graphics Call of Duty: Black Ops has evolved to become a much better game, but Menzel might not please fans of the game when he concludes that “It’s not perfect, but it’s a damn good game.” Read his full review.

Have you got your copy yet? What are your first thoughts?

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  • Jesse

    Horrid, can't run well on Socket 775 with a E8400 at 3.71ghz and GTX460

    They ruined it for PC, just another crappy console port that needs to die.

  • blah

    thiis game is stupid!!!!

  • BestGameReviews

    Extremely disapointed. What a waste. I hate to upset anyone, but these are the good, and the bad about this game:

    -Wager matches are a lot of fun at times
    -Added zombies
    -Currency system. But Halo: Reach already beat them to that

    -Title of the game sounds gay
    -Zombies were better in WAW
    -Campaign is boring
    -Custom games/private matches/splitscreen have no customizable options
    -Less guns and perks that MW2 (If you don't believe me, count them. I checked)
    -Sound quality of guns makes them sound like airsoft guns
    -Killstreaks are dumber than MW2's
    -Still have the noobtube (Treyarch said they would get rid of it, but it's still there)
    -Took out Spec Ops
    -Map packs
    -Maps in general

    Final thought: Ok, maybe it could be fun at times, but overall, I played it for about 3 day's, couldn't get used to it, and then sold it and went back to MW2. It's really hard to find good things to say about it. If you bought it, I am sorry that you wasted your money. I really am. But in reality, anyone out there that wants to have a COD game that doesn't suck, buy MW2. This game was almost considered a scam and I probably would only pay $1.50 for zombies and wager matches. Huge waste of time Treyarch. Could have been a good game, but ended up terrible…

  • Shooter

    At first, black ops SEEMED good because it was the new call of duty and because of all the "hype". As soon as i got it, i was very disappointed at the graphics, gameplay, and gun usage. Poor quality as well. Unforuntaly, the campign was better than the multiplayer

    Treyarch has a histroy of messing games up. Infinity ward should of created their own games all year long, not switching between treyarch and infinity ward. Also, treyarch ALWAYS have horrible graphics ( for some reason), and game play

  • Greg B

    isn’t there something about constantly getting hit without any real way of defending yourself?

    Kind of like left 4 dead 2? If you don’t mind getting wacked in the back with no chance of preventing it?

    The PC version tries to use the turning method of a PS3 (a real winner for a first person console to begin with)

    You guys are complaining about graphics?

  • Messiah

    Well for one i hate their endless enemies, crappy arcade battles ….. like when you fight with the riverboat in Vietnam. Not even close to mw2.

  • thelastbeer

    Anyone who says that Black Ops is a better game than MW2 is DELUSIONAL !! Thats a fact . This game , other than the campaign ( which was ok at best ) is absoluetly horrible . Multiplayer is the reason to buy this game and is a total letdown . Lets start with the connection to servers … SUCKS takes forever to join games and if you are in a party FORGET it ! As for my connection IM running 35m upload download so kiss my A**. KIcks players all the time . And when you shoot somone its all spray and pray you get the kill . Lag is abosolutely horrendous . Graphic are mediocre , nothing better than thier last game , just a different theme . Spawn system ? What spawn system ? I Have been in matches where I got killed 10 times in a row before my screen popped up to be alive . Treyarch has ALOT of work to do , and ALOT of catching up to Infinity Ward . Halo Combat Evolved is still a far superior game to this on a local network on my old xbox , and that came out in 2001 . F*@k this game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Bri

    I've been playing online shooters since the early 90's(almost 20 years) like Doom2 and Unreal tournament. I had the oppertunity to see unline shooters evolve over the years especially the COD series. So when I buy a new game I expect the next level in graphics, storyline, gadgets and game play. When I played Black Ops I saw no real improvement. Don't get me wrong it's a good game. I've completed the campaign and I prestiged online, but the undineable fact is that there was very little improvment in any aspect of the game compared to other online shooters out there i've played. Yes there were some add features and couple of tweeks here and there, but it's still the same world at war engine just reshuffled with a new story and maps. A perfect example would be Unreal tournament 3. It was a complete flop do to the fact that there was very little difference compares to the pevoius version. I know theres alot of talented programers out there especially working for treyark. So I just don't understand why I and many other experianced online shooter keep getting frustrated with more recycle junk. Sorry but we need something new and innovative. Take a chance. PLEASE!!!

  • Fahry

    I can't imagine Black ops being game of the year. The campaign is wonderful, but i can't really say the same about graphics, sound, and multiplayer. But the campaign is more thrilling. They have to fix the spawn system, and if you attach a silencer on an ak 47, it sounds gay.

  • Bill

    I've played this game for HOURS now. Too many to say that I don't like the game. The graphics seemed bad – at first. After a lot of playing, they don't seem so bad. My BIG complaint is the lag, host migrations, and connection errors. It makes online play very frustrating! Can't wait for Killzone 3 to come out!

  • NATE

    i think this is a great game! the graphics are ok, the online is fun and i am a HUGE fan of the new zombie maps. The wager matches are nice, but ive been working hard to some pro perks, got ninja pro and am really dissapointed. I liked ninja pro in mw2, but in black ops you cant even hear enemy footsteps…. kind of wasted a good perk. but other than that one thing i think the games amazing 🙂

  • poo poo man

    MW2 is goo dbut black ops is better no mroe comments bye all
    btw (by the way) MW2 is really bad i completed it in 1 day

  • poo poo man

    black ops is way better than MW2 so all can stop talking crap

  • Gaff

    MW2 shits on black ops. The speed of the game, the graphic r the best of all of them, the guns r amazing, servers r up and fast, killstreaks r far better, same game modes but the maps on MW2 make them better, and for the maps well theyre way better! I just don’t enjoy playing black ops whereas I can really get into MW2. There r three things however I’ll say I don’t like about mw2 but I’ll get it over. Quick scoping, danger close noob tube, commando. They suck bit it’s whatever. Love mw2 and just ask that ppl stop messin with it and cheating it.

  • blakekalm

    the graphics are amazing and is the best online

  • Alex

    I'll state right off the bat I'm not a hardcore gamer, I've never played any of the CoD versions before black ops, and while I'm far from a pro, shooters are my kind of games. Yet why is it that every time I try to play it, I hear all these people telling me how great it is, when every time I play, I can't help but feel like I've been ripped off big time?

    Allow me to explain:
    1) The hero who does everything, or dies trying:
    I swear to god, if you're not doing anything, nothing gets done. And I mean nothing at all. You have to do every single one of the objectives, and all the while covering fire and support from your teammates are close to non-existant. So basically, you'Re on your own, no matter how many people are with you. You don't do it, nobody will.

    2) What part of teamwork don't you understand?:
    The game tries to make you into a one man army. And yet, you're part of a team. So basically, if the one man army that you are is not there to help those idiotic NPC marines shoot down the enemy, they will gladly walk straight out in the open to come and bayonet you. If it takes me three bullets and 0.3 seconds to down a single vietcong, why can't 6 marines take out three of them before they walk up the whole damn hill???

    3) Bullet damage:
    To me, it stands to reason that if it takes you 10 bullets to down an enemy, his friend should not be able to kill you with 3 using an inferior gun against your superior armour. What's even worse, is that while your allies can stand out in the open taking torrents of fire while shooting themselves, however pointless that is, the moment you pop your head everyone suddenly shoots only you, sniping you from afar using even the most inaccurate of guns. Seriously, what the hell?

    4) Support? Covering fire? What's that?:
    Really, this is so horrible it deserves a section of its own. I mean, if your teammate who is the only one who is able to do the objectives goes to do said objective, and you stand back with your fingers up your nose watching while he gets shot to pieces, I'd say you've got nothing to do in the army. And yet, it seems like every single NPC is exactly like that. If any of the wars went anything like we saw in the battles of black ops, the only thing standing between the US's supremacy and its complete and utter failure would have been the fantastic one man army that you are. Thank god for one man armies, I don't know how we would've done otherwise.

    Seriously, if all the CoD games are even remotely like this, I fear for the future of FPS games. Apparently, this crap is considered "teh ultimate" in the fps genre. Well, not for me, I'll go back to my other non-ultimate fps games and enjoy playing an actual good game.

    I really don't understand why all the praise goes to CoD when MAG deserves it so much more.

  • Guccii

    stop complaining about the graphics the game is great yall must be to poor to afford a hd tv this game campaign is beast even though its not as great as mw2 it still a pretty great game its worth the money

  • Stevo

    COD Black Ops is a great game. For those of you who think graphics are bad, try getting an HDTV and the sound is great through surround sound. The online play is great. Did any of you think that it might just be your crappy internet service causing the problems??
    I have been playing the game online almost daily since we got it and haven't had any problems with it.

    You all sound like 10 year old kids posting these reviews. If you were concerned with the game before you bought it, you would have rented the game a few days before spending the $70 on it!!!! So before you talk badly about anything, make sure you know what you are talking about.

  • Disappointed

    This game does not compare to Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3 or Halo Reach. The graphics are lame, the gameplay is horrible. I empty twenty bullets into someone close range and they just turn and start shooting (campaign). Can't believe the hype around this game. 2 1/2 out of 5. Sad, just sad. Glad I did not buy it and will happily return the rental. Just have to wait for Modern Warfare 3 or something from Bungie. And to anyone who thinks a $70 brand new game graphics "aren't that bad", you are an idiot. Overhyped! Overpriced! Under-delivered.

  • Carlos Ferrer

    What a piece of crap.
    Big mistake of Actvision. Infinity Ward made a greater Job in MW2.

  • Jack2TheJ

    I got it 4 xmas yesterday , probably spent about 5 hrs on it altogether , then I had to go back to my nanas , I don't understand why evryone is dissing it , it is aGREAT game online and offline , 10x better than mw2 and treyarch are 10x better than those money grabbing wierdos that we call 'infinity ward'.

  • Timmy

    This game sucks I remember when mw2 was about to come out and I said it couldn’t get any worse than world at war. Then mw2 comes out and ruins the series. Then I got black ops thinking it couldn’t get any worse than mw2 but then IT SUCKED

  • gandnt

    I took it back and got my money back ran into a glitch on the very first level. The guy leading me through the map would get stuck and not move. Online was slow back to CODMW2 Now that is a great game!!!

  • Brock

    How the hell do the graphics suck, its some of the best graphics ever in gaming.

  • Cj

    The only thing that is wrong with black ops is there server is shit

  • CodLover

    Black Ops sucks. Seriously if you are reading this and considering buying it I suggest you rent it. Nothing like MW2 like everyone is say the graphics suck, the audio sucks, the presentation sucks, it all sucks. MW2 FTW

  • Stefan

    I love Infinity Ward! There maps were the best I've ever seen in any game. Black Ops maps are my main disapointment, Treyarch seem very lost in there work. Black ops = Strange recoil on guns ( Sometimes cant even make a burst of three shots accuratly on some rifles) Which is very annoying when trying to use acog attachement. But the worst thing, Is that the maps are TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. Too big, too many biuldings ( Way too many) So campers paradise ( Try playing hard core Team Death Match ( Its retarded). Just CAMP CAMP CAMP. Cod 4 maps where the best ever! I think im going to buy cod 4.. People dont realise how perfect of a game it is. All guns are equal ( Unlike Black ops sh, maps are all absolutly spot on ( Takes skill to camp ) and maps are classicly AWESOME. perfect size perfect lighting.

  • chris

    the grafics on my 52in plasma is great. and the sound is great with suround sound . a down fall is that online gets skippy

  • ALEX

    The game is a JOKE. It sucks HORRIBLY. Not worth $29.99. An insult to modern warfare. Just as BAD as world at war. Don't buy unless you want a game for a day after that you'll be thinking of what you could have did with your $69.99 beside this.

  • Harry

    wel wha do i tink of black ops?
    eh really good game buhh mw2 way better buhh black ops suitable for ppl who re stoner/crackhead, dey wud love eh .
    Ps. Just Like Meeeeeeee :D:D:D :L

    N eh onlii a game, hu fukin cares? Haha

  • local men

    call of duty black ops sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! treyarch sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • j_rosko

    imma have to say the call of dutys were noob games making them to easy to kill anyone can kill anyone without any skill involved i believe this one is even a whole lot easier the only one good perk for each class sensors and shotguns have no range and who can forget the auto aim but at least in black ops if your not a total noob player you can turn it off

  • Nbar

    COD 4 MW much much better. The graphics on Black ops are inferior and it is set back in the 60's. A small point here, why us it every COD deals more with the Russians then Americas. If I didn't know history. I would think the Russians won WW2 single handed.

  • The game is attrocious, you waist so much ammo… you have to buy all the camo and shit which makes no challenge to the gamme what so ever, mw2 has a lot better graphics and the guns are equally distributed

  • IHateBlackOpsSoMuch

    This game just plain sucks. I mean I flipped out with shit on MW2 but this just constantly makes me mad. I've gotten 4burst hit markers with M16, explosives are underpowered(good luck at removing campers) RC cars come at the perfect time to ruin your killstreak, apparently lightweight pro is commando now, graphics blow, SPAWNING SYSTEM IS THE MOST WORTHLESS THING EVER. Nothing like spawn, walk out die. OR spawn and there's a guy behind you in 2 seconds OR THE ONE TIME When our spawn and the enemy spawn were the same. Sniping is completely destroyed on this game, servers are garbage, ak74u famas galil and commando are the only guns people use. I get the draw on people, hit them in chest or face and they just hipfire spray kill me. Why can't treyarch offset the sights on every gun instead of just snipers? Hrm what else. Oh yes, the great perk of Ghost. I thought Cold blooded was gone? SURE IS LET'S JUST NAME IT GHOST, nothing like camping with a silencer and a perk that makes me invisible. Second Chance pro is stupid… i mean I shoot people enough to where they normally die and i reload, guy falls to the ground and pull his pistol in like a tenth of a second(unrealistic) and murders me. I also wish they would fix knifing…not a big deal but do all online characters have a third arm to knife with or can they throw their gun down, pull out a knife kill some and get their gun back to firing position in half of a second? Only improvements from MW2 to black ops is less shotgunning people(Treyarch still thought it'd be funny to have dual shotguns in Black ops) The danger close, one man army and refilling claymores.Besides that this game sucks, wish i never bought it, makes me want to punch babies and dismember kittens every time I play it.

  • hunter

    Negative or things that need to be improved for Multiplayer:·

    The game seems to crap itself when you have a party larger then 2 and frequently kicks party members out and stops them from joining back, this game really needs to keep its shit up
    ·Make modern warfare 2 graphics instead of crap dark world at fail like style
    ·Bring back the awesome and unique call-signs from modern warfare 2 instead of crappy wallpapers
    ·Having all weapon attachments as soon as you buy a gun is useful and ruins the point of using the gun apart from killing
    ·Gun camo should be unlocked and earned, not bought
    ·Bring back stopping power, commando, danger close and juggernaut (stopping power was the only thing keeping us Australians alive when fighting Americans)
    ·Fix up perks like Marathon, Second chance, ghost, warlord (marathon should have unlimited sprint available from the start of the game, second chance seems to make you float in mid air as your falling to the ground witch gets you killed a lot, how do you expect to shoot down a helicopter when the thing locks on to you straight away!!! And warlord pro should give you 2 secondary weapon attachments not an extra grenade
    ·Very bad clipping and remove the invisible walls
    ·Same sound for all explosions witch is just sad
    ·Weapon balancing is horrible
    ·All stages have been poorly designed and promote heavy camping
    ·Bring back quick scooping
    ·Bring back FMJ for guns and not in perk form
    ·Bring back the riot shield
    ·All pistols are piss weak
    ·All shotguns and launchers are useless compared to modern warfare 2 (shotguns shouldn’t ever have to aim down the sights to kill someone)
    ·Knifing is extremely useless and lag tens to make you miss
    ·No more sound indication for claymores.
    ·Face paint isn’t necessary but instead add more outfits

    Good things about black ops multiplayer
    ·No more One Man Army and Scavenger doesn’t resupply noob tubes
    ·You can be revived in second chance
    ·Customisable red-dot sights is an awesome idea
    ·Having your clan tag and emblem on your gun is awesome
    ·Hacker perk is really useful
    ·The dive move is extremely useful but could be faster, the move would be better if it was a perk and let you dive from front, left, right, diagonal and backwards

    Negative or things that need to be improved for Zombies mode:
    ·Increase health limit from 2 hits to 3 from normal zombies
    ·Horrifically bad clipping with non intractable environment
    ·The default hand gun is just pathetic and extremely weak along with the knife attack
    ·Headshots should kill!!!!! (I don’t want to see headless zombies walking around, that’s just messed up)
    ·Remove the sniper rifles, tubes, and pistols from the mystery box
    ·Make a vending machine that increase walk speed, weapon switching and the knife attack
    ·Make more stages!!!! WTF is the point in making 2 stages (for non hardened and presage editions) and then charge money to get more.

  • Amer

    I played this game. It really really really sucks balls!
    Treyarch is full of Morons who can't make a good game.
    Infinity Wards CoDs were better than these bastards.
    CoD Blops has turned a generation of gamers into complete idiots.
    I would much rather play fucking Halo than CoD Blops.

    Fuck Treyarch and fuck there shitty game with horrible spawning and graphics along with shitty credit systems and gun sounds.

  • COD fan

    Omg what happend whit that graphics, glad i did not buy this game!! playd 1 mission and then Uinstalled that crappy game.

  • :( sadface

    what happened to quickscope? why would they take that away? people only hardscope now. no skills…sad

  • ThunderCoch

    black ops is terrible. spawing is horrendous, besides the tomohawk, ballistic knife, and crossbow, it blows. guns are a letdown, online play sucks, very inconsistent. back to mw2…

  • blackluke

    oblack ops is minttttttttttttt! and its looks like it allowed for children cas it isnt really vilont

  • Will Floyd

    I understand what some of you suck ups are saying , but if this game is the newest version it should have amazing graphics and great game play instead of this world at war crap that they made. Try it and if you dont like it dont buy it. I tried this game at my friends house and i put the controller down in a heartbeat. to the suckups, if you like the game so much, then why arent you playing it instead of righting gay reviews that no ones gonna read!

  • adam

    omg lol so many people hate this game one thing to say this game is set in 63-69 era fucks…. its meant to be similar to waw graphics and it sounds exactly how people at that time would interprite it.

  • kunfopunda

    worst game ever, seriously

  • Robert Smith

    I agree that the grapics for black ops is horrible and im defintiy back to modern warfare 2 and im sellin gmy ops to someone who will soon find out much they such also.

    I was totally expecting alot better and was let down hard yaw need to get things together and do better next time!!!!!

  • zach

    treyarch destroyed the gameplay and graphics in this COD Black ops i enjoyed the campain and zombies but the online lags too much and the knifing is terrible it takes way too long to stab someone i really wish infinity ward was the maker of this game

  • Russ

    I am very disappointed with this game, to say the least. The funny thing is Im one of the few people I know who actually liked WaW more than modern warfare 2! I felt MW2 was too congested, and I loved that “sneaky-ness” of WaW. I loved the feeling of shooting someones leg or arm off with the ptrs sniper rifle. Which is one of the big reasons I dont like COD BO. I feel there is no more being sneaky, or having that perfect sniper position. I can’t even walk around and be sneaky because there are always people spawning behind me. Every room seems to have 4 or 5 ways in and out, so you can never watch every door. When I finally do find a spot to sit and snipe, some guy hip fires a submachine gun and kills me from across the map! People complain about snipers, they call it camping. However these maps create the worst kind of campers! At least with sniping you have to take careful aim and make your shots count. The campers on this game simply hide behind a desk or in a corner and wait for you to walk in the room before they unload on you with there stoner63. They spray and pray and all it takes is 1 or 2 shots. You see, Im a big hardcore fan, I can’t stand having to shoot people twice with a high powered rifle. I like the realism. The fact remains that these maps are total trash. I have to totally conform to a style of gameplay that I dont prefer. This game makes me want to go back to battlefield, where any player can play as they want to and not be at a huge disadvantage. Why would I sit in a corner with a sniper rifle on these maps when I can use almost any other gun in the game for the same purpose and with better results? Why fire my single shot bolt action rifle at you from only 300 feet away when I can make my pistol automatic and own you from the same distance? I feel like call of duty is dying, it seems more focused on the kids, even though its a mature title. The game is designed for the benefit of players with no skill. You can easily run around with a submachine gun, and just hip fire, never having to “aim down sight”, and get plenty of kills. I will admit, this game might be able to redeem itself if the A) Fix the respawns!!! I feel like no call of duty to date has got the respawning thing correct! B) Fix the maps! They designed all of these maps in such a circular way with so many different connecting parts, that people are always killing me from behind, or from the side. If I enter a room, and there are 5 ways into that room, and one of those ways has an enemy, what are the chances Im going to look in exactly the right place to see him before he sees me? Slim to none. Give me some distance on these maps! Give me more sneaky places to hide! It doesn’t need to be so that snipers take over, but at least make it a fair balance. Why even put sniper rifles in this game if your going to make maps that aren’t sniper friendly?

  • Gameboy

    Really disapointed with this game as previously mentioned by others the graphics are not good and the sound is very ameture, feels like they were in a rush whilst making this game and just making a quick profit on the back of mw2…(witch I will be going back to) and taking the new cod back and getting the new medal of honour! That has to be better than this… But to be fair, thaw not a difficult thing!!! cod… you have let your selves down, and most of all… You let US down!

  • shei

    seriously dont get whats up with every1 saying the graphics are terrible… they are more realistic than mw2 (more 'war' feeling) and by using an HD screen (on pc) they are as good as mw2, maybe a bit worse but since when was graphics ur criteria for how good a game was? For me atleast, it never was…
    anw, awesome game, loved it and am actually surprised by how fun and good this game was, i was really afraid it would be something like mw2 but thankfully treyarch made it a better game than mw2, WaW etc. I still believe cod4 was better only cause of its mods and servers where black ops doesnt have any servers stationed near me so I have to play with 120+ ping.
    and thankfully treyarch didnt include all those effing killstreaks ruining ur game while u spawn and even its gunship is balanced compared to mw2. and the non-stacking killstreaks addition is awesome.

    • Shei


      atm, the only additions/changes I would like to see is:
      1. servers stationed in every country like cod4
      2. cpu performance fix (supposed to be patched tomorrow)
      3. better spawn systems
      4. servers with less/more than 18 people -_-'
      5. some kind of 'fix' on small maps on being spawn killed/trapped by gas/napalms (impossible to do but still hoping..)
      6. and zombies getting damaged and slowed by bullets

      single player 7/10 (played only a bit tbh)
      multiplayer 9.5/10
      zombies 8.5/10

  • boo!blackops

    Where to start…the game is a big disappointment. Getting into a lobby takes way to long, graphics like explosions/fire/objects in maps are poor, sound effects are even worse, currency is redundant you still have to level up to get weopons. If you’ve played mw2 or bfbc2 you will be let down by black ops. Give me my money back gamestop!

  • General Ownij

    Multiplayer: I saved this one for last and because it is the best 🙂 Geez where do I start… For all those skeptics, I have 16 mbps down cable internet hard wired in. Not the fastest obviously but works great on all the other shooter games I have played and most of the time I do pretty well. An experienced player can usually tell when they are actually getting owned by a better team/player vs problematic personal internet connection or crappy servers. Graphics: I disagree with the comments portraying that they are horrible. They are decent but I still think MW2 has got them whipped. Audio: like the campaign they could have done better. However, these are my least of concerns about the online play. I will admit I am no expert on these matters, these are only my opinions from actual game play. Maps are not very impressive. Everyone kept saying how big these maps are. Ha! try Battlefield: Bad Company 1 or 2 and then come talk to me about maps. Sniping is worthless on this game and I love to snipe. Even on the maps that do have some spread it takes no time to find your sniping spot. People complain about people camping and sniping BUT THAT'S WHAT SNIPING IS. TREYARCH, GIVE US SOME GOOD MAPS TO SNIPE ON AND I MAY CONSIDER BUYING ANOTHER GAME OF YOURS, BUT I DOUBT IT AFTER THIS DISASTER. Most of the maps are too condensed. After a few games of all the different maps I felt like the enemies were spawning right behind me or i was being spawned right in front of them. Oh, wait a minute that's exactly what's happening! Come on Treyarch, did you rush this game? I mean what the hell!? I went through a whole game multiple times, spawn…die….spawn….die. Oh, wait I finally got a kill. Oh, nevermind I'm dead again…spawn…die….spawn….die. For those of you out there reading this and getting like 43 kills and 1 death, two words for you: YEA RIGHT! How low do you have to go to mod your controller and your XBOX 360. I know there's a word for this process: CHEATING! Ruining it for the rest of it that just want to have some fun and are hoping to play with players that are relatively equal in the equipment and connection speed. Oh, and you ever notice that it seems like in some games your opponents know where you are every second of the game? You may want to consider making some of those opponents avoided players. And if you think there is not cheating already going on with this game…Do some research. Most of the guns on this game are inaccurate and have too much recoil. Even when you put a grip on the select few. Exploding cross bow is not original by the way: E.G. GEARS OF WAR! The Pistols!? HA! I'd rather have the option to use my fists in the game. The tomahawk is such a waste of space on the game. Good luck getting very many kills with this weapon unless you have no life. Same for C4.. On MW2 I used C4 solely and obtained multiple kills with this explosive each game. It seems there is a consistent complaint that the servers are producing too much lag for a quality multiplayer game. One team is usually getting a great connection while the other team suffers. This is why it seems like it takes you 30 bullets to take down one enemy while your opponent shoots 2-3 bullets and your head becomes an exploding ketchup packet (sorry for the analogy but the graphics make me think of that). So, they took away noob tubing and few other things people hated in MW2. So what, and replaced it with a long list of problems that I don't even care to see them try and fix at this point. I will be selling this game back to Game Stop first thing in the morning. Even though I know I'll get ripped off, basically twice now… Treyarch please take some more time investigating potential issues with your video game before creating as much hype as you did. Perhaps, invite a sample group of a 1000 online gamers accustom with online shooters to really work through this game and give an honest opinion about what needs to be evaluated, what is good and what needs to be totally redone. Just a suggestion…Hope this ridiculously long and biased opinion is helpful.

    • mjr

      bad company 2 is better

  • General Ownij

    First of all let me say a few words about myself before I submit this review. I am a professional environmental scientist/project manager, 20 year professional musician, athlete in multiple sports, a husband and a father. But most importantly regarding this particular forum, in the spare time I do have I am quite obsessed with online shooter games for XBOX 360 (All COD games, Battlefield games, and Halo's). I NEVER take the time to post a review about a video game. However, this game has "inspired" me to write a few words…
    Campaign: Not bad, but not great. Short campaign. Graphics could have used some work. Generic audio. All aspects seem to lag.
    Zombies: At first I liked that it was more challenging than WAW. But after a while I really started to miss the WAW zombies. Sorry didn't feel the need to buy the 80 dollar version to get the old zombie maps. I bought this game for new ones. Like i said i like a challenge but this is ridiculous. There is absolutely no place to lock down with or without a team against wave upon wave of zombies. You have to just keep running around until finally they overcome you. I know some would disagree with this but I don't care. That was a great quality of WAW zombies, you could hold down certain areas of the maps against the oncoming waves of zombies, because you have to admit once you get past a certain level the zombies become so numerous you have to work with your team (at least 2) and lock down an area to survive. The random box switches locations too many times and it's extremely greedy with dishing out good guns. Come on Treyarch! We all like a good challenge but we buy your games to have fun not to get pissed off!

    • mjr

      then why u still playin it

  • General Ownij


  • tram33

    Firstly, Good job at making an arcade game Treyarch.
    The game's engine blows. Graphics are nothing short of edgy cartoons. The sounds are purely cheap. The game play is nothing but generic. Treyarch cut way too many corners and simply rode on the MW2 hype. They figured since every single player loved MW2 that they will get the same praise automatically. Good job Treyarch. Waste of money.

    Btw, The reviewer did admit that it was bad graphics, he was comparing Black ops to Titles that are competing (Medal of honor)

  • Curtis

    I've played with my brother a total of 15 hours online in multiplayer. Okay first things first, we could care less about the graphics that doesn't make a good game. But I'm in no way praising BO, first off could care less about the story mode since the multiplayer is the bread and butter of these games. Server lag is horrendous, we have spent about 3 hours searching the maps in off server multiplayer for one count it one decent sniper position in the map. So far that has come to about maybe 1 spot total in all the maps but it won't last past one or 2 kills with the sniper rifles. So might as well if you play just don't even bother buying Sniper Rifles in Multiplayer its a waste of the points. Shotguns are about as lethal as a combat knife cause that's how close you need to be to kill anyone with these horrible guns, even with the last shotgun in dual wield its like shooting a gun with a range of your arm. Sub Machine guns well there's another disappointment, you have to pump an entire clip with most of them to down one player. On the other hand you have the assault rifles which for the majority are the only things worth playing with. They kill at ungodly speed, especially the easy to obtain FAMAS which can kill an enemy in less than second. Oh and machine guns of course unless you get the M-60 you might as well just use an assault rifle cause they are better. This game is a corner campers best friend which if you played in MW1 and MW2 would normally get you murdered, now you can take a silenced FAMAS and sit in a corner and rake in kills left and right. The "pro" part of perks makes you do extremely difficult stuff with those perks just to receive them, not saying that they are impossible but for the average Joe that hasn't sat in front of a FPS 60% of their days since MW1 will find them very difficult to do. The only positives i see are the customizations which aren't all that great. so this rating for this game from me is 6 out of 10. If you want to play a good FPS I'd suggest either keep playing MW2 or Battlefield Bad Company 2. Or even still play the game that has received a 9 out of 10 or higher rating on all the sites Fallout New Vegas since now it has the fps feel now.

  • Morty

    MW2 Sucks – thank treyarch for finally releasing a decent cod version. After the disappointment of cod5 and 6, I had all but given up hope of ever seeing a decent cod again. cod7 has finally bought it back in line. Good game play, dedicated servers, good maps, decent graphics, good 'gun' feel…. thanks treyarch. I can finally pack my cod4 away, don't need it anymore.

  • soloassassin

    The multiplayer character moves stiffs and not smooth like MW2. the graphic sux, especially on that map nuketown. NUKETOWN looks like a cartoon. Still, i dont think call of duty have the realistic war experience like Battlefield Bad Company 2. Right now i like BFBC2 more.

  • pete

    game is a joke. If i could get my money back I would take it in a second. horrible maps, spawn points, and god awful graphics. simple a joke.

  • kane

    Luckly I only Spent AU$58 for this game PC version, the Muliplayer is, in one word crap!! sound, Crap..WTF is with the spawns, bang right in the middle of enemy cross fire..btw that nucler map, is bullshite. However the campaign is great and of course zombies awesome..

  • Michael

    Are you all kidding me…this game is a huge disappointment!! Not n the ball park of MW2 and the graphics are weak!!!!

  • Sam

    WOW “Black Ops” is probably the worst out of all the CODs. The graphics is so **** and the online is complete fail.

  • todoubled

    game play was a huge let down, the AI constantly get in your way, the controls/aiming seem a little off etc (xbox360), I dont really care about the graphics or sounds a whole lot but I did expect the campaign to be more fun, the story is good but you pretty much have to die to figure out how to get past most parts, its not because i suck but because the controls just feel weak, big let down

  • Scot Mackay

    Okay guys lets be serious here, Takes 30 mins (average) to get into a multi player game, The lag is shocking, the single player missions pretty much involve you following the giant yellow sign above someones head (Every single level) and the multi player maps and weapons have pretty much made it ideal for campers. I love the COD series and i did like Waw but this game has so many problems and so much contrived and condescending issues that should have been resolve before releasing and selling it for £44.99. In my opinion not as a hater but as a fan of the series, i believe this game is a step back. I did like the unique story which was shadows of many a epic war movie and i did like the characters who made it believable but it was let down by second rate graphics and an attempt at over the top violence (instead of slitting a mans throat, you practicly saw his head off). My only hope is that a patch is released to solve all of the lag issues and maybe even increase the sparse load outs on multiplayer.

  • Abby

    MW2 was better, and coming for a girl gamer this game was a let down. I expected more from it, and instead I am stuck with Black Ops now, while everything on MW2 is gone. I waisted my money on this game, when I shouldn't have. The graphics are not as good, nor is the weapons. I don't even have the one I had from MW2 and it drives me crazy. The fact that it is based on points is just dumb. I don't want to waist my time on small maps that get you no where, when I could be playing an actual fun game. Lagging is just a little too much as well. Along with everything that goes wrong in Zombie mood, I mean really whats the point? It would be so much cooler if you could actually be one.. I know that it was made by two different companies but still, if Treyarch couldn't have made it better then MW2 then they shouldn't have made the game. I hope Activision makes another one, because I heard about maybe a COD Chrome? Well lets hope.

  • Tee

    i agree sound the guns sound wierd .. and they shouldve worked on that BUT the graphics are STUNNING on my tv. but then again that just might be my sister walked in and was amazed at how clear it showed. so dont blame the game for that. thats just your ****** television. the campaign is good except i can't really hear some parts.. i changed sound settings many times but still cant hear it well. Online ive NNNNEEVVER EVER EVER lagged except like once and it was the day it was released.. all my friends said tahts why it lagged .
    so i give it 8.7/10.

    • Scot Mackay

      Im playing on 60 inch plasma, your arguement and statement are invalid.

  • Hendric

    Just rented it and played for about 6 hours all modes. The story so far is good. the graphics like everyone else have said are cartoonish and a step back from MW2. Took me about 6minutes to find a match to play online. which sucks! I really liked the co-op from MW2 sad to see they took it out. Zombies are fun but so far cant get pass way 4 so its kinda frustrating. Over all its a great game but no competition to the modern warfare's game. p.s. i hated world at war. so maybe its just the company that makes those games i cant stand

  • SryBrad

    lol if you only knew what an amp does to your sound XD

  • Angelo A

    Ok so the game its self is great would have loved alot of the play features on MW2, but the graphics I kinda feel like I’m watching the Simpson’s most of the guns sound like paint ball guns, this game was rushed to the shelves should have taking the time and put more work into it

  • TSM1788

    Going back to MW2 – on Black ops, the graphics, sound effects & multiplayer mode are less than desirable. In multiplayer mode, it takes forever to get into a game when you're in a party of 3 or more players (last night, it took over 1/2 hour to get in). The game has a serious lag issue. The game also doesn't do a good job of keeping the teams continously balanced. Once members of a team leave the match, the game doesn't replenish your team with new members. In a 6 on 6 match, we dwindled down to 3 on 1 for the last 5 minutes of the game – WTF?

  • Blanjo

    Total let down this game is. The spawning in MP is just silly. Lots of people camping in corners, gameplay is slow, some care packages don't become available after retrieving them. The campaign is boring, I ran through it on Regular level in about 6 hours, plus the 1 hour of cut-screens. The whole added Clantags/graphics to your weapon is just lame and they could have invested the time into another area of the game. I really don't care if some kid kill me with my own gun. Yawn.

    I ranked up to level 25 on MP, thought to myself, "this is gay" hit eject and loaded up MW2.

    Hope Black Ops is the last of COD.

  • Got this game for the zombie maps. They are okay. The graphics are cartoony but not bad. The multiplayer maps are way too big. The campaign is a bit boring and it has a bunch of lags on and offline. This game is disappointing. Fuck treyarch. 6.5/10


    The game is not the same , there is alot of hype out there for this game. The Graphics are very poor compared to previous versions!
    Bring back INFINITY WARD!!!!!!!!!

  • Rowan Tissera

    Game Sucks big time takes 30 mins to load multiplayer game!

  • Notafan

    COD multi player will always just be for 13 year olds who love twitch and die. not realistic at all!

  • t.counsell

    online its pretty bad , it sucks that you buy attachments now , whats the point in playing when half the fun is ranking up your gun and actually earning things for killing players. all the maps are for close combat aswell , theres no good maps for sniping or anything which you got in mw2 like wasteland. overall i wouldnt give it more then 7/10 the single player is good but not mind blowing. this game really isnt worth the hype it got. looks like its back back to MOH!

  • Black Cops

    Bought the game to play with friends. it sucks balls. back to BC:2

  • Dbrisk

    I’m a big fan of the cod series meaning I have all the cod games that came out I’m ps3….graphics a f’ing horrible game play and Modes are great but I want my money back sad…why would they put a game out which the last ones graphics was better? Smh…it’s all about the dollar.

  • Victor

    I'm very disappointed… the graphics are cheesy and yes i have a good TV 1080p and a home theater… the sound stinks everything looks crappy the maps are garbage if you dont believe me go play nuketown a couple of times that map is dookie…I'm not bashing treyarch i loved WaW when it came out… the campaign mode is good but it seems they wasted to much of there focus on that instead of Multiplayer where most of the gamers are gonna be..And if you dont think the graphics are corny go play zombies on the first map and go to the window on the right the back round is just black like they forgot to put a alley way or something On a scale of 1 to 10 i give this game a 4.

  • dean

    very disapointed i spend half my evenings with 4 friends in a party trying to get in a game,constantly never get in the game togeather,host migration still an issue(the biggest selling game of the year wont make dedicated servers)fuck them i cant tell half the time if im getting out played or if its some hosts shitty at war is the best i feel out the cod genre.the real deal is badcompany2 way more advanced in game play.


    This game is not too far from Super Mario brothers…it sucks! When I play this game I feel like I went through a time zone and dropped in to 2005…HELLO this is 2010, the games should be getting better, especially with COD. Treyarch should be ashamed of themselves, and Activision needs to cancel someone's contract…I would consider a class action lawsuit by all of us customers, that's how bad this game is. Why would Treyarch lead us on like this. If I trade in my 2006 Honda accord for the 2010, I expect to have a better car in my 2010 than the 2006, more features, better experience etc. Blackops is completely backwards compared to World at War. I understand it is not to be compared to Modern Wardfare 2, but Treyarch really needs to kiss the butts of Infinity Ward and borrow the Modern Warfare engine again, because it is obvious they cannot not do it on their own. Black Ops should be the biggest dissapointment of the decade for the gaming community. Dont buy this game! save your money!

  • HRH Adam

    Sprint distance limited even w/Marathon + gigantic maps = horribly boring free-for-alls. Leave it to TreyArch to create the most boring multiplayer since… WaW. They just can't get the speed and agility of gameplay that IW seems to be able to. And what the hell kind of graphics are these? I love that Sleight of Hand is a perk 2 again, but its really all wasted with Marathon being the way it is. I had no problems dealing with Marathon+Lightweight+Commando players in MW2. Yes, they ran fast and had a long stabbing distance — but you can have A GUN. It made the game quite fun and compensated for the tedium associated with some of the larger maps. These new maps in Black Ops are CAVERNOUS and boring.

  • colton

    The graphics may not be as good but the game is extraordinary. I loved waw zombies and thats back, the storyline is amazing and intriguing. The multiplayer is a streak of new ingenuity. If you only play a gane for one reason such as graphics you shouldnt be playing any games. I give this game two thumbs up and one thumb up the ass of every critic who bought it just for the graphics or just for the multiplayer

  • Matt

    Lol.. another title to kill competitive FPS gaming.. All the stupid instant kill shit is ruining FPS. Kills take no skill now.. And any developer can add in some kind of mall ninja elements (fucking rc car bombs and missiles form the sky) to a shooter and sell millions of copies. Take this POS for example, horrible textures and models.. even on pc's that run higher res than consoles. Seriously.. its 2010 we have the technology..

    Activision and Treyarch can kiss my ass (IW has gone sour too).. I am uninstalling my pirated copy.. its not even worth playing for free.


    black ops graphic was more like modern warfare one, it should of been more like mw2 but looks like they did not take the time to make it look nice like mw2 on a scale one to ten i'd give this a 2 comparing up to the graphics to the other new good releases in the past year

  • Deer Hunter

    Not a bad game but, I'm sure glad I didn't buy it! Graphics are bad compared to MW2, and yes, I play my games in HD. I like the idea of being able to bring a friend online with you via split screen. Where I would rate MW2 a 9.5 out of 10, Black Ops only makes it to about the 8.5 mark.

  • Johne

    Game is a bag of shit. Back to mw2

  • COD Player

    Hmm. Well the graphics are basically the same as MW. I don’t understand what you guys are saying about the sound either. And if most of you guys are basing all your thoughts off graphics then go to a fricken art gallery. No one needs you. trey arch made a more balanced and innovative game than MW2. But hey whatever, you guys can go back to your noobtubing and hacking. No big deal.

    • Moorejack

      That’s what I’m saying… Takes so much skill to have one man army, danger close on and shoot within 20 feet of a enemy for a hole match. So the graphics suck… I never played a game just cause it looked good.. I rather shoot at a fuzzy person than deal with the bs in mw2.

  • Joel

    This COD is more grown up than before. No more dumb little kids 'quick scoping', no more running around in circles with a knife trying to stab the other player and no more endless little corners and glitches for campers. I think the graphics are okay. It seems alot harder than before. Sound effects are cool too.


      you must have a tube tv…anything is going to look good to you. Get yourself a 1080p, and play all versions and you will see how garbage black ops is….sound effects are cool? you must of played a different version than we have. The sound effects are some of the worst I have ever experienced in the Call of Duty Franchise.

  • random kid

    i was very disappointed in the online multiplayer, you would die in a matter of seconds from people who were camping. you cant level up at all if you just keep on getting killed and gettting sprayed from in all directions. The graphics were not that great but i really enjoyed the zombies and campaign. online is laggy usually

  • Muzashi

    Played a friend's. Not buying. Sux.

  • Sargon

    Me too i am so disapointed with the maps and graphixs….try Medal of honor if you want a realy good realstic game with great graphixs..

  • KerlyQ

    awwww crap,…..i just bought it and havent even played it yet, im not even excited to play it now, i guess i should have read this before i bought it……I KNOW just how much i love MW2, its like crack for me..but if i put this BO game in the PS3 ill probably get pissed off and throw it out in the yard……and then get back to my MW2.


      dude, i hate to be negative…but get ready to get your heart broken….it is a total dissapointment. Ever see a hot girl looking at you and then she smiles at you and you notice she has a missing tooth? well it is something like that.

  • tai

    the game is heeps mad i love the split screen online play for both zombies and multiplayer i carved up wid my bro best COD game and possibly the BEST!!! game ever made.


    Guys, I would have to agree with this big dissapointment on the Online play of Black Ops. I waited with deep anticipation for Black Ops, it was almost like when a hot chick agreed to go on a date with me that I met in a night club but to be totally dissapointed when I finally see her in the daylight and she had a slight mustache and brought along her 8 year old kid. I mean come on, the graphics suck, sound sucks, lag. No blown up limbs. I have never heard of an Artillery bomb barrage sound like a bunch of M80 fireworks, if that. Do you remember the frightened emotion you would get when an artillery would be called in by the enemy land it landed near you or even blow your limbs off in World at War? What happened in Black Ops, this latest Call of Duty seems to be a rip off Socom. Activision should remove Treyarch from the Call of Duty Franchise. Hey, they have had success in the past, but "what have you done for me lately" ? Nothing, Treyarch has broken my Call of Duty Spirit. Infinity Ward will be Our Hero! Modern Warfare 3-Cant Wait!

  • JJoo

    i will only buy the game because of single player mode. should i buy it?


      for single player mode, sure. if you enjoy the other call of duty, then I would say yes. For online play, I mean you will need something to kill time until Modern Warfare 3 comes out.

    • Scot Mackay

      Dont do it, buy something worthwhile. It lacks allot and for the amount you are paying for the game, you would be better to buy fable 3

  • MarKus Aurelius

    i'm not a fan of black ops, my zombie mode won't work in single or multiplayer. i don't like the game's randomized algorithm for respawning. the developers are trying to promote more conflict by respawning you close to the combat, or the guy who killed you, but at times you either respawn to close and u die before you realize where you've been spawned, or you spawn so far away from everything. the maps are way too big for single player and only 8 players. so many times i've played and the time for the match runs out before anyone can rack up 30 kills. i also don't like some of the new perks they've created, MW2 perks were better. i also enjoyed the graphics of MW2 better than black ops. although single player storyline is much better in black ops compared to MW2, but i almost only play multi anyways.

  • paul


    Michael Menzel – Im glad you appreciate the recognition that the game has recived, and rightly so. However this game looks like its gone 3 steps backward. MW2 is way better and I told my friends that one Treyarch got their hands on COD again, I would not be able to connect to the majority of my friends online.

    I am selling this pile of junk, it has put me off COD and gaming all together – I hate Black Ops!!!!!!