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Amazing X-Ray FX PRO: iPhone / iPad Reviews

Can you believe that X-Rays have been around for 115 years? Well they have and we already know that Google is celebrating the anniversary on their homepage. We already looked at a cool app related to this subject, so now we thought we would take a look at another.

Amazing X-Ray FX PRO is not only for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but also for the iPad as well. What makes this app impressive is how it is developed to take full advantage of the Retina display on Apple’s latest iOS devices.

The app is cool at first, but does not take long for the novelty to wear off. How many times can you look at an image of an X-Ray and fool people that it is really you or them? That being said, it is cool to look at the number of foreign objects that have been put inside the human body.

Reviews have not been that positive, with some advising you not to waste your money. Do not take their word for it though, $0.99 is not a lot to pay for an app, and the LED X-Ray Light feature for the iPhone 4 makes it even more convincing. For more details visit iTunes.


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