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Xbox Kinect: Users Review Chances Of Buying In UK

The Microsoft Kinect will be released in a couple of days here in the UK, but what are the chances of finding anywhere with some stock? The Kinect has received some favorable reviews since it was launched in the US, but there could be shortages on launch day.

A member of Xboxhome has done some research into stock levels on many major online retailers. It was found that most had no stock. These included the likes of Asda, Amazon, Tesco, ShopTo, HMV, Play, and Zavvi. Some stock was found at Game and Gamestation but both have limited stock listed.

It may prove to be difficult to get hold of a Kinect before Christmas, so will mean that the short term resell value will be high. Maybe you could pre-order a couple of extra units as many people on eBay are often willing to pay a premium to get their hands on the latest tech.

Have you got a Kinect on pre-order?



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