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Verizon iPhone 5 In Jan: Wild and Stupid Idea

We recently reported on a photo that shows that the rumored Verizon iPhone was a 4G model running on the LTE network. Most would agree by now that it could have been the work of Photoshop – so why does Beatweek Magazine say that it is the Verizon iPhone 5 and will be released in January?

OK, so we know by now that Big Red could release a CDMA version of the iPhone in the first month of 2011, but it will not be the fifth-generation model. You have to love how they come up with a huge back-story to try and make their idea sound plausible.

For those of you who have been following Apple will know that only one handset gets launched per year, which is normally in the summer. Yes, we can see a Verizon release in January, but this will most likely be the iPhone 4.

Going back to the rumors of a 4G model, how will Verizon be able to launch such a phone when their LTE network is nowhere near ready? The iPhone 5 will be from June onwards, like the past several years.

Do you think that Verizon will launch the iPhone 4 or 5 in January 2011?


  • herby130

    After some thought. I almost wondering if Verizon and Apple will shock the world with a LTE Iphone Launch in Early 2011. If you think about the CEO’s remark about how Apple really like the Verizon’s LTE Network. A 4G Verizon Iphone would cause a lot of press! The technology is there so why not. Apple is known for making big news and this would….

  • Randy

    I am so sick of Verizon's selection of phones. If they announced that they were coming out with a new bag phone resembling those from the 90's I wouldn't be surprised at all. Honestly, I feel like their showroom is like AT&T or Sprint garage sale of old crap no one wants anymore. Get the iphone already!

    • Remav

      Seriously Randy? (Fair disclosure… I've worked for VZW for 20 yrs) I'm curious as to which features you believe are missing on our phones? For people not locked into the Apple world the Droids are all extremely good phones & hardly T or S garage sale fodder.
      In many regards they are superior to the iPhones & the converse can also be said. So besides the fact that "It's not an iPhone" …what do you feel is their greatest shortcomings?
      (…and "no" I have no idea if/when the Verizon iPhone will launch, sorry) I have seen several former iPhone users swear by the Driod's overall superiority, so again, what is missing in your eyes?

  • Phil

    This media campaign to keep the iPhone in the news and build interest for the Verizon version is hilarious. Face it. The AT&T people will come over and that's about it. I was in a Verizon store the other day while my wife got a Droid X. Played with the ipad and realized how unintuitive it is with one button as compared to Android. Swipe to the left to search? How do you back up to the previous screen or previous app. Simplicity doesn't always mean things will be intuitive. The iPhone isn't going to find any added success on Verizon.

    • John

      sooooo, your crack addiction is showing. Marketing research (multiple sources) show that a verizon networked Iphone will attract a substantial additional customer base for the iphone. It also shows that a substantial number of droids (and isn't that name fitting) bought into an android based phone simply because they couldn't get the iphone on a network other than AT&T. I'm also not sure how you couldn't make the ipad work. with a satisfaction reate of higher than 80%, it's pretty simple. so simple, even children can use it. it might boil down to what you've become used to. To spin off your own words, difference doesn't always mean things are counter intuitive.

  • Pfft! Rubbish! They have a whole backstory and I say they’re wrong because there’s no way these two companies would want to make more money, so there!

  • Aenox

    Never cry wolf. It’s been said so many times and so ‘reliably’ assured that it makes me think that AT&T is the smart company. They’ve still got all the Applephiles locked in until 2012, as per the original contract with Apple. Steve just doesn’t deny these rumors because it helps stir the desire for iphones and gives iphone users false hope.

  • btram

    It doesn’t matter if they call it 4 or 5. It is simply marketing mumbo jumbo. The main issue is that they do it.

  • Geoff

    …”their LTE network is nowhere near ready.”

    WHAT!? They’re launching it in more than 30 cities nationwide by the end of this year.

    Research, buddy. Maybe more people will read your site.


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