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Netflix With Xbox Kinect Capabilities In Demand

When Microsoft was showing off their new Kinect, those early previews looked as though they would offer Netflix. The idea of being able to scroll through the menu system by using the motion-controller system was certainly a feature that was in demand – so where is it?

Xbox 360 users were left disappointed that they still have to use their controller instead of their hands, and have been taking to the forums to vent their anger. Most are angry that Microsoft misled them, while some seem to be patient and reassures others that it will come.

We are now unsure if Netflix will be coming to make full use of the Kinect system, as another forum user sent Microsoft a tweet, and the response was not a welcome one. They said, “it’s not part of the Kinect hub by design.” So how come it was shown in the demo at E3?

We touched on this subject in a recent post, where we said that Kinect was still in its early stages and that more was to come in the way of software updates. Maybe we will get Netflix support in time, but another forum member said that it was down to Netflix and not Microsoft to resolve.

Do you feel mislead in anyway?



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