Netflix With Xbox Kinect Capabilities In Demand

By Peter Chubb - Nov 7, 2010

When Microsoft was showing off their new Kinect, those early previews looked as though they would offer Netflix. The idea of being able to scroll through the menu system by using the motion-controller system was certainly a feature that was in demand – so where is it?

Xbox 360 users were left disappointed that they still have to use their controller instead of their hands, and have been taking to the forums to vent their anger. Most are angry that Microsoft misled them, while some seem to be patient and reassures others that it will come.

We are now unsure if Netflix will be coming to make full use of the Kinect system, as another forum user sent Microsoft a tweet, and the response was not a welcome one. They said, “it’s not part of the Kinect hub by design.” So how come it was shown in the demo at E3?

We touched on this subject in a recent post, where we said that Kinect was still in its early stages and that more was to come in the way of software updates. Maybe we will get Netflix support in time, but another forum member said that it was down to Netflix and not Microsoft to resolve.

Do you feel mislead in anyway?

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  • zsbden

    i don't feel misled, really, so much as disappointed. Though the controller is fine for me, the prospect of making the controller obsolete is a great one. I also think that if it was shown at E3, it should be happen. i have also heard that Microsoft is not to blame, and that Netflix just has to get on board. Maybe if Microsoft was to give them a push in the right direction and get this thing off the ground… misled, no. Disappointed, yes.

  • airassassin

    Anyone with a Xbox can view inside Xbox and the kinect show. The VERY first thing the girl says is netfilx is coming along with hulu plus and some chat thing

  • Davidg80

    What a major crock! I specifically bought the kinect for the use of Netflix without a controller! It was showcased as such and I hope they come thru with an update. Call me a hopeless wonder but I’m hoping they make up for this incredible fumble! So far they’ve dropped the ball with this. Xbox is gr8 for everyone the family for the gaming the dvd/cd player and windows media extender and more so since the add ons of Facebook, zune, espn and Netflix. It caters to a range of ages and likes. I love Netflix and was immediately sold on the idea of hand controlling Netflix and again is why I prereserved my kinect only to feel so misled and disapppointed when I opened mine up and connected it to discover that wasn’t the case. If it wasnt that my nephews love it woulda certainly gotten a refund!!

  • IMUNOZ59


  • ViciousTide

    You can't even say "Xbox: Open Tray". And i thought xbox software engineers were suppose to be wizards and geniuses..

    • Saaaaaa

      Yes you can say Xbox…… Open Tray !!! – DEC 27 2010

  • Brandon Wertz

    It's disappointing that the voice capability with regard to video only extends to Zune media. Seems like a ploy for Microsoft to encourage people to pay for their media service. Well, I already pay for Netflix, and XBL, I'm not dropping anymore money on media. Hell, it's even more insulting that the Kinect can't be used to voice control a standard DVD movie. It begs the question, why did they even bother with this feature if it's potential is going to go unrealized. My only hope is that an update is on the way.

    Dare I point out that I have owned several original Xbox's, 2 Xbox 360's, more than 25 games, and the Kinect Sensor. I've spent so much on their crap, that I do feel like I'm getting screwed. Not unlike how I felt when I bought an iPhone 3G, only to find that it didn't support a landscape keyboard. It seems to be fully acceptable to these major companies to release a piece of hardware that is lacking, so long as they can patch the software later. It's like selling a shattered vase and telling the buyer you'll give them the glue to fix it in small portions over the course of a year. And when your vase is all glued together, they're convincing you to buy the next shattered vase.

    • Chris L

      Unfortunately its all about the race to launch the newest product first. It seems the only two choices when buying new tech. in any market are expect a half finished product or buyer beware.

      (simply put)

  • bellaluna

    I purchased a Kinect yesterday, and do feel let down. As with many other posts I feel the trailers that included both Netflix & Facebook were very misleading. The pamphlet that comes in the box shows both features in the Kinect hub. It would have been nice for Microsoft to include information about why the chose to highlight features, if they did not plan to have ready at roll-out. I am sure that we can split hairs about what Microsoft actually said, but the bottom line is that MANY of us who bought Kinect feel this way. It was VERY poor planning on their part.

  • mykelsanner

    Of course they don't want to support netflix. Zune is Microsoft, they wouldn't want to support something that doesn't make them money directly. I purchased a Kinect for the sole purpose ofNetflix integration. The only word for this is, LIE. Microsoft lied to us to sell more product never intending to support it due to the fact that they don't make money directly with Netflix like they do with Zune.

  • Valiant Arbiter

    Hell yes I do! I don't care if they were just showing a skin. When you show a skin to consumers, consumers will expect ALL of the functionality shown. That is Consumer/Provider etiquette 101. I am very upset, but unfortunately not surprised, with Microsoft.

  • Dionte

    Good thing I didn’t find out all this functionality was missing before I spent my money, Microsoft would be less $400.

  • houstonplanner

    Yes. Very misled and angry about it. With all the hype about "right out of the box" I thought they would have this all together :: If you are going to advertise it – you had better be able to deliver.

  • Leif

    Well I just called Netflix they told me they have heard nothing about Kinect software for Netflix that they just did a firmware update to add search feature. They told me they have been working on the Windows 7 Phone software. This is not a problem that Netflix sees as important to fix. They are working on some game software where people battle for a movie stupid. Also to Vince they have been hiring Android developers for a year now with no app. Netflix does not see this a important.

  • say what

    Definitely feel misled. One of my primary reasons of getting the kinect was so I could scroll through Netflix. Just hope that an update will come up soon or this thing is going back.

  • Vince

    Netflix is currently hiring developers to help them interact with a multitude of systems they currently dont offer. Android and XBOX are their 2 biggest points of interest in the develooment. I actually got sent the notification of the jobs so I know its real. You can actually check out the netflix site for more details. So is it coming….who knows but I know netflix is interested in building the piece.

  • matt

    My crack team of backwoods lawyers are going to rush Microsoft! I doubt their millions(billions maybe) of dollars will sway any decisions made by our great American justice system.

  • Brayton Stafford

    Two reasons i bought the xbox was for family gaming and watching my media. The kinect for me was a way to exclude the controller and use gestures and voice to control the xbox. The kinect "controller" doesn't really control much and the advertising was very misleading to the public. The netflix control was one of the main reasons for my kinect purchase and I understand if something needs to be updated but those deadlines should be met before release day.

    Say NO to Windows

  • Jonathan

    Looks like I'll just have to send my Kinect back to Microsoft then… it was in several of their demos and advertisements.

  • Chad

    Very is appointed. One of the main reasons I bought it. Also, they advertised it as if facebook and twitter could be used with the connect hub at E3. See picture above. I do believe that they will resovle this issue before the end of the year so long and the people continue to demand to be heard.

  • Jared T

    I'm going to an attorney about this.

  • greg

    I feel like its going to be added within an update if not then i do feel mislead, i did enjoy the idea of voice commands and kinect features for netflix. If they can do it for zune and last fm im sure they can intergrate it for netflix. I think its only a matter of time before they do

  • Jazzmo

    If you go to the Twitter/Netflix page there is a comment from Netflix that they are still working to address Kinect compatability but they have no date at this time.

    • samantha

      Thank you ! thats all i wanted is for netflix or microsoft to say some where that it will be added sometime …and the are working on it 🙂 you made my day thank you 🙂

    • houstonplanner

      isn't that code for –not going to happen….all praise be to zune?

  • Leif

    Are you people just stupid or just so laid back that you are not willing to stand up and take the fight to Microsoft. I stood in line for this thing at launch. I watched all the videos on Xbox Live. I was at E3. I am sure Kinect will be able to do far more in the future why not put that on the box to. It was implied it would work with Netflix Microsoft did not deliver they need to offer something to us. It's like Ford advertising a car with a V-6 and only producing a 4 cylinder. You can't tell the consumer its a apple when its a orange. I think they have a great product that is able to do far more. I have purchased all the games released on launch. I do support Kinect. What I do not support is fraud thats what this is. We the consumer can either sit back and wait to get screwed again or send Microsoft a message. There is over 100,000,000 post on this subject I think we need to file a class action suit.

  • Joe

    I'm guessing it'll be added in an update. Neflix on the Xbox doesn't support 5.1 audio yet either. The PS3 does. So there must be another update on the way. I bet the 5.1 audio/Netflix version is in the works.

  • Brezza

    Well, lets see.

    When I bought Kinect and opened the box, there were pictures of Facebook, Twitter and Netflix, right in the Microsoft Kinect packaging. Am I a little peeved I don't have those right now and feeling misled? Yeah, I kind of am.

  • ddevil79

    I did buy wanting to rush home and have a voice connected movies on demand party. Very disappointed. THEY EVEN HAD A NETFLIX UPDATE??????? Why get our hopes up XBOX? AND OR NETFLIX?

  • I don't really feel THAT misled. It does suck that Netflix is yet to be supported, but I can see why it isn't…yet. It could be a number of reasons. From technical issues at last minute, to Netflix not wanting to support Kinect. It could be anything. could even be that they wanted to wait to release Netflix for Kinect when Hulu launches early next year.

    When I first bought my Kinect, brought it home and hooked it up, I didn't immediately say, "Where's Netflix support?". I actually played around with it a bit, learned how to properly use it, etc. It was a day later when I realized, "Oh yeah…I wanna watch an episode of The Office…", so then I went to the Kinect Hub and noticed that Zune was there, Last.FM was there, even ESPN was there, but Netflix was no where to be found, I was like, "What?", but wasn't immediately angered by that fact.

    I then went to Google and searched for answers. I found some news on it, lots of forum posts, but nothing from Microsoft.

    Anyways, Netflix will be supported. Trust me, if the streaming service is not supported, I can say that many gamers/users will be angered even more so than now. And also extremely bad marketing by Microsoft especially when Netflix is shown in the KInect Hub in all those videos. I just watched a 'very recent' Kinect video on Xbox Live that showed Netflix in the Kinect Hub. So I think if Netflix isn't going to be supported, I would imagine all those videos would be deleted and remade so that Netflix isn't shown, giving false hope to everyone who dreamed of having full-motion control over the popular streaming service.

    I guess we'll see, hopefully in Nov. and no later, even so much as an explanation as to why Netflix is not supported at launch.

  • James

    The number one reason I got it is so I don’t have use remote to watch movies, netflix or by streaming from my pc, and it dosnt do either!!! And I want it always on so I can say “xbox goto dashboard” in EVERYTHInG I do on the xbox, only while on the dashboard/zune i can say that. Mean it’s accurate and perfect in all, but they arnt using it to it’s full potential. I might return it and get it when child of Eden comes out.

  • earl kelly

    it would of been nice to have had netflix on Kinect,was really looking forward to it.

  • Guest

    Def. feel mislead. "Its not part of Kinect hub by design"…. What trash, esp since it was in the hub design when showcased. I would be just fine if they said it was to come in an update when issues were resolved, etc, but to say something that obviously untrue, as if we are too stupid to realize….

  • ted

    No I don't