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iPhone Game Center: Delete Options For Apple’s GameCenter

If you have installed iOS 4.1 on your iPhone/iPod Touch you may have noticed a new icon for Game Center, this is Apple‘s new online multiplayer social gaming network, however it is not popular with everyone.

Non-gamers are annoyed that the icon can not be deleted, however if it is annoying you that much you can always put the shortcut in a folder.

If you check out this thread on Apple’s support forums you will see just how many people are annoyed by the fact that Game Center cannot be removed, some users suggest filling out a feedback form here, perhaps Apple will take action if they get enough complaints.

To be honest I very much doubt that Apple will allow you to delete Game Center in the future, let’s face it the stocks shortcut is probably used by less than 5% of users, however Apple has not allowed you to delete that.

Does the Game Center icon annoy you?


  • nats

    It's not the icon, it's the annoying log in you get every time you start a game.

  • Bah if this icon annoy you then you can put in a folder with other unused apps


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