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iPhone 5 / 6 and Future Generations: Games Wish List

These days smartphones are more than capable of delivering a rich gaming experience, so much so, that many prefer gaming on their iPhone 4 than they do on the Sony PSP / Nintendo DS.

The iPhone 4 is a great gaming platform for a lot of reasons, firstly the hardware within the iPhone 4 has the power to deliver great visuals, also the App Store allows you to purchase and download games easily and at a relatively low cost, these solid foundations allow developers to create and publish innovative games, which sometimes sell more copies than PSP/DS games do.

But what will future iPhone releases be capable of? According to a recent article posted on Stuff the iPhone 4 is powerful enough to run Gears of War, which pretty much means that the iPhone 5 & 6 could potentially have the potential to run cut-down versions of today’s top games.

A recent thread on MacRumors asks readers what they want from future iPhone versions, here they suggest that the iPhone 5 could well feature a dual-core or tri-core processor, a more advanced GPU and dual speakers which could emulate surround sound, all of this combined would make the iPhone 5 undoubtedly the most powerful handheld gaming device ever seen.

If the iPhone 5 does feature such advanced hardware I’m sure developers will be keen to brings some of today’s top titles to the App Store, personally I would love to play Modern Warfare 2 and Red Dead Redemption on a future iPhone, which games would you like to play?



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