iOS 4.2: iPhone 4 Download and Ultrasn0w Unlock Choices

By Alan Ng - Nov 7, 2010

As most of you are probably aware, Apple are about to drop the update for iOS 4.2 at any moment. It has been tailored for the iPad specifically, but the update will also be worthwhile to iPhone and iPod Touch users.

On the other side of the pond, those users who decided to jailbreak with one of the various tools that released a few weeks back are now sitting patiently waiting for an unlock method to arrive.

We previously told you that a new version of ultrasn0w was in the works, and although it would be able to unlock iOS 4.2 as well as iOS 4.1, we heard that it was only going to support the iPhone 3G and 3GS, meaning iPhone 4 owners would miss out.

Bearing this in mind, what are you planning to do when Apple release iOS 4.2? Will you just bite the bullet and download to enjoy the new Airplay and Airprint features, or will you wait further in the hope that an unlock for the iPhone 4 becomes available? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • jim

    mibi apple are just to clever for the hackers now…got the upper hand..

  • fed up waiting

    still nothing… man this is takin the piss


    i heard it should be realesed by dec. 24 dev team member sherif hasim the ultrasn0w unlock programmer told it through twitter , and if were lucky maybe a week or two earlyier

  • Balbon

    probably we will wait for months or years hopefully not.


    Guys, this is crazy, I sent money to a friend in DC to get me an iphone 4 and i will probably have the same problem. do you guys think iphone 4 is a good investment?
    how long you guys think we gonna have to wait to unlock ios 4.2?

  • Prince

    Ultrasn0w iOS 4.2.1 Unlock THIS WEEK (ETA)


    Please, don’t ask me again about the ETA of the new Ultrasn0w unlock for iOS 4.2.1 running on iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS with baseband 05.14.02 ONLY.

    Again, the unlock will be THIS WEEK as confirmed by iPhone Dev Team head MuscleNerd..

    ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is to follow us on Twitter or Facebook (if you haven’t yet) and share the post with your friends (in forums and everywhere) to be the first who get the unlock. It will be before Sunday…

  • Steve1010


    My iPhone 4 is running on IOS 4.1 with a baseband 1.59. Should I upgrade to 4.2 when it comes out? Is there a way to upgrade to 4.2 and still preserving the 1.59 baseband?

  • Lucian1003

    I am waiting for the unlock as well, but I want to thank all dev team and geohot and gang for making this possible for us. I want to remind some people that we can enjoy our FREE iPhones thanks to these people! So THANK YOU anti Apple team!

  • jason

    Good thing I still have my lucky iphone 3g ever since it came out

    but good thing i got plenty to do instead of waiting all day for that 4.2 SHIT to come out. BUT still i cant wait to unlock my iphone 4, including my iphone 2g, 3gs

  • terry

    Grenpoison released the unlock 2 hours ago on the website, it jailbreaks and unlocks
    works great with my 02.10.04 baseband

  • joe


  • Max

    Nô jamesbond i m in France ans they do the fuckin same ! I m stuck with thaï modafuckin 4.1 lock since the begining of the fuckin universe now xD

  • jamesbond

    everyone should do like i did get rid of your old iphone and ipad and buy the new samsung galaxy and galaxy tab , so may be apple will change his politic

    • Jb007

      Politic his apple changed indeed! :p

  • jamesbond

    it's only here in this country we see that You buy a phone with no contract and it's locked by the cell phones company .

  • nepalicana

    Well I'm using an iphone 4 ios 4.1 and been waiting for the ios 4.2 release as well as the JB and unlock too, since i think ios 4.X.X are the worst FW the Jobs has released until now, let's hope that this new firmware brings any changes and fix the bugs of my phone….. i'm really fade up and disappointed with ios 4.1 ……(

    and one thing, i read in that they are going to release the unlock for the iphone 4 users too…. so i guess that a good news

  • Switch

    According to ultraslow website the unlock would be available quickly as soon as 4.2 releases.

  • sam

    I paid websites which claimed to be able to unlock ever yIphone firmwares. Guys really don't try this . It's better to wait and have a free unlock but God DAMN IT'S LONGGGG

    • —–

      What were they saying, I thought of paying to unlock, thanks I will also wait

  • Gabriel

    man… this is bullshit… i've been waiting for 2 months with my iphone 4… and now they say it would not be available for an unlock… 🙁 f dat

  • darren

    does anybody know when the unlock for the iphone 4 will be?

    • taj

      in two days bro two dayssssssssss, cant wait

  • Mickey

    Man this sh!t is killing me , ive been waiting for like 2 months for the unlock ! and im sick of that shit , im not using my iphone as an iphone , im just using it as an ipod and all my friends are enjoying theire iphones and everything almost , its really pissing off ! and im going to be seeling my iphone for like 920 $ here where i live ,, and forget about all that iphone life , coz i never saw such a thing with nokia phones or i dont know what ! FUCK APPLE FUCK jOBBZ , He can come here and suck my dick its better for him , waiting for the unlock 2 months stuck like a bitch there haa ! fuck unlocks fuck all the i-Shit world ! its sucks booooooo

    • AC

      To be fair an unlock is not technically alowed . I’ve been waiting for ages too as mine is Spanish from when I was living there. Now I need to get an English sim in and can’t yet. I think you should stop crying and be patient, the dev team, geohot and people out there are busting a gut for us. Peace.

    • steve1010

      hhahahah. Easy man.

  • iunlocked

    If you buy any iphone from apple in australia it is unlocked isnt that the case there?

  • Doddi

    there are a lot iPhone 4 users out there that purchased an iPhone 4 with IOS 4.1 hoping to unlock it for other networks. I am one of them and I really do not understand why ultrasn0w is waiting for the 4.2 release when there are no major enhancement for iPhone users.

    In the meanwhile my iPhone is used as a very expensive web browser 🙁

  • Luke

    well since they are releasing the unlock & jailbreak for 4.2 & 4.1 in the same package hence why we are waiting lol.

  • Valon Jakupaj

    Well, a lot of iPhone 4 owners would be a bit pissed off if that is the case.
    I have been waiting for an unlock for nearly three weeks to be told
    That my phone can't be unlocked yet. I hope it's not going to be long?

    • Borjan

      oh please! 3 weeks! i've been waiting since september!

  • I bought a 3GS with iOS 4.1 and baseband 5.14.02, so I'm obviously waiting patiently.

    • same here man.. i restore broken iphones, like fix screens, replace parts etc and I finished a 16gb 3g and decided it would be nice to adopt this one, bought a 15$ unlimited texting plan from t-mobile 2 days ago, pop in the sim and it says no service, i check cydia, blacksn0w is installed. im on os 4.1 and i see the baseband is 05.14.02… I raged hard.. I really hope it comes out soon.

    • MiCkey

      i have my iphone 4 , with baseband 2.10.04 and been waiting for 2 months ? 🙂 whtcha say about that lol

      • Learnie

        hahaha same here dude, been waiting so long now…

    • Zander

      yes luckily the frimware stays the same and will not upgrade i heard the 4,2 is coming out starting today to the 12th !:)