iOS 4.2: iPhone 3G Test Before Apple Release

If you compare the iPhone 3G’s internal hardware to the iPhone 4’s you will see that it has less than half the processing power and a quarter of the RAM, therefore there is a noticeable difference in terms of performance.

Many people noticed the difference when they installed iOS 4.0 / iOS 4.1 on their iPhone 3G, performance was extremely poor and most people decided to downgrade to version 3.x, whilst the iPhone 4 came out of the box with iOS 4, therefore ran it without an issue.

A video recently posted on RedmondPie shows iOS 4.2 running on the iPhone 3G, we have embedded it below and you can clearly see that performance is much, much better, there is still a little lag, however I think most iPhone 3G owners will be happy with the update.

To be honest with you I would install iOS 4.2 on my iPhone 3G if I had one, will you?

Source: RedmondPie


  • alvi

    its better but tell me can i jailbreak and unlock it??

  • Jerry

    My phone's gotten so bad, I'd install Windows Vista on my 3G at this point…..

    • Merry

      Same here.. not a day goes where i don't want to slam the phone and it over with.
      -iphone 3g ios4

  • Crew

    I Just want better battery on my 3GS since 4.1 I can literally watchbit going down like a countdown for aslong as there's a data connection or wifi. Even in sleep mode it loses 40% in 6 hours

    • Alice

      > Even in sleep mode it loses 40% in 6 hours

      Do you have 'notifications' turned on for 20 different things?
      Do you have 'poll 10 email accounts, every 5 minutes, 24 hrs a day"?

      "Sleep" is doing a lot more than you think. (If you have to set to.)


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