iOS 4.2 iPad / iPhone: Check For Update Addiction – Are you clicking?

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 7, 2010

The next firmware update for iOS will mean different things to each user, and some will be more desperate than others, especially iPad owners. Brands using Apple’s iAd service will benefit from the global expansion and extra iPad users when iOS 4.2 is released, which Apple hopes will help keep developers on side.

Some users have been clicking the “Check for Update” button in iTunes for a bug fix, which affected some users who use their iPhone alarm often, and was thanks to the daylight savings time change. Other users – myself included – have the check for update addiction, clicking several times a day wanting to see a different image than the one below (iPad users there, an iOS desperate for an update).

Those that were really desperate for the next iOS update have downloaded the Gold Master release and took an extra risk, rather than waiting for the download via iTunes, was this you? Twitter will help some find out the moment the update is live, thanks to the world tweeting faster than ever. Let us know in the comments, do you have the “Check for Update” addiction?

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  • Chris


  • avigdor

    maybe just visit instead of connecting the ipad to your computer and click on the 'check updates' button

  • kadouaz

    propable desimlock 5.14.02 for 16 nov

  • I am continuously checking for the update for my iPhone 3GS mainly because 2 days after this update is released, @sheri_hashim is releasing the 5.14.02 baseband unlock!! Or something along the lines of iPhone unlocking!

  • Alice

    It will be EXACTLY the same update if you get it 2 minutes after its released… or 2 hours after.

  • My iPhone calendar shows Saturday the 6th

  • Marco

    My calendar shows Saturday the 6th

  • Yep Guilty . . . But i went ahead and downloaded the GM . . . works flawlessly for me.

  • Ron

    nope. havent checked once. my ipad works as close to flawless as any computing device ive owned in my 30+ years of working with computers. im kinda scared to risk that on an update.

    • Ted

      I sure hope it works better than computers you were using 30 years ago in the 80's.

  • Dennis

    Where Is wald iOS 4.2 o.???

  • Brian

    I'm not sitting by the computer waiting just for the update. However, I do check periodically as I work from home on the computer. I went ahead and installed the GM. So far, so good.

  • Dennis

    I plead the fifth…..

  • Guilty as charged, still waiting……:-)

  • Jason

    Yes I stayed up late last night clicking the check for update button over and over.