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Gran Turismo 5 Restricted By PS3 – Not Powerful Enough

We are still waiting for the release of Gran Turismo 5, and already there has been talk of GT6. A recent post suggests that the next version of the game will be released on the PS3 and not the PS4, but this has confused me because of recent claims from Polyphony boss Kaz Yamauchi.

The reason why I have picked up on this is because Yamauchi said that GT5 was a challenge and that the Sony PlayStation 3 was not powerful enough, but he has said this about every PlayStation. So if Polyphony were restricted by the hardware, how could they think about Gran Turismo 6 on the current console?

We all know that each time a new PlayStation is developed, the GT software writers have to remember their limitations, and that must be the toughest job of all. However, surely this is the case for all software developers? I am certain that the current batch of FPS games on the market could be much better, but have to make sure the console can handle it.

According to a recent post on CVG, GT5 is now complete and there is nothing else Polyphony can do with the game. The official shipping date is November 30th.


  • Pollardo

    They are just getting the excuses in early because this game will suck like all big ps3 titles,why else would there be so many delays.

    • steve

      to get the game right so ps3 users will be happy unlike rushed 360 games

  • Marty

    Suck, lol

    BTW ther has only been one delay, as before the delay GT5 was never given a release date.

    Recent delay was cause ed by missig the production deadline by 3 days, so they had to fit in with Sonys production plans.


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